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Top Things To Do In Horsham With Kids Now!

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Discover what's on in Horsham, with our guide on the latest educational and engaging activities for the whole family across the Horsham district.  

With COVID-19 putting a dampener on many of our holiday plans, more and more of us are looking for the best local things to do to keep the family entertained. Well, if you are looking for things to do in Horsham, England, look no further than our in-depth guide to the local activities in Horsham.

What’s On In Horsham?

Whether you are a local to the area looking for inspiration or just visiting for the weekend, we have listed the best things to do in Horsham. Don’t worry about the pennies, we have included several of the best free things to do in Horsham as well!

Horsham Museum

Founded in 1893, the Horsham Museum and Gallery is one of the best things to do in Horsham West Sussex. One of the most popular activities in Horsham, the Horsham Museum houses a collection of over 26 galleries. Kids will love the new Children’s Art Zone (with free admission), but only the brave should check out their gruesome Crime and Punishment and Law and Order sections.

Admission into the museum and gallery is free, and they are open Monday to Saturday 10.00- 17.00. There are toilets and baby changing facilities at the Horsham Museum, and parking is available near Dunne Road and Forum. Due to the current COVID pandemic, the Horsham Museum is currently closed, but it is expected to open shortly.

Charlie Brown statue


Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Just a 30-minute walk from Horsham town centre, this is an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and discover the best of the beautiful British countryside. The 92-acre Warnham Local Nature Reserve is home to over 100 species of birds, a wide range of wildlife, and an array of walking trails. Check out the Visitor Centre to discover more about the area or enjoy tea at the popular Heron’s Rest Cafe.

Toilets and baby changing facilities are available. This West Sussex nature reserve is currently open, and there are social distancing measures in place for safety. To visit, a day permit costs £2 per adult and entrance is free for accompanied children under the age of 16.

Horsham Spy Mission Treasure Trail

If you are looking for a fun day out, the self-guided Horsham Spy Mission Treasure Trail is a great way to visit the Horsham district and have lots of fun! Kids of all ages are bound to enjoy this exciting tour around the town. They will love being able to practice their secret agent skills and investigate like a top detective by solving clues set on buildings, features and monuments. Don’t worry, there is a number you can text for a clue if you get stuck!

If you are travelling in the area, there are actually 26 treasure hunts, murder mysteries and spy missions across West Sussex. You can purchase the trail for just £10 online, and you can choose between receiving your trail by post or immediately via email. Your spy mission pack will also include details regarding parking, accessibility and nearby facilities.

Downs Link

When the sun is shining, there is nothing quite like a day in the West Sussex country, and this 37-mile continuous trail promises beautiful countryside woodlands, rivers, ponds and streams. Enjoy hiking, cycling, horse riding and more along the waymarked route. There are plenty of pit stops to visit along the way, including pubs, play areas, and cafes. You may also want to visit the popular Bramber castle. The remains of this once-imposing West Sussex Castle date back to just after the Norman Conquest, and climbing to the top offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. While there is no admission to the path itself, you will need to pay to park at some of the nearby car parks.

Chesworth Farm

Around a 10-minute walk from Horsham town centre, Chesworth Farm is often referred to by the locals as ‘Horsham’s secret paradise’. Bordering the River Arun, the area has been a farm since before the 11th century and it encompasses 90 acres of meadows and woodlands, footpaths and bridleways. Open to the public year-round, Chesworth Farms offers an idyllic setting, with the chance to spot a range of wildlife including friendly cows, sheep and the occasional llama.

It should be noted that there is limited parking at this popular site, with the nearest car park located just off Denne Road. Plus, while there are toilets available at Chesworth Farm, there are no baby-changing facilities near this attraction.

Go Ape Crawley

Children will love swinging and clambering through the trees like little monkeys at Go Ape Crawley. There are lots of different Go Apes around the country, and the attractions provide the perfect day out for the whole family. There is both low-level ropes and high rope fun, with various difficulty levels available to suit a variety of ages and abilities. Near Horsham, Go Ape is located at Tilgate Park, and there is plenty to do in the park itself.

Discover the play area, themed restaurant, fragrant pine forests, water sports on the lake and a beautiful Walled Garden with a maze, café and picnic area. Here, you will also find toilets and baby changing facilities.


Southwater County Park

Open daily from 8 am till dusk, Southwater County Park is certainly one of the best free things to do in the Horsham district with kids. Spend a sunny afternoon relaxing at the park, stroll around the lake, pack a picnic and dine al fresco on the beach. Check out the Quarry, a natural conservation area filled with lizards, kingfishers and butterflies. Kids of all ages will love following the Jurassic footprints to visit Dinosaur Island play area, a huge playground with walkways, swings and a bubbling volcano. The park is aptly named as it is famed for the discovery of a genuine iguanodon skeleton in the lake!

At the moment, most of the park is open but some attractions may be closed, and the café is only open for takeaway. There is free admission to the park, but charges do apply for parking. There are three car parks located near the Park, with toilets and baby changing at the Visitor Centre.

Huxley’s Bird of Prey Centre

Home to many majestic birds, Huxley’s Birds of Prey Centre features an impressive array of falcons, eagles, hawks, buzzards, owls, ravens and kookaburras. Daily displays and talks and popular, with plenty of opportunities to learn more about these winged predators. Twice a day, kids can get near to, and meet the owls, and they have a fantastic flying show at 14.30. All of these feathered performances are set amongst the most beautiful Japanese garden in the Horsham district.

Admissions start at £6 for adults and £4.50 for children, but there is a family ticket available, at just £18 for two adults and two kids. The centre is currently closed due to Covid-19, but it is expected to open shortly. Check out their website or follow them on social media for the latest information. It should also be noted that there are no toilets or baby changing facilities available near Huxley's experience.

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