9 Things To Do In North London With Kids

Ellie Sylvester
Dec 12, 2023 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on Jan 22, 2020
things to do in North London with kids

Escape the hustle and bustle of Central London with our top nine things to do in North London with kids! There's no denying that city life can get pretty hectic and pretty expensive, so we've rounded up our top nine events to suit all ages and interests. Check them out down below.

1. Be immersed in Red Riding Hood and the Missing Cape

If your kids are fairy tale fans, make your way to Mill Hill Library to see a new spin on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale by Big Time Academy. This interactive experience is the perfect way to introduce your children to classic stories!

This immersive experience will be a delight for kids and adults alike - you'll be laughing along and hanging off the edge of your seat as you watch this tale unfold.

2. Celebrate Chinese New Year in style at Bang Bang Oriental

The Year of the Rat is starting with a Bang Bang Oriental! Celebrate the best of Chinese culture with a series of performances, loads of food and even the chance to win some incredible prizes.

You can expect a showcase from the kids at UK China Performing Arts, lion dancing, hand drum dancing, plus performances from the best of Chinese and Malaysian vocal talent.

chinese new year celebrations free in london

3. Get your hands messy making Lasagne with Pasta 'n Play

Do your kids love cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Book your place at this lasagne making workshop with Pasta 'n Play and get little hands involved in cooking this yummy dish.

Expect loads of colourful vegetables to keep things healthy! Plus kids will love getting messy as they get hands-on and make their own delicious creamy béchamel sauce.

4. Sit back and enjoy RAGS The Musical

If your children love musicals, they are sure to enjoy this! Come and see RAGS The Musical at the Park Theatre and experience a story of love, loss and hope. A heart-warming tale about a group of Jewish immigrants, which will have you toe-tapping all the way through to memorable music by the songwriters of Wicked and Annie.

5. Explore with Fyn Play (Sensory Play)

Child's play at its best! Head to St John's Wood with your baby or toddler for some family-focused developmental play! This fun group, for kids aged 8-24 months, will encourage your child to explore using a variety of creative materials. Come play at Fyn!

sensory play classes in st johns wood london

6. Experience 101 Dalmatians - A New Musical!

You probably know the classic story of 101 Dalmatians but this is a chance to see it as never before. This summer it's coming to Regent's Park Open Air Theatre as a musical! Sadly, there won't be 101 real dalmatian puppies in the show but you'll find some impressive puppetry, brilliant songs and a great cast instead.

7. Go craft crazy with The Kids’ Table at The Great Northern Railway Tavern

You'll love the amazing food at the Great Northern Railway Tavern in Hornsey, but you'll love The Kids’ Table - the free children's entertainment even more! Parents can sit back and relax while waiting for your meals, and the kids will be spoilt for choice with things to do, having fun with arts and crafts, face painting and games.

arts and crafts children entertainment service

8. Grab 15% off your bill at Tootoomoo Whetstone

Kidadlers, here's a great exclusive deal for you: eat in at Tootoomoo in Whetstone on a Sunday and get 15% off your total bill! All you have to do is show the Kidadl app on your phone to your server when ordering and your discount will be applied to your bill.

Treat the kids to this wholesome and exciting eatery and capture the flavours of Thailand, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan!

9. Explore the wild at ZSL London Zoo

Head to ZSL London Zoo for any animal-lover's dream day out! Check out the furry, feathered, slimy and smooth animals that can be found at this treasured London attraction.

Not only does the zoo have amazing pavilions of animals it also has daily events, including In With The Lemurs Live taking you on a journey to Madagascar and Penguin Beach Live where you can watch the penguins as they dive, jump and swim!

zsl london zoo animal fun for children

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