Overhead shot of the rides at Lightwater Valley Theme Park.
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
United Kingdom
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the Humber
United Kingdom

Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Please be aware of government guidelines before setting off.

Government Guidelines
  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park is a top family attraction and adventure play zone in North Yorkshire.
  • It is home to over 30 rides and attractions all perfectly tailored to a range of family age groups.
  • With a strong focus on younger children's entertainment, this eclectic theme park features a farmyard, train ride, fairground, playground and sand diggers alongside its huge range of thrilling rides.
  • Lightwater Valley also boasts the longest roller coaster ride in Europe, The Ultimate.

Set in the delightful North Yorkshire countryside, Lightwater Valley is a family-focused theme park offering over 30 water, roller coaster and fairground rides plus plenty of children's attractions, on-site entertainment and seasonal events throughout the year.

With a wide range of rides and attractions from thrilling coasters to gentle carousels, this North Stainley theme park has something that every member of the family is guaranteed to love. Older kids and the adrenaline-junkies among you can head to Lightwater's hair-raising array of larger rides such as the Raptor Attack coaster, the daring drop of the Trauma Tower, Eagle's Claw sky-soaring swings and the hysterical Flying Cutlass. As well as all this, Lightwater Valley is also home to Europe's longest roller coaster, which is aptly-named The Ultimate. Can you keep up the stamina and complete this infamous excursion? There are also plenty of other smaller rides for younger kids and less daring adults to enjoy at this diverse amusement park, such as the Little Dipper and Space Pirates coasters, the Pirate Swinger, the Ladybug pods plus tons of charmingly-themed attractions like the Jurassic Adventure, Dragon Boats, Clownaround carousel and the super fun Noah's Ark adventure. Lightwater Valley's water park rides are the perfect thing for thrill-seekers and little water babes to take to in the summer months as well, with family-favourites like the exhilarating Splash Falls, bumpy Wild River Rapids and hilarious Wave Rider.

If you want to take things down a notch, Lightwater Valley also provides a whole host of children's play areas and family experiences on-site. Young kids can have a whale of a time on the Mini Sand Diggers, Vintage Car ventures - which they get to drive themselves - and the classic fairground rides, whilst budding farmers can embark on one of Eagle's Creek Farm wonderful tractor rides. There are also multiple play areas within the theme park, including two outdoor adventure playgrounds complete with rope walkways, tunnels and climbing frames, a soft play and toddler zone, Jetters Jungle Fun centre - a favourite with mini animal-lovers - and the huge Jumpin' Jacks trampoline pillows which provide endless amounts of fun for every age. Make sure you take a ride on the Lightwater Express train too, where families can sit back and journey through the theme park onboard a miniature steam train railway.

A children's roller coaster Lightwater Valley Theme Park.

You can easily spend a whole wonderful day at this North Yorkshire family haven surrounded by the picturesque English countryside, which provides great views from the top of the park's tallest rides. There is a wide range of eating and drinking options dotted around Lightwater to keep you fuelled and ready for fun through the day, including a delicious pirate-themed restaurant and all the nostalgic fairground treats you could imagine. During your visit, keep your eye out for Jester and Jasmine, Lightwater's two fabulous dinosaur characters, saying hello to little ones around the park and offering some adorable family photos to remember your day by. The Show Barn indoor entertainment venue also puts on tons of not-to-be-missed family performances across the weekends and holidays, such as the Welcome to the Jungle puppet show and Jester & Jasmine's Dino Dance, an interactive sing-along party featuring everyone's favourite ear-worm, Baby Shark. Before you go, be sure to stop off for some animal-themed souvenirs at the jungle gift shop and pick up your ride photos if you were able to brave The Ultimate, the Raptor Attack or the Wild River Rapids.

Lightwater Valley Theme Park offers some of the best family rides and attractions for kids of every age, interest and daredevil-level and provides an unforgettable day out in Yorkshire. For even more fun family things to do in Ripon, why not check out the World Heritage Site of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, which will give a much-needed slice of relaxation after an adrenaline-filled day. Elsewhere in the north of England, we love Gulliver's Land Theme Park Resort for more amusement park adventures and of course the hugely popular Alton Towers, a firm favourite with older kids and teens.

What to know before you go

  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park opens at 10.30am and closes at 4.30pm on weekends and 5pm during school holidays.
  • Entrance prices vary for adults, children, seniors, special service workers and carers. Children under three years old can enter for free.
  • We recommend allowing at least two-three hours for your visit to Lightwater Valley Theme Park.
  • Lightwater Valley aims to be accessible for all visitors. There is a Changing Places facility on-site next to the outdoor play area, and accessible toilets are located throughout the park.
  • Those who are unable to queue or stand for long periods of time can request a Preferential Ride Access wristband from the Visitor Information centre.
  • Essential Companions and carers can enter for free when accompanying someone with a disability.
  • First Aiders can be found on-site at the Visitor Information centre.
  • Please note that there may be height, size and age restrictions on certain rides.
  • Toilets and baby changing facilities are situated throughout the theme park.
  • There are multiple refreshments points located throughout Lightwater Valley. The Tasty Tucker takeaway spot at the park's entrance offers breakfast sandwiches, tea and coffee, plus hot food and snacks in the afternoons. The Hungry Harbour serves a pirate-themed children's and adult's menu with hot and cold lunches as well as some vegan options, or you can purchase meal deal fast food options at Eats 'n' Treats. Cuppa Jo's Coffee Shop serves drinks, snacks and lunches, Rollover Hot Dogs offers gourmet meat and veggie dogs, Sweet Treats and the Munch Box provide all your classic fairground snacks, and Eagle Bites serves a huge range of ice cream (plus vegan ice cream) for summer days.
  • Along the A6108 you can also find family-friendly pubs such as The Staveley Arms, The Bruce Arms and The Bull Inn.
  • Lightwater Valley also has some great gift shops on site offering animal toys, theme park souvenirs, stationery, pick 'n' mix and more. Ride photos are also available from the Raptor Attack, Wild River Rapids and The Ultimate roller coaster.
  • Regular seasonal events take place at Lightwater including half-term deals, Halloween sessions and their Festive Family Fun takeovers at Christmas. Special group visit packages are also available for birthday parties and other celebrations.
  • Be sure to check ahead for the Show Barn's regular family performances taking place throughout the school holidays and weekends, such as Welcome to the Jungle and Jester & Jasmine's Dino Dance.

Getting there

  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park is located in Ripon, in the county of North Yorkshire.
  • If you are driving to the venue, Lightwater Valley Theme Park is situated just 10 minutes off the A1 via junction 50 and the A61. You can follow the brown tourist signs to the attraction.
  • Lightwater has a car park on site which has designated accessible parking spaces.
  • The nearest train station to the theme park is Thirsk, which has direct connecting services to Leeds, York, Manchester, Middlesborough and London. From Thirsk Station, take the number 70 bus to Ripon and then the 159 to Lightwater Valley Theme Park.
  • If you are travelling by bus, the Dales & District lines service the theme park. Between Monday and Saturday, you can take the number 159 bus to Lightwater Valley. The number 36 Transdev route also runs daily to the Bus Station in Ripon from Leeds and Harrogate.

Please follow the latest government guidelines if travelling by public transport.

Government Guidelines


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