Buy Tickets To The West: An Immersive Wild West Experience In London

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Originally Published on Aug 10, 2022
Buy Tickets To The West: An Immersive Wild West Experience In London

The famous creators of Crooks 1926, 'The Peak of Immersive', is here with a new age experience, combining a world of criminals and bandits. 'The West' is an immersive theatre experience, that will take you to another level, with classic cowboy tricks and much more.

Be a law-abiding marshal or a gun-slinging outlaw, to create your own town and then control it, even if a battle is needed. Become a cowboy to earn your stay, and while doing that, prospect for gold, gamble, catch bandits, rob a bank, and finally, win the game.

There is always a traitor in this immersive theatre experience and it is your duty to find the clues. The Barron Canyon Saloon is waiting for you to step foot inside and become what destiny wants you to be.

'The West' is opening this summer with an immersive free-roam theatre experience.

This is going to be one of a kind experience for the audience. Play to win in this immersive theatre experience and enjoy every bit of being in 'The West'.

Book your tickets and escape the real world to be in the past. Buy 'The West' Immersive Experience tickets now.

About 'The West' Immersive Experience

What is 'The West' Immersive Experience?

'The West' is an immersive theatre experience, created by the acclaimed legends behind Crooks 1926, 'The Peak of Immersive'. Enter a world of criminals and bandits and take part in every event inside this immersive theatre experience.

'The West' welcomes everyone for this theatre experience that will make you feel like you are inside a movie. This summer, be ready for fun and play, as the audience will be treated to a world full of Western references. This London event is an unrestricted immersive experience.

Get inside a real Western experience, where you turn into a law-abiding marshal or a gun-slinging outlaw. The unrestricted immersive theatre experience takes you to the Barron Canyon Saloon, where you turn into the character you aspire to be.

Build your own town inside 'The Wild' and battle for it, if you will. This is your chance to play to win.

You will need to bring iconic cowboy tricks to keep your foot on the ground, inside the immersive theatre experience. Resort to gambling, catching bandits, prospecting for gold, robbing a bank, as well as going out to play.

It is all interesting and fun, but remember, a traitor is amongst you, too. The enemies in the wild are not just outside the boundaries of the town, but also inside. Your life might be changed forever as the Snakebite Bandit is also roaming around inside the Barron Canyon Saloon.

Get ready this summer as COLAB Theatre, the leading immersive company, invites you to come onto the stage for some pulsing narrative and thrilling gameplay, made for you. The frontier in 'The West' is all yours to explore and you have all the liberty to change everything you want to.

The bookings have started for this immersive theatre experience. A night of jolly good fun waits this summer. Be the cowboy you were always meant to be, or take on the responsibility of being the new sheriff to rule them all.

What can I expect from 'The West' Immersive Experience?

'The West' will make you use all your best classic cowboy tricks, as a law-abiding marshal or an outlaw, to do everything a cowboy would do in your situation. Battle for every play you make and your town, while gambling, robbing a bank, or catching bandits.

This theatre experience takes you inside the Barron Canyon Saloon to choose who you want to be and start the journey for a splendid Western experience. This is a free-to-roam theatre experience, so do what you have always wanted to do and take 'The West' by storm.

Be the best Sheriff, as you try to find and capture the Snakebite Bandit! Get your tickets to the event now.

What age is 'The West' suitable for?

This immersive theatre production is suitable for people aged 16+. Visitors below the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults.

Some parts of the theatre experience will have strobe lights and flashing lights as part of the special effects. There are also some parts of the show that are quite dark. Audiences need to be aware of these effects before booking tickets for the venue.

How long does Immersive London's 'The West' last?

The running time of the theatre experience is about two hours and 30 minutes. It includes an interval.

Who is the team behind 'The West' Immersive Experience?

'The West' is created by the same team who created Crooks 1926, 'The Peak of Immersive'. COLAB Theatre has created this magnificent experience that will take everyone's minds to a different level. COLAB Theatre of London is one of the biggest companies related to immersive theatre. The rest of the team will be announced at a later date.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Immersive London's 'The West'?

The address to the theatre is COLAB Tavern, Harper Road, London, SE1 6AD, United Kingdom.

How do I get to COLAB Tavern?

The A201 road will take you to the destination of the show in the shortest possible time.

Elephant and Castle tube station is very close to the theatre.

The nearest train station is Elephant and Castle.

Where can I park near COLAB Tavern?

ParkBee Elephant and Castle is the closest parking area to the theatre and is about 5 minutes from the venue.

Where are the toilet facilities at COLAB Tavern?

Toilets are available inside the venue.

Is COLAB Tavern accessible?

The venue is not wheelchair accessible. The theatre experience involves the use of two stories, and there are only stairs to access these levels. Do check for more information while booking your ticket.

A cloakroom is not available in the venue.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations in the area that you can try are Paladar, Hawksmoor Borough, Leños & Carbon, and Hermanos Taco House.

Buy 'The West' Immersive Experience tickets now.

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