The Ultimate Pretty Little Liars Trivia Quiz: Are You A Real PLL Fan?

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Originally Published on Jan 19, 2021
Pretty Little Liars casts at Dolby Theater

With a young and talented cast and shocking plot twists at every turn, 'Pretty Little Liars' (also known as 'PLL') was one of the most popular shows in ABC Family's history.

The show first aired in 2010 and continued for seven years until 2017. Today it is available on streaming platforms for people all over the world to enjoy.

Starring, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario, the show was a huge success. Thanks to how popular the show was, there are plenty of 'Pretty Little Liars' trivia quiz questions to test your superfan knowledge with.

A 'Pretty Little Liars' quiz usually involves loads of different questions, including questions about who said what during the show, the relationships between different characters and, of course, the mystery of A.

Whether you are looking for a 'PLL' season 1 quiz, 'PLL' quiz season 7 questions or 'PLL' deaths quiz questions, you will find what you are looking for and more here.

Whilst it may not be the hardest 'PLL' quiz ever, it will certainly test your memory! Why not try out these questions about 'Pretty Little Liars' in this hard 'PLL' trivia quiz, perfect for any 'PLL' fans, and find out how well you know the liars?

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'PLL' Characters Quiz Questions

The story follows five main characters who are teenage girls in a small high school, throughout the series the friends fall deeper and deeper into the web of lies that they have created. This section of the fun 'Pretty Little Liars' test features lots of 'Pretty Little Liars' questions about the show's main characters.

If you think you know the liars well, take this 'PLL' character quiz and find out how much you really know about the liars' game.

1. Question: What is the name of the five main characters in 'Pretty Little Liars'?

Answer: Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis.

2. Question: At the beginning of the show, which character is missing, assumed dead?

Answer: Alison DiLaurentis.

3. Question: What is the name of the unknown person who blackmailed the four liars?

Answer: A.

4. Question: Can you name the first person to receive a message from A?

Answer: Aria Montgomery.

5. Question: What was the name of Spencer's boyfriend in season one?

Answer: Alex Santiago.

6. Question: What was Ali's alias?

Answer: Vivian Darkbloom.

7. Question: What is the name of Jenna Marshall's stepbrother?

Answer: Toby Cavanaugh.

8. Question: In the flashbacks before Alison's death, what color streak did Aria have in her hair?

Answer: Pink.

9. Question: Early in the season, which of Melissa's boyfriends does Spencer flirt with?

Answer: Wren Kingston.

10. Question: What guilty pleasure does the character of Hanna have?

Answer: Shoplifting.

11. Question: At the beginning of the season, Aria returns from which country after a year abroad?

Answer: Iceland.

12. Question: Which of the five liars goes to Radley Sanitarium?

Answer: Spencer.

13. Question: What does Toby's tattoo say?

Answer: "901 free at last".

14. Question: Who was with Aria when she found out about her father's affair?

Answer: Alison DiLaurentis.

15. Question: Over the years, A plays many games with the liars. Which game involves them being stuck in a dollhouse?

Answer: A's Dollhouse.

16. Question: How did Alison change into Vivian Darkbloom?

Answer: By wearing a brunette wig.

17. Question: Which liar has an advocate (lawyer) for a parent?

Answer: Spencer Hastings.

18. Question: What was the name of Ezra Fitz's girlfriend?

Answer: Jackie.

19. Question: What is the reason Spencer and Toby's relationship deteriorates?

Answer: A pregnancy scare.

'Who Said It?' 'PLL' Trivia

With our 'Pretty Little Liars' character quiz, we've covered lots of 'PLL' trivia quiz questions. But some of the hardest 'PLL' quizzes also include 'Pretty Little Liars' game questions. In this 'PLL' quiz, "who said it?"

is the theme! Have a go at this 'PLL' trivia to determine whether you know which character said which dialogue. So, scroll down to have a go at our ultimate 'PLL' quiz and find out how well you remember the characters.

20. Question: Who said the dialogue, "I have a Masters Degree in American Literature. There's nothing I can't handle."?

Answer: Ezra Fitz.

21. Question: Who said the dialogue, "All good things must come to an end."?

Answer: Aria Montgomery.

22. Question: Whose dialogue is this: "If lying were a crime, we'd all be in jail."

Answer: Emily Fields.

23. Question: When Spencer says, "The devil has a name, and it's Toby." Who is she talking about?

Answer: Toby Cavanaugh.

24. Question: Who said the words, "Please, Jenna can't hear us, she's blind!"

Answer: Hanna Marin.

25. Question: Which liar said, "Girls fight much dirtier than boys."

Answer: Alison Dilaurentis.

26. Question: Who said this: "Hope is a dirty four letter word"?

Answer: Spencer Hastings.

27. Question: What is Alison's most famous dialogue?

Answer: "It's immortality, my darlings."

28. Question: Who said to Spencer, "Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done."

Answer: Toby Cavanaugh.

29. Question: Who said this, "Take it from me; you're always better off with a really good lie."

Answer: Alison DiLaurentis.

30. Question: When Spencer says, "You're little, but you're big." Who is she talking to?

Answer: Aria.

31. Question: Which character said, "Aren't you just sick and tired of being you?"

Answer: Vivian Darkbloom.

32. Question: Who said the words: "That's the great thing about friends. They're not your family. They accept you for who you are."

Answer: Toby Cavanaugh.

33. Question: Who said, "When you love someone, it's worth fighting for, no matter the odds."

Answer: Aria Montgomery.

34. Question: Who said, "I don't want to be judged for the rest of my life for my biggest mistake."

Answer: Hanna Marin.

35. Question: Who said the most famous 'PLL' line: "Friends share secrets. That's what keeps us close."

Answer: Alison DiLaurentis.

36. Question: Who said, "Different's good. I like different."

Answer: Toby Cavanaugh.

37. Question: Which liar said, "Why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow?"

Answer: Spencer Hastings.

38. Question: Who said: "Sometimes things look bad and they're not. Sometimes there's another explanation for what's going on."

Answer: Emily Fields.

39. Question: Who says the following words: "You know what they say about hope, breeds eternal misery."

Answer: Spencer Hastings.

'Pretty Little Liars' Seasons Trivia

'PLL' aired for a total of 160 episodes across seven seasons. We've compiled details from all the different quizzes like 'Pretty Little Liars' season 1 quiz questions and 'PLL' season 2 quiz questions to create a hard 'Pretty Little Liars' quiz that will show you just how well you remember the shows.

So, try this section of the trivia to see how well you remember all seasons' events!

40. Question: In what episode is the very first A revealed?

Answer: 'Unmasked'.

41. Question: In which episode does Cece Drake reveal herself to be A?

Answer: Game Over, Charles.

42. Question: In season six, episode 11, how many years have passed since the liars left Rosewood?

Answer: Five years.

43. Question: In which season do the girls go to the Homecoming dance?

Answer: Season one.

44. Question: How many episodes consist in season seven?

Answer: 20 episodes.

45. Question: In season four, who was Aria Montgomery's love interest?

Answer: Jake.

46. Question: 'Reality Bites Me' is the title of which episode?

Answer: Season one, episode five.

47. Question: In season three, episode 18, Caleb reunites with which family member?

Answer: His father.

48. Question: Who was Mona Vanderwaal's best friend in season one?

Answer: Hanna Marin.

49. Question: At the start of season seven , who is kidnapped in an Uber?

Answer: Hanna Marin.

50. Question: What is the title of season one, episode two?

Answer: 'The Jenna Thing.'

51. Question: In season two, episode 12, which of the liars stops the wedding?

Answer: Hanna Marin.

52. Question: 'Breaking The Code' is the title of which episode?

Answer: Season two, episode 21.

53. Question: Who gets shot in the season three finale?

Answer: Caleb Rivers.

54. Question: Who was sent to the hospital in season three, episode 19?

Answer: Jason DiLaurentis.

55. Question: How many spin-off series are there of 'Pretty Little Liars'?

Answer: Two: 'Pretty Little Liars Perfectionists' and 'Ravenswood'.

56. Question: What is the title of season three, episode 24?

Answer: 'A Dangerous Game'.

57. Question: The episode name 'Who's In The Box?' belongs to which season?

Answer: Season four.

58. Question: In which episode did the girls attend prom?

Answer: Season six, episode nine.

Who Killed Who Trivia

One of the most shocking details about the show was how many different characters were introduced in the show and how often they met a sad ending. 'Pretty Little Liars' trivia is incomplete without a section dedicated to the sad endings that the characters have reached.

This section of 'PLL' questions and answers takes the form of a 'PLL' who killed who quiz. How sharp is your memory, and can you answer them all?

60. Question: Who killed Marion Cavanaugh (Toby's mom)?

Answer: Bethany Young.

61. Question: Aria accidentally pushes which character off the stage, leading to her death?

Answer: Shana Fring.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the ultimate' Pretty Little Liars' trivia quiz, then why not take a look at our 'Big Bang Theory' trivia, ortrivia questions for teensfor more?

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