Book Your Tickets To 'Julius Caesar' At The Globe Theatre In London

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Originally Published on Mar 15, 2022
Book Your Tickets To 'Julius Caesar' At The Globe Theatre In London

Everything is new in this production of 'Julius Caesar' for the London Globe Theatre and also other theatres all across the UK as part of the Globe on Tour program. Now the political landscape of your own lives can be explored with the epic tragedy from Shakespeare, called 'Julius Caesar'.

Ancient Rome will never be so close to home as it will be in this play of power and conspiracy at the London Globe theatre. Book Julius Caesar tickets for the London Globe Theatre now.

About 'Julius Caesar', London

What is 'Julius Caesar' about?

Greatness is always at the forefront and this play dwells on the divisive fight for it. There are public broadcasts of strategy and more conspiracy to kill than ever.

The event of going through a political threat is high, and these performances in summer will make you feel like the early days and stories of Rome are near. Diane Page directs this magnificent production for the London Globe Theatre.

Leader Julius Caesar of Rome was becoming a threat politically to their beloved country, according to Brutus and Cassius. They decided that there was only one thing that can be done. Watch the scene unfold as a thirst for power takes everyone on a dangerous journey of a world with retribution, assassination, and conspiracy to top it all.

Watch the dangerous tale of ambition and revolution at the London Globe Theatre. Diane Page, the winner of the JMK Award of 2021 is at the helm, so expect some brilliant performances from the cast while the story of 'Julius Caesar' runs its course.

Get your ticket for 'Julius Caesar' at the London Globe Theatre now. The summer cannot come any sooner now.

Julius Caesar was a real person and a Roman general and politician. He was assassinated due to the tension between him and the Senate.

Shakespeare's main message in the play is not to put too much trust in the wrong people. Arrogance can have fatal results and this is also a motive of the play. It is thought that the first play to be performed at the original Globe Theatre was 'Julius Caesar' in 1599.

What age is 'Julius Caesar' suitable for?

The age limit for the show at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre has not been announced yet. Some scenes might be upsetting for children, so viewer discretion is advised.

How long is 'Julius Caesar'?

The running time of the show has not been announced.

Who is in the 'Julius Caesar' London cast?

The cast has not been announced yet. Watch characters like Brutus, Cassius, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Octavius come to life in this production at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.

Who is the team behind 'Julius Caesar' London?

The director of this show is the award-winning director, Diane Page. Jesse Haughton-Shaw is the Dramaturg and Khadija Raza is the designer.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'Julius Caesar' being performed?

The address of the venue is Shakespeare's Globe, 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT, UK.

'Julius Caesar' will also tour many other places in the UK, apart from Shakespeare's Globe.

According to Globe on Tour, the show will be performed at Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye, Morden Hall Park in London, Taunton Brewhouse in Taunton, The Outsiders Project & BEAF in Boscombe, The Reader at Calderstones in Liverpool, West Horsley Place in Guildford, Penlee Park Open Air Theatre in Penzance, and Brighton Open Air Theatre in Brighton.

Other locations have not been announced yet.

How do I get to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre?

If you are travelling to Shakespeare's Globe from the city of London itself and in your care, take the A3211 road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time.

London Bridge is the nearest tube station and is a few minutes away from the destination. Other nearby tube stations are Southwark and Mansion House. These are within a walking time of 10 minutes.

You can also travel by train and the nearest train station is London Blackfriars. It is just a few minutes away from Shakespeare's Globe. There are other nearby train stations like London Bridge, Waterloo East, London Cannon Street, and Fenchurch Street.

There are also bus services available in London to take you to different places, both day and night.

Where can I park near the Globe Theatre?

Although limited parking is available on New Globe Walk and adjacent places if you have a blue badge, there is a proper NCP car park on Thames Exchange.

Where are the toilet facilities at Shakespeare's Globe?

There are toilets available at Shakespeare's Globe. On the Piazza level, you will find accessible toilets.

Is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre accessible?

Yes, the theatre is fully accessible. You can purchase wheelchair spaces while booking your show tickets. However, do double-check the details before booking your tickets.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are many family-friendly restaurants and cafes in the area that you must try when near the Globe theatre. Some popular recommendations are Wahaca, Penny, La Barca Ristorante, Oseyo, and Olivelli.

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