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World Teen Mental Wellness Day

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Where is World Teen Mental Wellness Day observed?  

The whole world observes this day to promote greater awareness of teenagers' rising mental health issues.

Who is World Teen Mental Wellness Day observed by?

World Teen Mental Wellness Day is an awareness call to every human being to promote self-care among teens.

When did World Teen Mental Wellness Day first start?

World Teen Mental Wellness Day was first observed on March 2, 2020, and has been recently included in the National Day Calendar.

Who started World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

Hollister Co., a leading clothing brand, founded the day to support teens' well-being and end the stigma surrounding mental health conditions.

Teenagers want to be heard!

History And Timeline

Let's learn about the timeline of mental wellness awareness.

October 10, 1992

Foundation Of World Mental Health Day

The World Federation for Mental Health started observing this day to support mental health conditions worldwide across all age groups.

October 10, 1994

The Movement Gets An Impetus

Observance of the World Mental Health Day gained huge popularity, and a theme was set for the first time. The theme was 'Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World'.


Spotlight On Teens

One in every 10 children aged 12-17 suffered from major depression in 2014, shifting the spotlight to teens.

March 2, 2020

Founding International Teen Mental Wellness Day

A day dedicated to teens was founded by Hollister Co.


Hollister Partners With A Leading Charity

The founder of World Teen Mental Wellness day announced a partnership with The Mix, a UK charity that offers support to under 25's, to promote education related to teen mental health conditions.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, people promote kindness and self-care. They tell the teenagers it's OK not to be OK. Teens are taught the advantages and disadvantages of social media and how to use it effectively.

Ways To Observe World Teen Mental Wellness Day

The best way to observe this day is to promote education on different kinds of mental conditions. Teens commonly suffer from depression and anxiety and often cannot talk to anyone. Tell your child mental health issues are as common as a physical illness and promote the importance of self-care. Show compassion. Take them to a teen mental health forum and encourage them to learn a new skill. Physical activity holds the key to overall well-being, so motivate your child to exercise regularly.

Facts And Stats

  • One in five teenagers suffers from a mental health condition. Hence, observing this day holds huge importance.
  • The American Psychological Association states the current teenage generation has the worst mental health conditions to date. In a survey, 64% of teens revealed they want a healthier lifestyle and are working towards it. Observing the day raises awareness.
  • Several mental health issues that affect teens are anxiety, mood, and behavior disorders. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about these mental health conditions.

FAQs About World Teen Mental Wellness Day

Is today World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

World Teen Mental Wellness Day is observed every year on March 2. 

What is the significance of Teen Mental Wellness Day?

The day aims at understanding various mental disorders among young people and promotes a better understanding of the issues.

How is Teen Mental Wellness day different from Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day raises awareness about mental illness in all age groups, whereas this day is solely dedicated to teens.

How does this day affect people psychologically or emotionally?

The day aims to end the stigma around mental health and promote happiness and self-care among teens. 

What is special about World Teen Mental Wellness Day?

The day supports young people and allows everyone to talk about teen mental health.

What is the history and origin of World Teen Mental Wellness day?

World Teen Mental Awareness Day was founded by Hollister on March 2, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 02, 2020 Monday
March 02, 2021 Tuesday
March 02, 2022 Wednesday
March 02, 2023 Thursday
March 02, 2024 Saturday

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