Get Tickets To A Haworth & Yorkshire Dales Day Trip From York

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Get Tickets To A Haworth & Yorkshire Dales Day Trip From York
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Take this day trip from York to the West Yorkshire Pennine village of Haworth and explore the Brontë sisters' world by being a part of it. On the edge of the Pennine Moors, check out Haworth where the Bronte sisters lived and wrote their famous novels. It was in the year 1820 when the sisters lived there and the area is now an established city and a favourite tourist destination. Bolton Abbey is on the way where you can stop and explore the beautiful church, which even inspired the sisters in their lives. Priory Church is in Bolton Abbey and has a lot of history for you to explore. This ticket for a day trip from York gives you a professional English-speaking guide, a visit to Bronte Country in West Yorkshire Pennines, a stop at Bingley Five Rise Locks, a stop at Haworth or Pennine Moors and Brontë home, an opportunity to take some photos at Penistone Hill, a visit to Bolton Abbey, a trip to Linton, Linton Falls, and Yorkshire Dales National Park, and then after an eventful day, return to York with a view of the spa town of Harrogate. Book Haworth Yorkshire Dales from York tickets.

About The Haworth And Yorkshire Dales Day Trip From York

What is Haworth famous for?

Haworth is famous for its connection with the Brontë sisters. It's also known for the heritage Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. In the city of Bradford of West Yorkshire in England lies the village of Haworth. It's located in the Pennines, 10 mi (16 km) west of Bradford, 3 mi (5 km) south-west of Keighley, and 10 mi (16 km) east of Colne at Lancashire. The village of Haworth is surrounded by Oxenhope and Oakworth and nearby villages of Haworth are Stanbury, Cross Roads, and Lumbfoot.

The village was first settled in 1209 and it's now a part of the civil parish of Haworth, Cross Roads, and Stanbury. West Yorkshire has five metropolitan boroughs and Haworth is one of them.

The Bronte sisters were born near Bradford, in Thornton. Even though the Bronte family lived in Thornton, the sisters wrote most of their novels while they lived at Haworth Parsonage. The sisters' father was actually a preacher at the Church of St. Michael and All Angels. The Parsonage is now owned by the Bronte Society and has been turned into a museum, the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

What are the Yorkshire Dales famous for?

Yorkshire Dales is located in an upland area of the Pennines in the Yorkshire County of England in the United Kingdom. Most of Yorkshire Dales is covered by Yorkshire Dales National Park, which was created in 1954. Yorkshire Dales has hills and river valleys coming up from the Vale of York. There are numerous walking trails along the valleys and hills and people love visiting these at any time of the year.

The picturesque view of Yorkshire Dale's National Park is also not to be missed, as the beauty of this place is something that you don't see every day.

What do you see on this Haworth and Yorkshire Dales Day Trip?

This day trip from York takes you on a ride to Haworth and Yorkshire Dales and back to York on a comfortable 16-seat mini-coach. A professional guide who speaks English will accompany you for the entire day and provide you with many facts and historical information of all the attractions along the way. Your ticket gives you a chance to visit Bronte Country, West Yorkshire Pennines with all of its magnificence. The Bronte sisters stayed at Bronte Country, where they wrote some of their best and most well-known novels. In the tour, stop at Bingley Five Rise Locks and then at Haworth or Pennine Moors to see the Brontë home. You can enjoy some time here, as the tour stops here for two hours. The next step is for a photoshoot in Penistone Hill. Bronte's found inspiration for their books on the moors. The moors are perfectly visible from Penistone Hill and a great place to click some postcard photos. You will also visit Yorkshire Dales National Park, Linton, as well as Linton Falls on the tour. Visit Bolton Abbey and Harrogate before returning to the departure point in York. Food and drinks are not included in the tour and also entrance fees for the attractions are not included with this tour ticket. However, entry to Bolton Abbey is free and you can explore this landmark during the tour.

On the edge of Pennine Moors, explore the village of Haworth where the Bronte sisters spent their lives getting inspired. Step inside the Priory church when you stop at Bolton Abbey to check another location that heavily influenced the sisters whilst writing their novels. Check out the Augustinian Priory ruins from the 12th-century on this tour along with a visit to the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

After you start from York, pass by many spectacular places on the way to the Bronte Country. The tour guide will point on many interesting facts as you cross Marston Moor. There's a traditional market town called Wetherby, and the stunning Arthington Viaduct is located over River Wharfe. You will stop at Bingley Five Rise Locks to see the highest Staircase Lock in the whole of the United Kingdom. This Staircase Lock in Bingley Five Rise Locks was an engineering marvel when it was created in 1774 and they made it as a part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It's now listed as Grade I and is known to be one of the steepest stairs in the world. While you are here, take photos of the working locks and then enjoy a cup of fresh Yorkshire Brew in a cafe.

The next stop is Haworth which is just a short journey from Bingley. This West Yorkshire Pennine village called Haworth is where the Bronte family stayed from 1820 and the Bronte sisters wrote their novels. You can have your lunch here as the stop is for two hours. During this period, check out the Bronte Memorial Chapel and the Bronte Parsonage Museum or go to the church where the father of the sisters preached. You can also visit the shops near the main street and have your lunch in one of the cafes.

Next, go to Penistone Hill and see the moorland views towards Top Withens which is a ruined farmhouse. This is where the Bronte sisters came for walks to gain inspiration. Next, move to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and then to the traditional Dales village of Linton. Continue the journey through the national park clicking photos of Linton Falls and checking out the stone bridges. Take the afternoon stop at Bolton Abbey and check out the Priory Church. Check the 12th-century Augustinian Monastery ruins while walking across stone bridges. As you return to York, pass by the spa town of Harrogate and learn some history behind it. It won't be too much trouble for your guide to give you non-stop commentary throughout the journey.

Have you seen the famous Bolton Castle made in the 14th century? It's located at Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England.

What can I expect from this trip?

This tour lets you be a part of the Bronte sisters' world as you travel to the West Yorkshire Pennine village of Haworth from York. In this tour, walk across some stone bridges, visit the Augustinian monastery ruins, and go to some picture-perfect villages in Yorkshire Dales. See the highest Staircase Lock in the United Kingdom at the Bingley Five Rise Locks. See Haworth and transport yourself to the breezy edge of the Pennine Moors with this tour. Check the museum, the church, the chapel, and all the places that the Bronte sisters lived. Travel to the moors which the Bronte sisters used as inspiration in their books. These moors are perfectly visible from Penistone Hill and are one of the best places to photograph throughout the tour. Look at the pretty English villages in Linton, right in the middle of Yorkshire Dales National Park. See the Priory Church and 12th-century Augustinian Priory ruins in your stop at Bolton Abbey.

Go to the Dean Court Hotel in Duncombe Place and meet your driver and guide for the day on the opposite side of the road. A day of fun and wonder awaits on this tour.

What age is this day trip suitable for?

The minimum age for the tour is not mentioned, so it's important to check while booking your tickets. Children must be accompanied by adults with valid tour tickets.

How long does this Haworth and Yorkshire Dales day trip take?

The total duration of the tour is around eight hours and 30 minutes. There's a stop at Haworth for two hours.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does this Haworth and Yorkshire Dales day trip start and end?

The address of the departure point is Dean Court Hotel, YO1 7EF, York. Meet the driver opposite the Dean Court Hotel, near the York Minster which is in Duncombe Place.

The departure of the tour is at 9 a.m.

How do I get to the trip's departure point?

If you are travelling to the departure point from London by car, take the A1 and A1(M) road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. The distance of the meeting point from London is 202 mi (325 km) which will take around four hours to complete the journey.

There is also the option to travel to the departure point by train. Go to London Terminal and take the LNER train to York Station. The journey will take two hours to complete the trip. The York Station is just 13 minutes away from the departure point.

Check your tickets before commencing your travel for the right time to reach the destination.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure. Latecomers won't be allowed to go on the tour and no refund is provided if you miss the tour departure.

Where can I park?

You can park at the hotel, but there is associated costs so check with the hotel.

Alternatively, you can park your vehicles at Coppergate Car Park and Nunnery Lane Car Park.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the trip?

You will find toilet facilities near the pick-up point. The driver will stop the mini-coach at various locations along the route for breaks and refreshments.

What facilities are available on the coach?

The facilities of the coach are not mentioned. However, usual mini-coaches have comfortable seats with limited space for your hand luggage.

Is the trip accessible?

The tour is most likely not wheelchair accessible as it involves a lot of walking. Do check while booking the tickets if the trip is accessible and if collapsible wheelchairs are accommodated on the coach.

Where can I eat on the trip?

Although you can stop at multiple locations for light refreshments, you will be given a two-hour break in Haworth village which makes a great choice for lunch. Some popular recommendations in Haworth include The Hawthorn, Cobbles and Clay, The Fleece Inn, Forteas 1940s Tearoom, The Kings Arms, Mill Hey Fisheries, Haworth Old Hall, Wuthering Heights Inn, and The Waggon and Horses.

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