Book Your Tickets To See 'The Southbury Child' In London

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Book Your Tickets To See 'The Southbury Child' In London

Dive into the life of a frequently drunk rural priest in this drama led by the famous Alex Jennings. Nicholas Hytner directs this play about a struggling priest, David Highland.

This play touches the premises of the exploration of community and family, the rituals that pave our lives, and the savage divisions seen in contemporary society.

The story is written by Stephen Beresford of a raffish, drunken man losing the faith of his believers, becoming a man always against public opinion, and a man with a broken marriage and issues within his own family. Book 'The Southbury Child' tickets now.

About 'The Southbury Child'

What is 'The Southbury Child' about?

The story follows David Highland, an urbane, raffish, and frequently drunk man who has held his grip on the coastal parish by the means of a mixture of determination and disordered charm. However, David's faith makes him deal severely with a grieving parishioner and he gets isolated from public opinion.

David's own family breaks apart and along with this, his marriage fails. He now has to stand against a future that sees his place in society diminish and also threatens everything he believes in.

The darkly comic play by writer Stephen Beresford explores community and family, the rituals affecting our lives, and the divisions seen in contemporary society. The play was first published in 2020.

After its start at Chichester Festival Theatre, 'The Southbury Child' by director Nicholas Hytner is playing at the Bridge Theatre from July 2022.

What age is 'The Southbury Child' suitable for?

Everyone who can understand the play can watch the show unfold at the Bridge Theatre. Adults must accompany children to the venue in London, with valid 'The Southbury Child' tickets.

How long is 'The Southbury Child'?

The duration has not been announced.

Who is in the London cast of 'The Southbury Child'?

With high-handed determination and disordered charm, watch David fight the future for what he stands for and his position in the town. The character of David Highland is portrayed by Alex Jennings, a three-time Olivier Award-winning actor. Alex Jennings lead the world premiere of the show. The rest of the cast has not yet been announced.

Who is the team behind 'The Southbury Child'?

Along with writer Stephen Beresford, the creative team includes director Nicholas Hytner, set designer Mark Thompson, costume designer Yvonne Milnes, sound designer George Dennis, and lighting designer Max Narula.

Artistic director Nicholas Hytner has previously worked with Alex Jennings in 'Collaborators', 'Hymn and Cocktail Sticks', 'The Habit of Art', 'The Winter's Tale', and 'The Alchemist'.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is 'The Southbury Child' being performed?

The address of the venue in London is The Bridge Theatre, 3 Potters Fields Park, London SE1 2SG.

How do I get to the Bridge Theatre?

Take the A3211 to reach the destination in the shortest possible time from London.

The nearest train station is London Bridge.

The nearest tube station is the London Bridge Station.

Travelling by bus is also an option with Tooley Street or Druid Street stops, both a few minutes away.

Where can I park near the Bridge Theatre?

Q-Park Tower Bridge is the nearest car park.

Where are the toilet facilities at the Bridge Theatre?

Toilets are available in the theatre with three accessible gender-neutral toilets inside.

Is the Bridge Theatre accessible?

The theatre is accessible with level access to the foyer from the entrance and lifts to take you to the stalls level.

Where can I eat nearby?

A few recommendations in the area are The Real Greek, The Ivy Tower Bridge, Vapiano, and Restaurant Story.

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