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Jan 22, 2024 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Oct 24, 2019
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Text Quests are family-friendly scavenger hunts with a twist, and we’ve got 50% off! Instead of looking for physical clues, they will be texted directly to your phone as you make your way around the city.

You can choose to start at London Bridge, Piccadilly or Bank but who knows where you’ll end up! Gather a group of family and friends and head off on your detective adventure.

We’ve put together a few top tips to make your quest as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Your team can be as big as you want but we think it’s most fun with about 4 people. If you’re feeling competitive, you can go head-to-head in different teams as up to 4 phones can register to receive clues throughout the game. May the best hunter win!

Know Your Stuff

Depending on how seriously you’re taking the quest, you may want to brush up on your knowledge of the city. You could get riddles and questions about some of London’s most famous sites and attractions so it’ll help to be prepared.

Check out some of the city's landmarks on your adventure!


There are no restrictions on when you can play which gives the game great flexibility! We recommend starting to play in the late afternoon so you can experience sunset and a bit more atmosphere when it gets dark. 

Food is Fuel

Depending on how good your hunting skills are, the game can last around 2 hours so make sure you take some snacks to keep the team going, remember, food is fuel!


Obviously the quests happen outside so make sure you’re dressed for the weather. You may want to take a waterproof and plenty of layers but if you keep moving we’re sure you’ll stay warm.

Help is On Hand!

Don’t worry if you get stuck, it doesn’t mean game-over! You’ll be able to contact a Text Quest team member who will be able to give you a hint if you need it.

Clues are texted straight to your phone!

Ages 10+

Some of the Text Quest clues are a bit more tricky so depending on which game you choose, we suggest that players are all over 10 or 12. If you’ve got younger kids, why not check out a Picture Quest?

Now you’re all set for your scavenger hunt, what are you waiting for? Book now for 50% off!

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