9 Things To Do In South London With Kids

Ellie Sylvester
Dec 12, 2023 By Ellie Sylvester
Originally Published on Jan 17, 2020
The London Eye

With London being such a huge city, it's difficult to know where to begin! So to make it a little easier, we've rounded up the top 9 things to do in South London for all ages and interests!

Whether you're a foodie, thespian, thrill-seeker, budding engineer or Londoner - check them out down below and find something for you and your family!

1. Snoop around the Globe Theatre

To go or not to go, that is the question. It's never too early to discover the world of Shakespeare, and with Globe Theatre Tours you can expect to learn all about England's greatest playwright and poet - especially with tickets from under £20!

Kids and adults alike will love exploring Shakespeare's old stomping ground, where you'll learn all about the man himself and all the secrets of Elizabethan theatre. Warning: you might feel like you’ve stepped a few centuries back in time!

2. Tickle your tastebuds at Borough Market

Discover all the sights, smells and tastes of Borough Market, and enjoy trying foods from all around the world. Perfect for budding chefs and foodies, London's oldest food market is a real treat for the senses and great for hungry tums! Prepare to go home feeling full to the brim!

3. Enjoy a free storytelling session with Rug Rhymes

Head to the National Poetry Library at the Southbank Centre with your under 5s and find your spot on the floor for this free short storytelling and singing session - Rug Rhymes - where you'll be snug as a bug in a rug!

If you're trying to get your kids interested in reading, this relaxing storytelling session is the perfect way to do it.

4. Take in the incredible view from The Shard

Soar into the sky with the View from The Shard with tickets from just £22.85! Take in the hustle and bustle of London from an entirely new perspective - 800ft in the air! Londoner or not, immerse yourself in British culture and witness some of the most iconic landmarks - don’t forget your camera!

5. Sit back for a performance of Local Hero

Make your way to the Old Vic to see the hit comedy Local Hero! This new musical adaptation based on the much-loved film by Bill Forsyth features music and songs by the legendary Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits. You and your kids will have a marvellous evening of entertainment!

6. Take your budding engineers to Kirkaldy Testing Museum

Travel back in time to London's industrial past at this the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, which houses the unique Kirkaldy Testing Machine. Young engineers will love seeing solid concrete put to the test between the jaws of this intriguing piece of Victorian machinery!

7. Battle it out at Splatmaster Paintballing in Greenwich

Get down to Bedlam Splatmaster Paintballing in Greenwich and experience a new, exciting adventure with your over 8s. Battle it out with opposing teams while using safer, low-impact paintballing equipment that's perfect for younger players in an activity that's guaranteed to be fun for everyone!

8. Explore the National Maritime Museum

Set sail for a fun and free day out at the interactive and family focused National Maritime Museum! Get a tablet from the information desk and use it to "travel" across the Great Map, a giant atlas within the AHOY! Children's Centre, and uncover salty stories of pirates, Scott’s Antarctic expedition and much more.

9. Get creative at the Unicorn Theatre

Get creative at another brilliant arts and crafts session at Unicorn Theatre. This is a chance for your kids to think outside the box - who knew their little hands could be the branches of a tree? Just turn up and find out how!

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