Book Tickets For Operation Ouch! At London's Lyric Theatre

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Book Tickets For Operation Ouch! At London's Lyric Theatre

TV’s favourite doctors and identical twins, Dr Chris and Dr Xand, are back on London's West End with a thrilling show that will blow your mind. This is your chance to witness a fun-filled show with exciting experiments and amazing facts as these talented doctors explore biology's interesting world.

Find out the incredible things your body is able to do and many more crazy facts by booking your tickets now.

About Operation Ouch!

What is Operation Ouch! about?

It is based on a British children's comedy series on CBBC that revolves around the talented twins, Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken. They are exceptional doctors trained from the Oxford University in medicine and are back on the West End to amaze you with exciting experiments and amazing facts about our bodies.

Who hosts the Operation Ouch! live show?

Operation Ouch! live on stage is hosted by identical twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken, who are both trained as doctors at Oxford University.

Dr Xand is a Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University, while Dr Chris works at University College London Hospital. Dr Xand is focused on teaching and research, whereas Dr Chris is a practising medical doctor.

The duo can also be seen on other TV shows and documentaries like 'The Secret Life Of Twins', 'The Human Body: Secrets Of Your Life Revealed', 'Medicine Men Go Wild', 'Frontline Doctors: Winter Migrant Crisis', 'Horizon', 'Blow Your Mind', etc.

The show was hosted solely by Dr Chris and Xand up until 2019, when Dr Ronx was introduced to the show. Dr Ronx will join Chris and Dr Xand by video conferencing.

Why should I get Operation Ouch! tickets?

The doctors from Operation Ouch! live on stage will amaze you with crazy experiments, interesting facts from biology's interesting world, and will show you incredible things you didn't know your body could do.

The duo will leave you completely amazed in your seat at the sight of the horrors and delights of our bodies.

They will even share with you the best moments from Operation Ouch!, the award-winning TV show. After their splendid time on London's West End and three sell-out Australian tours, Dr Xand and Dr Chris are excited about performing at the Lyric Theatre once again.

What will Operation Ouch! teach us?

Operation Ouch! live on stage will teach kids and adults alike about medicine, health, and our bodies. You will learn intriguing biology facts from the show.

Who is Operation Ouch! suitable for?

Operation Ouch! live on stage is suitable for both children and adults, because it is an interactive show filled with amazing facts the doctors will share. Its age recommendation is three and above.

How long is Operation Ouch! London?

This fun-filled show has a running time of 70 minutes with no interval.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Operation Ouch! being performed in London?

Operation Ouch! is being performed at the Lyric Theatre. The address of the theatre is 29 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 7ES, near Piccadilly Circus in London's West End.

How do I get to the Lyric Theatre?

You can easily reach the Lyric Theatre by various modes of transport such as rail, Tube, bus, and car. The closest rail station to the venue is Charing Cross, which is a 15-20 minute walk from the venue.

Piccadilly Circus Tube station, served by the Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines, is closer to the venue and is only a five-minute walk from the Lyric Theatre. The Leicester Square Tube station, served by Piccadilly and Northern lines, is also close and is a seven-minute walk from the venue.

You can also reach the venue via bus by choosing the bus routes 14, 19, or 38. You will have to stop at Shaftesbury Avenue, which is closest to the Lyric Theatre. Routes 6, 12, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, and 453 all stop at various locations around Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street.

Drop-offs are permitted at the entrance of the theatre if you arrive at the venue by cab.

Where can I park?

You can park at the Soho and Chinatown Q-Park car parks.

Where are the toilets at the Lyric Theatre?

There are toilets on each level and the disabled toilets are on the Dress Circle level.

Is the Lyric Theatre accessible?

The main entrance of the theatre is on Shaftesbury Avenue and is accessible through four steps up from the street. A portable ramp can be placed on top of the steps to allow wheelchair access.

There are other entrances at the venue that are wheelchair-friendly and are direct straight to the Dress Circle boxes. There isn't any customer lift and all sections have to be reached by stairs.

There is also a cloakroom at the venue where buggies and large bags can be checked in. A few booster cushions are also available for children.

What are Operation Ouch!'s showtimes?

There are two timings available from 4 December; 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. There is another evening slot available on 20 December, as well as, January onwards at 5:30 pm. The theatre opens its doors 45 minutes prior to the show beginning.

Timings may vary so please double-check before booking.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are excellent family-friendly places to dine in near the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, Great Windmill Street, Archer Street, and Brewer Street. The Rainforest Cafe located at 20-22 Shaftesbury Avenue is a family-friendly restaurant perfect for families with young children.

It has quite the interior, filled with aquariums, waterfalls, and animatronic creatures.

Gelupo is another great place to get a post-show snack of sorbet, ice cream, and gelato. Other options for places with delicious and healthy food include Jamie's Italian on Denman Street and Wok to Walk on Brewer Street.

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