How To Make An Easy Origami Bee

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Dec 12, 2023 By Mia Shindler
Originally Published on Sep 11, 2020
Child  painting an Easter egg yellow bee.

Origami is the art of paper folding to create beautiful works of art.

It is part of Japanese culture, and is also linked to ancient Chinese culture. Origami is a popular craft, and is good for kids as it is both relaxing and enjoyable, it also helps increase focus, boosts creativity and helps your child to develop an understanding of different shapes.

Kids are bound to be fascinated by the natural world surrounding them, including vibrant buzzy bees, meaning this origami bee tutorial, complete with step-by-step origami bee instructions, is sure to capture their attention.

This is the perfect easy origami bee for beginners, so check out this guide to creating your own paper bee from origami.

Materials For Making An Easy Origami Bee

Yellow square of origami paper.


Thick black pen (optional).

Instructions: How To Make An Origami Bee

1. Take your paper, and lay it out so the yellow side is facing upwards. Twist the piece of paper so it is a diamond shape, and then cut in half neatly so you have a triangle.

2. Fold your paper triangle in half down the middle, and then unfold it.

3. Take the two lower corners of your paper triangle and fold them inwards so they line up at the top of the triangle. Unfold at a slight angle. You should now have two triangular wings beneath an irregular diamond shape.

4. Fold most of your irregular diamond shape back, so you have a straight edge above where the bee's wings begin. Then unfold it, making sure you have a clear crease.

5. Fold the peak of your paper diamond shape down, and then make two more small folds in the same direction.

6. Once you have made these three folds, make a fourth fold in your paper, following the crease you made during step five. You should now have a paper model with an upside down trapezium shape at the top, just overlapping with the triangular bee's wings beneath it.

7. Now fold each side of your paper model behind the centre of your origami model. Your paper should now resemble a buzzy bee.

8. For your last bit of folding, gently fold the tips of the wings of your origami bumblebee back, so the edges are squared off rather than triangular peaks.

9. If you want, you could use your thick black pen to draw some stripes in the middle section of the bee, in between the wings, so it looks more like a real bumblebee. Your simple origami bee should now be complete!

Extra Tips and Tricks

When learning how to do easy origami, it is important to make sure that all your folds are very precise, so that you can produce the most accurate and neatest model possible. Patiently following the origami instructions here, will allow for a tidy origami bee.

If your child wants to add something extra to their origami bee, they could always cut up some pipe cleaners, and stick them on at the top of their origami bee model at the top, so that they look like the antennae of a real bee.

If your kids want to get creative, they could make origami bees in many different colours (why not make a blue, red or green origami bee, as well as a more realistic yellow origami bee?). For a cute cartoon style look, your kids could even stick some googly eyes onto their origami bee.

If you don't have any origami paper but your kids want to make this cool origami bee, you can simply use regular paper (perhaps challenge kids to colour it in yellow using felt tips before you begin folding) for this fun and relaxing craft activity.

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