Book Tickets For Immersive London's Great Gatsby With Your Teens

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Originally Published on Jan 11, 2022
Book Tickets For Immersive London's Great Gatsby With Your Teens

This is London's longest-running theatrical production, and there's a reason why. The Great Gatsby brings the roaring twenties back to life through F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story.

The Great Gatsby is a thrilling and immersive theatre show, so put on your best '20s outfits and join the infamous Jay Gatsby for the party of a lifetime at the West End. The party is set at a masquerade ball of the '20s, with audience members wearing masks and gloves.

From the moment you step foot inside Gatsby's Mansion to explore the rooms and spaces, you will find that most elements of the show are immersive. You only need to interact with things that you are comfortable with.

There is no dress code for the show, but it is advised that you dress up like you are from the '20s to get the best Great Gatsby Immersive experience. As the champagne flows and the drama starts, Gatsby himself will be your host.

Bootleg liquor and red hot rhythms await. Don't hang around; get your Great Gatsby London tickets now.

About Immersive London's Great Gatsby

What is the Great Gatsby about?

Olivier Award-winning producers, Hartshorn–Hook Productions, are here at the West End with the longest-running theatrical production in London. With direction by Alexander Wright, the Great Gatsby immersive show is at the heart of the West End.

The terrific roaring twenties are back as Jay Gatsby himself welcomes you to his mansion for one of his well-known parties. Drinks, such as champagne, will be flowing, as you experience every bit of drama under the watchful eye of the perfect host.

Pure jazz, hot rhythms, and bootleg liquor come together in the mansion, ready for your entertainment.

The seminal tale (originally by F. Scott Fitzgerald) allows you to immerse yourself in this beautiful adaptation of the classic. Remember to dress accordingly (obviously, like it's the '20s) and enjoy the Great Gatsby immersive theatre show.

Get the hottest ticket in town as there won't be any more chances to grab this opportunity. Get Great Gatsby Theatre tickets today and immerse yourself in Gatsby's mansion, at Immersive London.

The story is set on Long Island and Gatsby's house is fictional. However, it is inspired by a real mansion. Gatsby's mansion represents the grandness and emptiness of the '20s.

Gatsby fills his empty house with celebrities every week. This leads to his extraordinary parties. However, his true motivation is that he hopes that Daisy Buchanan will hear of these parties and turn up someday.

What can I expect from Immersive London's Great Gatsby?

Take in the hedonistic world of the '20s, which was full of bootleg liquor, boozing and dancing, and red hot jazz. Dress up for the event at the West End, and don't forget to put on your best dancing shoes.

Gatsby will welcome you to his home and be the best host. You will get the most immersive experience possible from this event in England.

In the story, Jay has a never-ending desire for Daisy. Daisy was a debutante he met when he was stationed as an army officer in Kentucky during the First World War.

She is now married to the millionaire Tom Buchanan. Nick Carraway has recently arrived in West Egg (fictional) and admires Jay, his neighbour. Jordan Baker is Daisy's best friend and a romantic interest for Nick.

The cast of the show includes Alex Wingfield, Aimee Barrett, Aminita Francis, Greg Fossard, Hugh Stubbins, Jermaine Dominique, Jessica Hern, Lucinda Turner, Oliver Towse, and Steve McCourt.

The creative team includes Alexander Wright, who adapted the play and now directs it. Olivier Award-winning producers Brian Hook and Louis Hartshorn team up with Wright for The Great Gatsby. They also collaborated on the immersive adaptation of the infamous The Wolf of Wall Street.

Get the Great Gatsby tickets now to experience Gatsby's infamous parties.

What age is Immersive London's Great Gatsby suitable for?

The play is suitable for audiences of 14+. People under 18 need to be escorted by an adult of at least 18. All viewers need valid Great Gatsby tickets to enter the venue.

How long does Immersive London's Great Gatsby last?

The duration of the music-filled show is two hours and 30 minutes. It includes an interval.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Immersive London's Great Gatsby?

The address of the theatre is Gatsby's Mansion, Immersive London, 56 Davies St, Mayfair, London W1K 5HR, United Kingdom.

Get your Great Gatsby tickets soon.

How do I get to Immersive LDN?

If you are travelling by car from London, take the A4 to reach the venue on time.

You can also reach the theatre by tube as the nearest tube station is Bond Street.

The nearest train station to the theatre in London is London Marylebone.

You can take buses 7, 98, or 159 to reach the theatre in London.

Check your The Great Gatsby tickets before beginning your journey.

Where can I park?

The nearest car park is the NCP Car Park at Grosvenor Hill.

Where are the toilet facilities at Immersive LDN?

There are toilets available at the theatre in London. A DDA toilet is on the ground floor in the Mess Hall of the venue.

Is Immersive London's Great Gatsby accessible?

The theatre is not accessible. Gatsby occupies the first floor of Immersive LDN.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular restaurants near the area are The Lucky Club, The Whip, The Running Horse, Cube, and Angus Steakhouse Bond St.

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