Book Tickets For The Cunning Little Vixen In London

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Book Tickets For The Cunning Little Vixen In London
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The Cunning Little Vixen by Leoš Janáček explores the world of a captured and escaped vixen and the forester that finds her. The contrasting worlds of both the characters are on display in this new production directed by Jamie Manton.

The show comes after his successful productions of 'The Day After' and 'Paul Bunyan' for Studio Live of the English National Opera. Martyn Brabbins, the ENO Music Director, is the conductor of Janáček's score and also incorporates elements of Moravian folk music.

Get The Cunning Little Vixen tickets to see this show at the London Coliseum now.

About The Cunning Little Vixen

What is The Cunning Little Vixen?

The Cunning Little Vixen at the English National Opera is a new production for 2022 and addresses man's relationship with nature in an artistic way. The journey from the busy life of man to the lively wild world that the animals reside in is seen in this opera. When these two different worlds collide, there are many ripples.

This is a tale of a clever vixen who is captured by a local forester. The clever vixen is named Sharp Ears.

The female fox is captured when she is young. However, the vixen later manages to escape from the clutches of the forester. After her escape, the forester is forever haunted by his memories of the vixen.

A dog also plays an important role in the story, along with a woodpecker, an innkeeper, and a priest. The tale is about the changing lives of all of the characters as the memory of Sharp Ears haunts the forester forever.

Come to St Martin's Lane, London, and see The Cunning Little Vixen live in action. Book The Cunning Little Vixen tickets now to watch as the opera moves between the contrasting worlds of man and animals performed on the stage of the London Coliseum.

The sounds of nature reach all sides of the auditorium. The events are sung in English, and surtitles are shown above the theatre. 'Cunning vixen' means 'shrewd female fox'.

The cast includes soprano Sally Matthews playing the young vixen, soprano Pumeza Matshikiza playing the fox, bass Clive Bayley playing the priest, baritone Lester Lynch playing the forester, Claire Barnett-Jones playing the dog, John Findon playing the innkeeper, and Alexandra Oomens playing the woodpecker.

What age is The Cunning Little Vixen suitable for?

It is suitable for all ages.

How long is The Cunning Little Vixen?

The runtime of the show is three hours.

Who is in The Cunning Little Vixen London cast?

The Cunning Little Vixen ENO cast includes soprano Sally Matthews, baritone Lester Lynch, bass Clive Bayley, ENO Harewood Artists Claire Barnett-Jones, John Findon, Alexandra Oomens, and soprano Pumeza Matshikiza. The conductor of the opera is ENO Music Director Martyn Brabbins. Up and coming Jamie Manton directs this play.

What music will I hear in The Cunning Little Vixen?

You will hear Leoš Janáček's dramatic music with the incorporation of Moravian folk music into the play.

Book your The Cunning Little Vixen tickets now for the London Coliseum.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is The Cunning Little Vixen being performed in London?

The address of the theatre is the London Coliseum, St Martin's Lane, London, WC 4ES.

How do I get to the London Coliseum?

Take the A400 to reach the theatre in the quickest possible time.

The nearest Tube stations to the theatre are Charing Cross and Leicester Square stations.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross station.

Where can I park at the London Coliseum?

The nearest car park is Chinatown Q-Park.

Where are the toilets at the London Coliseum?

Toilets are located on all levels of the theatre. Accessible toilets can be found in the balcony, the stalls, the basement, and the dress circle. You can reach the box office through the accessible entrance too.

Is the London Coliseum accessible?

It is accessible. Wheelchair spaces are found in the stalls, rear of the stalls, and the dress circle.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular restaurants in the area are Chandos, Fumo, Caffe Nero, and Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar.

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