Book Your Tickets For The Glow At London's Royal Court Theatre

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Book Your Tickets For The Glow At London's Royal Court Theatre

Alistair McDowall collaborates with the Royal Court Theatre once again with this production of The Glow at the Sloane Square venue. He has previously worked on other successful shows; 'X' and 'Talk Show' with the Royal Court were both sights to behold.

The play previously won the 2018 Pinter Commission, a playwriting award given to new plays staged at the Royal Court Theatre by Lady Antonia Fraser. The Glow is a show that requires you to process every single detail, so remember to watch the performance closely.

Book The Glow tickets today.

About The Glow In London

What is The Glow about?

The play centres around a nameless woman. She loses her memory and forgets who she is. The woman does not remember anything and has no idea how she came to be in her present situation.

Mrs. Lyall is a spiritualist who reveals everything to her after the nameless woman is hired as her new assistant. The woman with no name seems like the best candidate for the job. The past of the woman is slowly revealed, and neither the spiritualist nor the woman is prepared for what happens next.

The Glow is set in the year 1863. This is a play by Alistair McDowall, which is directed by Vicky Featherstone. The cast includes names like Fisayo Akinade and Rakie Ayola. The show was written by Alistair McDowall.

There's no evidence of it being based on a true story.

Book The Glow tickets now and enjoy the show live at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

What age is The Glow suitable for?

An age restriction is not provided by the production team behind The Glow. The performance should be viewable for people who can understand the themes of this project.

How long is The Glow?

The duration of the show has not been disclosed yet.

Who is in The Glow cast?

The cast includes some stellar names, like Fisayo Akinade, Tadhg Murphy, Rakie Ayola, and Ria Zmitrowicz. Get your The Glow tickets now, and enjoy some great acting from these fine actors.

Who is the team behind The Glow?

Alistair McDowall is the writer; Vicky Featherstone is the director; Merle Hensel is the designer; Jessica Hung Han Yun is the lighting designer; and Nick Powell is the composer and sound designer.

Tal Rosner is the video designer; Malik Nashad Sharpe is the movement director; Helen Lovett Johnson is the associate costume designer; and Rosie Thackeray is the assistant director.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is The Glow being performed?

The address of the location is the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AS, United Kingdom.

Get your The Glow tickets today and enjoy the show live.

How do I get to the Royal Court Theatre?

If you are travelling to the destination in your private vehicle from London itself, take The Mall to reach the destination in the quickest time possible. You can also take the A4 and A3216 to reach the destination.

Sloane Square is the nearest Tube station and is just one minute away from the theatre.

The nearest train station is Victoria Station, which is around five minutes away.

Check your tickets before travelling for the time of the show.

Where can I park near the Royal Court Theatre?

The nearest parking is at Sloane Square, Victoria, and Cadogan Place car parks.

Where are the toilet facilities at the Royal Court Theatre?

Toilets are located all over the theatre on all levels. Accessible toilets are found on the Circle and Stalls levels of the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs.

Is the Royal Court Theatre accessible?

A stair-free entrance point is provided with level access through the right side of the theatre. A lift from this entrance takes you to all the other parts of the theatre.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular restaurants in the area to try are the Royal Court Bar & Kitchen, Colbert, The Botanist, Cote Brasserie, and Kahani.

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