52 Amazing Back To School Jokes That Will Crack You Up

Moumita Dutta
Apr 25, 2023 By Moumita Dutta
Originally Published on Apr 25, 2023
Fact-checked by Spandana Kantam
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It is aptly said that school is the best time of your life!

Is it already Monday tomorrow? Then memorize some comical jokes to entertain your friends amidst boring classes!

School offers the experience of a lifetime. However, studying for prolonged hours is painful for little kids, so it's necessary to take a tiny break and laugh it out along with the teachers.

School is a place associated with fun and play as much as it is with educational classes. These cool back-to-school jokes are just perfect for uplifting the spirits of the young and those adults thinking about being in school again!

Best Back-To-School Jokes For Kids

Why should only kids have fun all the time? Read through these fantastic back-to-school jokes to relive all the goofiness of yesteryears.

  • What is the dirtiest among school supplies in the classroom? It is the duster.
  • Why were the astronauts hungry? Because they skipped their launch!
  • What is the favorite food of intelligent fish? It is the bookworm!
  • Why did the cave people enjoy going to school? Because they did not have the history book!
  • Why did the giraffes skip elementary school? It is because they all went to high school!
  • How did the magicians score good marks on the exam? They were experts at handling the trick questions!
  • What made the obtuse angle cry at school? Despite trying hard, it couldn't be right.
  • Why did the kids bring mugs full of coffee to the English class? Because the teacher said that English was not their cup of tea!
  • What did the kid say when the teacher asked them about water's chemical formula? He blurted out confidently, "H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O!"
  • Why were the bees late for the class? Because they missed the school buzz!
  • Which school do all kids like the most? The sundae school, of course!
  • Why was the history book reluctant to attend the prom night? It felt ashamed of its past!
  • Which is the ideal school for the surfers? A boarding school.
  • Where do kids learn to plant flowers? In the kinder-garden!
  • Why is the geometry book the apple of everyone's eyes? Because it has acute angles.
  • How do kids go to high school? They climb the ladder!
  • Which subject interests the snakes? It is Hiss-story!
  • Why was the perpendicular rushed to the doctor? Because it was tired of standing straight all day.
  • Where did the school bus take the blackboard and whiteboard to? The boarding school.
  • Why do the kids detest the math book? Because it has lots and lots of problems.
  • How did glue fail in math? It got stuck!
  • How do fish come to school? They ride on the octo-bus.
  • What was Mr. Bubbles afraid to face since elementary school? It is the pop quizzes!
  • John had 100 pastries, and he gobbled up 70 of them - so, what is he left with? Tummy ache, for sure!

Witty Back-To-School Jokes For Teachers

Remember the strict looks and the punishments? Teachers were undoubtedly the best part of school. These humorous back-to-school jokes are all about the amazing teachers who made school life worth it!

  • Why did the music teacher fall from the ladder? She was trying to touch the high notes!
  • What did the science book say to the algebra book? Learn to deal with your own problems!
  • Which is the favorite meal of the math teachers? It is the square meals!
  • What separates a steam train from a teacher? The latter is always after kids making them spit out the chewing gum while the former goes chew, chew, chew!
  • Why did the student make her cat stroll on her homework? Because the teacher said, it wasn't a cake-walk.
  • What do science teachers eat after dinner? Experi-mints!
  • What is the best dessert to offer to the math teachers? A pi of any flavor!
  • Why did the teacher switch off all the lights in the classroom? Because she was teaching a class of bright students!
  • How did the cat come first in class? She is the teacher's pet!
  • Why did the teacher cancel the biology exam? Because there were many cheetahs.
  • What is the favorite summer vacation destination for math teachers? It is Sum-atra island in Indonesia.
  • Why did the teacher throw the clock out of the class? Because of its constant tocks.
  • What is the actual difference between a square and a circle? The latter goes round and round without a point!
  • Why couldn't the music teacher get out of the classroom? Because she misplaced the keys while teaching the piano.
  • What did the student reply when the teacher asked about Abraham Lincoln's birthday? He said, "He was born on his birthday!"
  • Which subject in school will give you tics? Mathematics!
  • Why did the broom get a D in math? Because it was always sweeping in class.
  • Who is known as the king of all school supplies? It is the ruler.

Back-To-School Knock-Knock Jokes

Student asking doubt to teacher in school

When speaking of humor, it is impossible to avoid knock-knock jokes. So, here are a few lighthearted ones to make you smile after a hectic day!

  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Chalk / Chalk who? / The chalk-olate spread is all over my dress!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Boo / Boo who? / Stop boo-who-ing and get ready for your math exam!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Worth / Worth who? / Have you forgotten your word's-worth already?
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Hatch / Hatch who? / Hatchoo! Beg your pardon. It's the chalk dust!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / H2S / H2S who? / Wait, why do I smell rotten eggs in the class!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Homework / Homework who? / No one. Just wanted to remind you!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Alexander / Alexander who? / Why, you know anyone greater?
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Hun / Hun who? / Hun-dreads questions!
  • Knock, knock! / Who is there? / Problems / Problems who? / Just open page 125 in your math book!

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