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The Best Quirky Museums In North London

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There is nothing easier and more stress-free than planning a day out to a museum - all the fun-packed activities are laid out before you in the wonderful world of exhibitions that make the best day out. You could venture down to the RAF museum and trot along to a well-known art gallery, or you could venture a little outside the norm and discover the quirkiest and best unheard-of museums in North London listed below!

Keats House

Why kids will love it: Keats House hosts lots of family events and has a vast amount of garden space for kids to run around in. They can be given the opportunity to dress up, draw or even dabble in writing their own poetry. Plus, this museum in London is only a few steps away from Hampstead Heath, where your kids can enjoy hours of fun with a great view.

Why parents will love it: You'll love the chance to see the renowned poet John Keats' artefacts and original manuscripts as you wander around this hidden gem in Hampstead. Enjoy the world of Keats any day of the week or tag along to a family day at the House every third Sunday.

Nearest Station: Hampstead Heath (Overground) or Hampstead (Northern Line)

Wellcome Collection

north london museum

Why kids will love it: This collection offers ever-changing displays of art, culture and education for your little ones with changing interests. There is always something new to see here so it makes for many fun days out with the family!

Why parents will love it: The permanent exhibition "Being Human" explores what it's like to be a human in the 21st century for the inner existentialist in all of us. Plus it's free for everyone and even has a library that you can look around.

Nearest Station: Euston Square Station (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines)

Canal Museum

Why kids will love it: Calling young river-farers, canal explores and water enthusiasts -this is the museum for you! Take your little adventurers down a narrow canal boat and see the ins and outs of the waterways - this unique exhibition has so much to offer.

Why parents will love it: Travel back in time and learn about the people who used to work on the waterways and the horses who used to pull their boats. Be mesmerised by the Victorian culture of the ice well which dates back to 1862, a storage for the ice imported by the boats from Norway. Get a family ticket for just £14.

Nearest Station: Kings Cross St. Pancras

The Burgh House And Hampstead Museum

family at london museum

Why kids will love it: There is something for everyone at The Burgh House, with its ever-changing schedule and temporary exhibits. This funky function room and museum that people from all over visit to see exhibitions from interactive music sessions for children to art and poetry displays.          

Why parents will love it: It's free entry for all which is always a bonus when planning a day out for the family. Also, the permanent collection in the Hampstead museum is a worthwhile journey through the area's history and development from the Prehistoric to the present day.

Nearest Station: Hampstead (Northern Line) - five minutes away.

The Grant Museum Of Zoology

Why kids will love it: Not only does this museum explore the weird and wonderful aspects of the animal kingdom but also runs free family-friendly drop in sessions where you can get hands on investigating specimens and ask an expert zoologist all of the questions your heart desires.

Why parents will love it: This museum holds the oldest natural history collections in the UK and is home to 68,000 zoological specimens. Entry is also free to all the exhibitions in the museum, although some specific events may vary. This UCL research facility is jam-packed with workshops and exhibitions fun for all the family.

Nearest Station: Euston Square (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City Lines)

The Postal Museum

postal museum london

Why kids will love it: Take a ride on the Mail Rail exploring the 100-year-old postal railway, get hands on with interactive exhibits in the museum and enjoy audio-visual tour taking you back in time to the 1930s. This museum recommends two-three hours to explore this jam-packed collection of theatrical experiences and all things Royal Mail. Plus for an extra £4, children under eight can gain access to The Postal Play area for 45 minutes!

Why parents will love it: One for all the stamp collectors or anyone who misses the letter writing culture. Enjoy the endless fun of the postal experience that is fun for all the family. Your ticket, £16 for adults and £9 for children (aged 3-15) if you book online, allows you one ride on the mail rail attraction and unlimited access to all the exhibitions for one whole year! Get more bang for your buck with this deal and make more of the best day out!

Nearest Station: Farringdon (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City Lines) - less than a mile.

The Bank Of England Museum

Why kids will love it: A museum consisting of five rooms exploring all aspects of money from how coins are made to the history of the banknote. A perfect way to enhance a coin collecting hobby or to embark on a new journey of what makes the world go round.

Why parents will love it: Living in an age where money is constantly changing and adapting to the new world, what better way to explore all things financial with free admission! Or how about taking on a family workshop to create your own banknote design!

Nearest Station: Bank (Northern Line)

V&A Museum Of Childhood

V&A museum of childhood

Why kids will love it: Roam the floors with a free family backpack and trails to explore, get the whole family together to see the likes of doll's houses and children's literature in the free exhibitions, and pick a family Welcome Card on arrival which will give you a specific artefact to seek out and learn about together!

Why parents will love it: Give yourself the time to be a child again and look around the history of toys, books and displays. Put your feet up in a sea-side deck chair and enjoy the old-school entertainment puppet show, fun for all ages, and bring your own lunch to eat in the designated picnic area. This vast collection allows for hours of family fun with free admission.

Nearest Station: Bethnal Green (Central Line)

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Why kids will love it: Solving crimes and unveiling mysteries Sherlock Holmes is a renowned children's character that your kids deserved to be introduced to, if they haven't already. It is time for them to put on their thinking caps and come along to 221B Baker Street where they can admire the house, hear the stories of Sir Arthur Doyle and maybe even have a nosey in the gift shop.

Why parents will love it: Imagine visiting the supposed home of the world's most famous detective in all its original Victorian glory. You can re-live the journeys of the ultimate fictional duo Holmes and Watson and walk in their shoes for just £15 for adults and £10 for your kids.

Nearest Station: Baker Street (Bakerloo and Metropolitan Line) - just a hop, skip and a jump away.

The Cartoon Museum

kids museum north london

Why kids will love it: Why not make a day of it in Fitzrovia and trot on over to The Cartoon Museum which is only a six minute walk from Pollock's Toy Museum, where under 18s go free. Visit this museum to see a collection of 6,000 original cartoons and comic artworks as well as a library of over 8,000 comics and books.

Why parents will love it: Admission is £8.50 for adults but there is also an option for a 45-minute talk on the collection for an extra £4.50 per person. The vast amount to see in this museum would make for a full day out plus the added bonus of regular exhibitions that change to suit all areas of interest.

Nearest Station: Oxford Circus (Bakerloo Line) - exit 1.

The Jewish Museum

Why kids will love it: The Jewish Museum is one that encourages diversity and education of different cultures. It is packed with interactive and child-friendly exhibitions in its four permanent galleries. You could dress up in a wedding outfit or play a migration board-game - the family fun experience is endless! Plus, the museum provides activity packs and also has an activity centre near the family-friendly café.

Why parents will love it: This museum offers a chance not only your children to learn but for you to explore Jewish history and culture. The Jewish Museum offers a family ticket that allows up to two adults and four children for £18 while under 5s go free into the four permanent galleries of the museum. There is also an option to see the Welcome Gallery an ever-changing exhibit, for free.

Nearest Station: Camden Town (Northern Line) - 3 minute walk.

Pollock's Toy Museum

toy museum north london

Why kids will love it: Six rooms crammed with a collection of toys, mostly from Victorian London. This small and quirky museum is home to tin toys, teddy bears, gadgets from around the world and so much more. Although this is recommended for slightly older children, there is certainly something for everyone in this house.

Why parents will love it: A nostalgic trip through collections of old toys that might remind you of some of the ones you had as children. There is so much to see at Pollock's, and admission is not too steep:  £7 for adults and £4 for children.

Nearest Station: Goodge Street (Northern Line)

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