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Originally Published on Oct 07, 2021
Babbacombe Model Village street with people and cars on it.
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  • Babbacombe Model Village in Torquay, Devon, is a great family day out, home to houses, gardens and even a 4D cinema.
  • Feel like a giant as you wander through the Model Village Babbacombe small entrance and the miniature vast world opens up right before you.
  • Explore four-acres of award-winning gardens and portrayals of hundreds of model scenes, vehicles and people.

Babbacombe Model Village is a small village and replica railway on the English Riviera, Torquay, Devon, well known for its miniature landscaped gardens. Renowned as one of Europe's Premier Model Villages, Babbacombe Model Village is not only a family favourite but boasts one of Torquay's most stunning gardens.

The village portrays, with sound effects and animation, English life and culture over the past six decades, bringing to life cherished childhood memories.

Adults love the comedic representation of British life through the quirky animation, and historically accurate miniature models of houses, villages and more. Plus the award-winning gardens are always a hit for all family members.

Children will adore all the miniature British characters who live in the village. They'll be entertained for hours, too, if they follow the special spotter sheet to see what they can discover.

This miniature world is wonderful for storytelling, capturing the imagination of all ages. There are even some hidden secrets, characters and more to uncover, just waiting to be discovered.

Boasting over 400 models of gorgeous stately homes, houses, factories, shops, entertainment venues and environmental features from many different eras, this Torquay model village has much to discover.

There is a diverse range of architectural styles stretching from the Medieval period right through to Shakespearean and Victorian, all along with model railways, vehicles and some famous monuments and landmarks.

Of course, there are plenty of Babbacombe Model Village characters, too, with 13,000 miniature people living in the village, all a part of this model community. If you're after more model villages, why not check out the world's oldest model village?

Bekonscot Model Village, in Buckinghamshire, opened in 1929, and with over 90 years of history, there is a huge model railway, 1.5 acres of well-kept gardens and model buildings.

Don't miss out on the 29 seat cinema, a family favourite for its 4D movies, plus including a 3D screen, seat movements, water and air blasts effects to immerse you in this cinematic experience.

Some more family favourite models include a Babbacombe model Stonehenge, the house on fire, a fire breathing dragon, a football stadium, the model railway, and even a beach and lake, known as Babbacombe Bay, complete with its own naturist beach, for the summer months to match the seasons.

Be sure to check out the Babbacombe Model Village gardens, set in 4.5-acres of stunning landscape, looked after by a team of professional gardeners. This ensures that the model village garden is kept in pristine, immaculate condition, and the Babbacombe scenes are kept to scale.

This gorgeous landscape never fails to impress, whether you're a keen garden enthusiast or just an avid admirer of the Babbacombe Model Village gardens.

The gardens are home to hundreds of varieties of shrubs, plants and trees, with new shrubbery planted each year, the gardens are always changing. In the summer, the beautiful plant bedding makes Babbacombe colourful and vibrant, and during the winter months, there are an abundance of conifers, bringing a rich and green landscape for all to enjoy.

Kidadl recommends spending a good two or three hours to experience the whole of the Babbacombe Model Village in all its glory. Plus, when you're done, or feeling a bit peckish, there is a tearoom available offering bites, sandwiches, drinks and more.

Are you looking for a fun, historical day out close to Torquay? Check out Exeter Cathedral, one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in England, a fine example of Gothic architecture, located in the heart of Exeter, Devon. 

What to know before you go

  • There is a coffee shop serving hot and cold drinks, bites, to eat such as sandwiches, cakes and more. These can be enjoyed right on the terrace with wonderful views of the gardens and great for afternoon tea.
  • There is a toilet on site, plus accessible toilets by the coffee shop. There are no baby changing facilities.
  • Dogs are welcome in the gardens and indoor displays (on a lead), but they cannot go into the coffee shop, except for guide and assistance dogs.
  • The Model Village is set in a steep valley, so visitors with any mobility difficulties; including wheelchair and pushchair users should allow plenty of time and may struggle with the very steep gradient.

Getting there

  • Babbacombe Model Village is located in Torquay, Devon.
  • By car, follow signs to Torquay/Torbay from the A38, A380 or A385 and follow the brown signs to Babbacombe Model Village, situated 2.5 miles from Torquay harbour in the area of St. Marychurch/Babbacombe. This car park is reached from St Marychurch Road (A379). There is a pay and display, locally owned car park next to the model village. If the main car park is full, follow the brown sign to overflow parking which is close by in Chilcote Close; an estimated four minute walk away.
  • By train, Babbacombe Model Village is about three miles from the Torquay Train Station, from there you can get a taxi, the journey is approximately 15 minutes, or take the 22 Bus Service on the seafront, which will take roughly 35 minutes.
  • If travelling via bus, take the bus to St Marychurch, where the village is just three to four minutes walk from the bus stops. The main bus service is route 22, which is from Paignton town, from Torquay seafront, Torquay town centre, St Marychurch, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Dawlish Warren. The service runs every 20-30 minutes and takes about 50-60 minutes from the furthest points of Paignton and Dawlish Warren, and takes approximately 25 minutes from Torquay.

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