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Originally Published on Aug 21, 2020
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Planning a day out with the family in Cardiff?

There's plenty to do in Cardiff, from mini-golf to country parks, even skiing! There's something for every age group, whether you're local or not, you can explore all that Cardiff has to offer.

From taking a stroll around Cardiff Bay, to exploring the city further, finding more of the adventures that Wales has to offer, there are so many options! We have compiled a list of the best things to do and experience in Cardiff with your children.

Cardiff Ski And Snowboard Centre

If you're looking for an adrenaline-fuelled day out in Cardiff, this newly reopened centre is perfect. Due to COVID-19 the centre is operating under limited numbers and only accepting online bookings. You are also encouraged to bring your own equipment if possible (don't worry if you can't - there is an online system to hire equipment if needed), and to always remain socially distanced. Located ten minutes from Cardiff city centre, there are plenty of places to park around the area and plenty of places to find food afterwards as there is none available on site. The toilets are currently closed for safety reasons. Prices start at £45 per lesson, £15 for recreational use, and £15 for junior activities.

Buzz Trampoline Park

Reopening soon, with many added developments, get ready for Buzz Trampoline to come back with added bounce in their step. Kids will love this day out with a difference! Prices start at £5, with different discounts and deals on different days of the week. The team are working hard to ensure the safety of all visitors and are strictly following government guidelines. There is a cafe at the venue. This may run differently post lockdown and this will be communicated clearly by team members so keep an eye on their social media channels. They have toilet facilities (including baby changing) and the venue has free parking.

Treetop Adventure Mini Golf

Another fantastic day-out activity for both adults and kids around Cardiff, this fun mini-golf venue is open now! Contactless payment is encouraged and equipment is regularly cleaned. Fewer people are being admitted at a time to ensure you can follow social distancing rules and use the new one-way routes. Park safely in St David's 2000 space car park, or take the train and find Treetop Adventure Mini Golf a mere ten-minute walk from Cardiff Central. There is a cafe serving nibbles, food and hot and cold drinks - something for everyone to enjoy.  There are baby changing facilities and accessible toilets provided. A family saver ticket is £29.50 for 18 holes, or £43.50 for 36 holes, both for a family of 4.

Little girl leaping over the adventure golf course holding a golf club.

Image © Treetop Adventure Gold Cardiff

Bute Park

This is the green heart of Cardiff City, a short stroll away from the main high street and just behind Cardiff Castle. It is a great (free!) place to take the kids to enjoy some beautiful sights. There is a superb tree collection, natural play features, an education centre and even some lovely cafes (for takeaway only). It's an experience the whole family can enjoy, and so close to the city centre. There are normally toilets and baby-changing facilities for everyone but they are currently closed for safety reasons. There is parking within a five-minute walk from Bute Park.

Cardiff Bay Barrage

Cardiff Bay Barrage is perfect for energetic children, in this fresh air play area you can relax while your kids have fun. One of the best things about it is that it's totally free. There are also plenty of places to eat nearby if you forget to pack your picnic!  It's accessible for all due to the flat gradient steps and there is parking available near the barrage as well as baby changing facilities and toilets nearby. Please remember to maintain social distancing at all times when at the play area.

Bryngarw Country Park

This open space woodland has lots to offer, allowing children to explore things at their own pace with space to play family games, walks by water features such as lakes and ponds and plenty more. It's free, too. The cafe will reopen in August, serving warm food and drink as well as offering a place to rest. Toilet facilities (including baby changing facilities) have already reopened and, whilst there is a car park on site, the park can also be reached by train and bus. Social distancing is required and it is advised you bring hand sanitiser.

The Oriental garden with a small bridge at Bryngarw Country Park, Cardiff.

Image © Nigel Davies

St Fagans National Museum of History

Reopening on 4 August, visitors will have to pre-book their free tickets online to ensure social distancing rules are followed and COVID-19 guidelines are met. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This is Wales' most popular heritage attraction site, and there's plenty of stuff lined up for visitors post-lockdown. From a food market, to craft sessions and historic walks, the on-site activities have been created by numerous individuals, community members and organisations. There are toilets and baby changing facilities as well as paid parking, and accessible parking that's free for badge holders.

Cardiff National Museum

Following the same rules as above, the Cardiff National Museum offers more artistic activities, talks and gallery viewings. The venue will open from 27 August and follow social distancing rules, with hand sanitisers readily available and limited capacity. Like St Fagans, visitors will need to pre-book a free ticket online. There is plenty of food and drink available, often Welsh produce, cooked on site to a high quality. There is a visitor car park and toilets and baby changing facilities.  

The grand front entrance to the Cardiff National Museum with statues and columns.

Image © Ham II, Wikicommons

Cardiff Castle

The Castle is currently open, not as a tourist attraction, but as a public space free of charge. There are toilets (including baby-changing facilities) here, where visitors are encouraged to sit and relax after hiking in the outer green beautiful setting of this area. The Castle cafe will be providing food and drink. Normally pets are not allowed but as this is being used as a public space, rather than a tourist attraction, this rule has been lifted for the time being! For parking, there is Cardiff Westgate (a stone's throw away) and Cardiff Greyfriars which you can pre-book.

Glamorganshire Canal Nature Reserve

Perfect for nature lovers, this Cardiff gem will make you feel like you're in the countryside, not the city! It is perfect for those looking for some nature-themed things to do in Cardiff. The site is open all day every day, and features all sorts of wildlife including mallards, kingfishers and dragonflies. You can take guided tours that will take you through places of historical and natural interest - the walk is fairly flat and so accessible to most people. This is a great place for a family walk. The only downfall is there are no toilets and no baby-changing facilities. There is no entry fee but parking charges may apply.

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