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The Ultimate Guide To A Family Friendly New Year's Eve in London

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You might think New Year's Eve is all about parties and staying up late but there are actually plenty of ways to celebrate as a family and make it a special occasion. From free fun to meals out to secret firework spots, have a look at our favourite family-friendly things to do on New Year's Eve.

The Science Museum

A great way to celebrate New Year's Eve is to turn it into a whole day out! The Science Museum is brilliant fun for the whole family, with plenty of free exhibitions and lots to learn, you’ll easily be able to spend hours wandering the incredible museum.

Hyde Park

If you’ve been to look at The Science Museum, you won’t be far from Hyde Park. Why not get some fresh air and wander around the park. Stop for a bite to eat by The Serpentine and make use of the brilliant playgrounds.

Winter Wonderland

Why not check out Winter Wonderland while you’re in the park? It’s a great way to treat the kids to a final bit of festive fun. Have a go on the rides, tuck into some delicious food, roll up to the circus or wander the traditional market, there’s so much to do.

Winter wonderland!

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights

Wander down Carnaby Street and see some of London’s quirkiest Christmas lights. Designed to create awareness for the rubbish in our ocean’s, they’re brilliantly creative, fun and educational. You’re little ones won’t be able to stop looking up. 

The Lion King

Going to the theatre is a great way to bring in the new year! The Lion King is a classic feel-good show that’ll impress the whole family. The music is incredible, the costumes are creative and the whole performance is one that’ll leave you feeling warm inside.

Masala Zone

After a day of activities, you’ll probably be feeling peckish. Masala Zone is a great Indian family-friendly restaurant with a menu that caters to everyone. With brilliant mild kids options and delicious vegetarian dishes, it’s a great place for a celebratory meal.

Rainforest Cafe 

The Rainforest Cafe is more of an experience than just a meal. It’s like eating in an actual rainforest, surrounded by animals and nature, it’ll be one of the most wild restaurants you’ve ever been to!

The Rainforest Cafe is wild!

The View From The Shard

Head up The Shard for an incredible view of London. There is something really special about taking in the sight of the whole city with your family. Your kids will be in awe of the amazing view!

The Fireworks

If your kids make it to midnight, the best way to celebrate is obviously by watching the famous London Fireworks. However, we know that watching them from Westminster is very busy and not always the best option for families. If you still want to be out and about to soak up the atmosphere, Lambeth Bridge, Archbishop’s Park, Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath all have views of the Fireworks and are much quieter.

The fun doesn’t stop there, on New Year's Day there’s still plenty to do! Have a look at our blog post of ideas here.

Written By
India Garrett

India is a recent graduate who loves to explore, laugh and eat! Growing up as the eldest of 5, her family were always filling their weekends and holidays with activities to try and keep everyone entertained. Her favourite childhood memories involve running around big open spaces, summer camping trips and special visits to the theatre. She loves going to indoor sensory play areas with her two young cousins and teaching them to bake, although things can often get quite messy!

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