Book Tickets For A Poole To Swanage Return Cruise

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Book Tickets For A Poole To Swanage Return Cruise

Take a boat trip to Swanage from Poole and see some Victorian British seaside glamour. These Poole to Swanage Cruise tickets entitle you to a return boat tour along Brownsea Island, the beaches of Studland Bay and the Jurassic Coast, and to Swanage.

You even get to choose between a two and a half-hour or five-hour stop in Swanage before returning to Poole Quay.

Live commentary is available on the boat trip from Poole Quay along with some food and drinks, which are available to purchase from the bar onboard. Book your tickets today for the cruise to Swanage Pier from Poole Quay and back.

About The Poole To Swanage Return Cruise

What are the locations and sights on a Poole to Swanage cruise?

This round trip cruise from Poole Quay to Swanage gives you unadulterated views of Poole Harbour (the largest natural harbour), Brownsea Island, Brownsea Castle, and much more.

Board your boat from Poole Quay and step into a journey that you won't easily forget. Take a comfortable seat onboard and relax, listening to the captain's commentary.

Cruise through Poole Harbour and admire views of Brownsea Island, which is a 16th-century island. The artificial Blue Lagoon is right next to the Sandbanks' houses along the coast.

Ride along the Jurassic Coast, which is England's first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the Jurassic Coast, you'll also find fascinating geological sites like Swanage Bay, Studland Bay, and Old Harry Rocks.

After stopping at Swanage pier for a few hours, return to Poole Harbour and enjoy the wonderful memories this tour offers.

How does the Poole to Swanage Return Cruise work?

Start at Poole Pier and begin the tour through Poole Harbour to see wonderful attractions like Brownsea Island, Old Harry Rocks, the eastern tip of the Jurassic Coastline, Poole Harbour coastline, and more. You will stop at Swanage Pier for two and a half to five hours and then return to the departure point.

If you're travelling through Poole Jurassic Coastal Cruise, go to the Poole Quay for City Cruises Poole to board the boat. Show your tickets at the red and white kiosk at Poole Quay, located opposite The Poole Pub.

The United Kingdom is full of these kinds of city cruises, so be ready to check them out and choose the best one for you!

There are also other cruises like Poole Harbour cruises, Wareham Greenslade city cruises from Poole Quay to Wareham Quay, sea train adventure from Poole to Swanage and then a steam train to Norden or Corfe to check the ruins of Corfe Castle, and more.

Depart from Poole and see the eastern tip of the Jurassic Coast to Dancing Ledge and back.

There are many other tour packages from Poole City Cruises. Check them out if you're thinking of taking a trip to the many islands in this area.

What can I expect from a Poole to Swanage cruise?

This return cruise from Poole to Swanage lets you take in the wonder of the quarrying port which later turned into a Victorian resort located seaside for the wealthy sun-seekers of Britain. Swanage is the top beach destination in the United Kingdom and this boat trip lets you see that in all its glory.

See natural rock formations and check out Brownsea Island, Studland Bay, and the Jurassic Coast along the way.

Take a boat ride and sail out today. Get tickets for the cruises now.

What age is this cruise suitable for?

There is no age restriction mentioned. Children need to be accompanied on the boat by adults with a valid ticket for the cruise.

How long does the Poole to Swanage Return Cruise take?

The total duration of the trip is two hours. One hour to Swanage and one hour to get back to Poole. You can choose to stay two and a half hours or five hours at Swanage. You can either return from Swanage at 2:30 p.m. or 4:45 p.m.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the cruise start and end?

The cruise starts from Poole Quay, opposite The Quay pub. The address is The Quay, Poole BH15 1HJ, the United Kingdom.

How do I get to the cruise's departure point?

To reach the destination from London by car, take the M3 road. The trip will take approximately two hours and 30 minutes. The distance from London to the destination is 112 mi (180 km).

You can also take a train from London to Poole. Take the South Western Railway from London Waterloo Station to Bournemouth and then another South Western Railway train from Bournemouth to Poole Station, which is just about 12 minutes away.

Old Orchard Bus Station is the nearest bus stop if you're considering catching a bus.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

Arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time. Check your tickets for the timings.

Where can I park?

Quayside parking, Quay Visitors car park, and Quayside Poole car park are the nearest ones to the departure point.

Where are the toilet facilities on the cruise?

Toilets are available onboard the cruise. Contact the organisers to ask about availability of disabled toilets aboard this cruise.

What facilities are available on the cruise?

Air conditioning, comfortable seats, open-deck seating, an onboard bar for snacks and drinks, and live commentary are available.

Is this cruise accessible?

The tour is wheelchair accessible. Confirm all the details while booking your ticket.

Where can I eat during the cruise?

You can have your food at Swanage while you wait there to see the attractions. Some recommendations include The 1859 Pier Cafe & Bistro, The Black Swan Inn, The Ship Inn, and Seventh Wave.

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