Book Your Tickets To See 'The 47th' At London's Old Vic

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Mar 15, 2022 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Mar 15, 2022
Book Your Tickets To See 'The 47th' At London's Old Vic

Everyone gets excited when the US Presidential elections arrive and the presidential race gets interesting. Many consider the US elections to be the grandest political show on the planet.

This play is the world premiere of the super funny 'The 47th' by Mike Bartlett. The performance gives the viewers an idea of the chaos involved in any upcoming Presidential race. With Rupert Goold as the director and Bertie Carvel set to play Donald Trump, get ready to have a hilarious evening at the Old Vic in London.

The team behind 'King Charles III', who won multiple awards, is back for this production. Book 'The 47th' tickets now.

About 'The 47th', London

What is 'The 47th' about?

The story is set in 2024 and as the world gets ready to witness another American Presidential election, the real question is who will win and at what cost the winner will take the White House?

After a brilliant production of 'King Charles III', the same team reunites for 'The 47th' showing at the Old Vic Theatre in London. Rupert Goold directs the world premiere of the show by Mike Bartlett which focuses on the funny aspects of the biggest political extravaganza on Earth.

Lydia Wilson plays Ivanka Trump in this performance and the rest of the cast includes Bertie Carvel and Tamara Tunie.

Throughout the play, enjoy some hilarious storylines and performances that will make you laugh your hearts out. Watch this exceptional political drama along with your friends and family.

What age is 'The 47th' suitable for?

The play is suitable for viewers aged 12+. Strong language is used in the show in London.

How long is 'The 47th'?

The running time of the performance has not been announced yet.

Who is in 'The 47th' London cast?

The cast includes Bertie Carvel who plays Donald Trump, Lydia Wilson who plays Ivanka Trump, and Tamara Tunie who plays Kamala Harris.

Who is the team behind 'The 47th'?

The director of the show is Rupert Goold. This play was co-produced by Sonia Friedman Productions, Old Vic Theatre, and Annapurna Theatre.

This is a world premiere, so Mike Bartlett gets to showcase his play for the first time in 2022. Previous works of Mike Bartlett include 'Cock' (the Olivier Award-winning play), 'King Charles III', and 'Doctor Foster' (a hit TV show).

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'The 47th' being performed?

The address of the venue is The Cut, London SE1 8NB, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Old Vic Theatre?

If you are travelling from London to the theatre in your car, take the A3212 road to reach the destination in the quickest possible time.

Waterloo tube station is the nearest and just a minute away from the theatre in London.

Waterloo East train station is also just a minute away.

You can also choose to travel by bus. There are many bus services available, running throughout the day and night.

Where can I park near the Old Vic Theatre?

Waterloo car park is very close to the theatre.

Where are the toilet facilities at the Old Vic Theatre?

There are toilets, accessible toilets, and baby-changing facilities available at the Old Vic Theatre.

Is the Old Vic Theatre accessible?

The entrance through Waterloo Road is accessible and takes you to a lift to go to the foyer and the box office.

Captioned performance and audio-described performance of the show are also available.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations in the area are Penny, Wahaca, Oseyo, La Barca Ristorante, and Olivelli.

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