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Georgia Stone
Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Jun 16, 2020
Kids at a birthday party sat on the floor playing pass the parcel.
Age: 0-99
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We can all remember the excitement of the bulky parcel making its way slowly around the circle, hoping you will be the last to hold the final present when the music stops.

To keep the fun for all guests, and adding some anticipation to what the final present could be, here are some forfeits to add to the layers.

Things to consider when thinking up forfeits...

Music: Line up some fun, party music, which you can easily stop and start, when the music stops, call out the forfeit. Try and make sure every child has a go.

Use simple props: from the house, nothing expensive and ensure you prep before you start, so if you need a blind-fold, make sure it is at hand.

Avoid tears: It’sreally important that the forfeit is fun, so if you see a child who is shy or feels uncomfortable, why not pair them up with a friend.

Get giggling: Avoid suggesting a long, complicated forfeit as the game needs to keep moving.

Its a wrap: If you don’t have enough wrapping paper, use newspaper.

Know your audience: If the party guests are under five they will be very excited and have a low attention span and so the instructions will have to be clearly explained and easy to carry out.

Reward: Give each child a small sweet, after the forfeit, so if they don’t win the main prize, they have won a sweet.

Space: Make sure there is enough room around the circle for the children to run around.

Ideas for parcel presents

In pass the parcel, the gift has to be small and compact because there will be so many layers to allow each child a go, particularly if you feel like adding in consolation prizes too.

Present ideas include; bubble mixture, a set of colouring pens, a bag of sweets, or pencil case.

If you don't want to wrap all these prizes, you could also have a mini present bowl filled with these that the guests can pick from after fulfilling their forfeit, if the party host decides they've done well enough.

some forfeits to add to the layers

Forfeit ideas for kids under 5

Sing “Happy Birthday “ like a snake saying Ssssssss, or any song of your choice.

Put on a hat and gloves as quickly as you can.

Eat a sour sweet.

Pretend you are a rabbit/ dog/ cat.

Close your eyes and touch your nose.

Build a tower using marshmallows in one minute.

Hop around the circle with your arm behind your back.

Do an impression of your favourite animal.

Sing a nursery rhyme in cow “moos”, see if your friends can guess what it is.

Place as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth.

Sing a nursery rhyme while rubbing your tummy and patting your head, this is easier said than done.

Tell a joke.

Forfeit Ideas for kids over 5

Pretend to floss over-dramatically for one minute, if they don’t know what this will have to do a demo!

Swap a piece of clothing with the person next to you.

Find something in the room that is blue.

Run around the circle with an orange under your chin.

Wear a blindfold and draw a moustache on the person next to you with black face paint.

Tell a funny joke until someone laughs.

Mime being a cat...ssshhhh no talking.

Lick a lemon ..uugghhhh.

Make a fart noise.

Trot around making donkey noises ...eeee aaaaww.

Put on a swimming hat as quick as you can.

Spell your name backwards

With a lipstick (which is hidden in the wrapper) draw lipstick on the person next to you, blindfolded.

Find something in the room that is red.

Sit on the person’s lap to your left for the entire game.

Push your arms through the person next to you and act out brushing hair/teeth.

Eat a teaspoon of mustard.

Tell a “knock-knock” joke.

Swap a piece of clothing with the person next to you.

Gargle the alphabet ( with water, not juice).

Gargle a song and see if people can guess which one it is

Draw a hippo riding a bicycle and see if people know what it is

Say Happy Birthday three times upside down

Guess the object in a bag- maybe an orange, banana or apple.

Place your fingers either side of your mouth and sing “Happy Birthday.”

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