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Three fluffy alpacas on the green grass at Fairytale Farm.
South East England
United Kingdom
South East England
United Kingdom

Fairytale Farm

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Meet Alfie the alpaca and the rest of the amazing animals at the fantastic animal area.
  • Explore the magical world of fairytales on the Enchanted Walk.
  • Make a wish at the Wishing Well, and check out the mouse living in the miniature Mouse Town.
  • Kids can play for hours at the exciting Huff and Puff adventure playground.

For kids who love storytime, there's no better place to visit in the south of England than Fairytale Farm. Located to the east of the Cotswolds, this is a brilliant place to take an enchanted walk, meet furry farm animals and play all day! With areas specially focused on sensory learning and development, Fairytale Farm is a great place to bring kids, especially those with additional needs. An inclusive and magical environment, Fairytale Farm is bound to inspire and entertain, as kids discover the six different areas on site.

For those who love animals, the animal zone is that place that gives Fairytale Farm its name. This animal park section is home to a variety of amazing animals, including miniature Shetland ponies, pigs both big and small, large South American rheas and four billy goats gruff! Each of these animals has their own part to play in the fairytale land that makes up the farm, and there are multiple feeding and handling times throughout the days where kids can feed the bunnies, say hello to the donkeys, and of course, meet Alfie the alpaca and friends. Make sure to check out the new turkey house, which has been made out of recycled bottles, and keep an eye out for the male peacock who is keen to show off his beautiful feathers!

However, Fairytale Farm is much more than just meeting farm animals. Children will love exploring the multiple play zones, with an adventure playground, play farm, and much more. Head to Jack's Yard to see where the exciting adventure begins. Here you'll find Jack's Beanstalk, and Daisy the Cow (who kids can milk!). Disney lovers will be keen to visit Snow White's Garden and make a wish at the Wishing Well. The Giant Rabbit Burrow is the perfect place to play like a bunny, and the Sandpit is full of toys and sensory sand activities to get stuck into. One of the most unique elements of this adventure play farm is the Mouse Town, which is a tiny model town that is home to, you guessed it, real live mice! Watch as they go about their day in the mini-town, crafted perfectly to look like a real village.

The fun doesn't end at Jack's Yard. Next, wander along the Enchanted Walk, where you can walk past Fairytale Street and peek into the rooms of different fairytale characters. This area is one of the best for children who enjoy sensory activities, with a water play area, beautiful light fountains that glow at night, musical chimes and interactive giant party poppers! Children can also meet the mermaid and her friends at the Mermaid Garden, and listen to some tunes with the Extinct Band. Make sure also to visit the Sensory Garden, filled with plants that are great to smell, see and feel, and perhaps even get your picture taken by the huge Giant's Camera. Once you've taken a picture, you can email the photo to yourself to keep the souvenir of your day.

One of the top attractions at the fantastic Fairytale Farm that children will love is the Huff and Puff adventure play area. Here, you'll find lots of activities to explore the adventure playground for kids of all ages and abilities. Race rubber ducks down the waterway, or climb and jump on to the magical fairytale castle. Children can pretend they're driving the combine harvester, or have a go on the swing. There is also a wheelchair swing and lots of accessible equipment so everyone can join in with the fun. For some peaceful time out, make sure to check out the Wilderness Walk, which will take you to the Giant Vegetable Patch and Bird Feeding Station. Here you can spend some time in nature, and learn about wildlife and seasonal produce on the way. There are also many great events on throughout the year at Fairytale Farm Oxford, including themed egg hunts at Easter, festive events at Christmas, as well as lots of opportunities to meet fairytale creatures on special days of the year.

While the amount of time you choose to spend at Fairytale Farm is up to you, most people find with so much to see and do you will probably stay at least 2-3 hours, if not all day! So, if your exciting adventure-filled day at this fairy tale farm has helped you work up an appetite, The Beanstalk Café on site is the best option for a bite to eat. If you're visiting in the afternoon, this is also a great spot for some afternoon tea. There is also a lovely outdoor picnic area with benches if you'd prefer to bring your own food. Alternatively, the town of Chipping Norton is just a three-minute drive away. Here you can find several eateries to suit all tastes, including Indian cuisine at Cafe Le Raj, or great value local food and drink at Bitter & Twisted. There are also options for places to stay here, with local hotels if you are planning on staying in the area.

A trip to Fairytale Farm is always enchanting, and if you feel like continuing the animal-themed adventure, why not check out Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens in Bradwell Grove, Burford? Or, for something a little different, delve into some local history at the grand 17th century Ashdown House in Hungerford.

What to know before you go

  • Fairytale Farm opening times are from 10am-5pm daily.
  • The farm and park is fully accessible for both wheelchairs and buggies and has been designed with wheelchair users in mind. There are accessible toilets available on site, as well as baby changing facilities.
  • Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed unless they are Assistance Dogs.

Getting there

  • To get to Fairytale Farm, Chipping Norton by car, follow the A44 to Southcombe, Chipping Norton, where you can follow the signs for the farm. Parking is available on site, with designated spaces for Blue Badge holders.
  • The nearest train station is Kingham Station, which is 6.7 miles away, or a 15-minute taxi ride.
  • There is no bus stop on site, but the farm is on the main route between Chipping Norton and Oxford. Buses will stop on request at Southcombe.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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