Buy Your Family's Tickets For A Durham City Half-Day Tour

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Mar 15, 2022 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Mar 15, 2022
Buy Your Family's Tickets For A Durham City Half-Day Tour

This is your chance to explore the historic town called Durham in England on a walking tour that lasts three and a half hours. Get a guide to walk beside you in the northern English town of Durham who will give you interesting facts about all the famous English sites in the town.

See the UNESCO listed Durham Cathedral during the walking tour and go inside and explore this amazing cathedral, which is included in your tour ticket.

Inside Durham Cathedral, see the exhibition 'Open Treasure'. Book Durham half-day tour tickets today and explore this other part of the UK.

About The Durham City Half-Day Tour

What are the locations and sights on this tour?

Meet your local guide and embark on a walking tour of Durham in England to see the many different hidden gems in the town. Meet your guide outside the Durham Station in the city centre and learn about the history and the architecture of the town in England.

You might even check out the Framwellgate Bridge and get to know about St Cuthbert. Enjoy the serene river scenes in this part of the walking tour.

You could also check out St Nicholas Church, Durham Market Hall, and learn the stories and history attached to Elvet Bridge. Learn about the history of Durham Cathedral, famous all over the United Kingdom.

Your walking tour of Durham ticket also includes entrance to Durham Cathedral and the exhibition 'Open Treasure'. Visit County Durham and take in the history of these beautiful sites.

What can I expect from this tour?

Know about the centuries of history that have since shaped Durham into the cultural heritage site we see today. See the monumental Durham Cathedral, one of the most stunning ones in the United Kingdom, and also get entry to the exhibition.

See the charm of Durham of England through the narrow streets of the town along with a guide. Hear some facts with a hint of wit and enjoy some expert storytelling on this tour.

Durham Cathedral was one of the first sites in the country to get UNESCO World Heritage status and one glance at the site will make you understand its worth. Check the inside of the cathedral and more in the tour of Durham.

What age is this tour suitable for?

People of all ages can enjoy this tour of Durham. Children need to be accompanied by adults on this tour with valid tickets.

How long does this tour take?

The duration of the tour is three hours and 30 minutes.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Durham City Half-Day Tour start and end?

The tour starts from Durham Station, Station Approach, DH1 4RB, Durham. Meet your guide next to Platform One outside the station.

How do I get to the tour's meeting point?

If you're travelling from London to the meeting point by car, take the M1 and A1(M) to reach the destination in around five hours.

If you're travelling by train, you can just exit from the Durham Station as the meeting point is right there. From London, it will take around three hours.

You can also travel to the Durham Airport from all major airports in the country.

When should I arrive at the meeting point?

Arrive 15 minutes before your preferred time slot.

Where can I park?

There's a car park at the station itself. You can park your vehicles there for the nearest commute.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

There are public toilets in all parts of the town.

Is this tour accessible?

The tour is known to have a moderate level of physical difficulty. Contact the organisers beforehand to check if they will provide customised tours for people who may have wheelchair or vision impairment.

Where can I eat on the tour?

You can try some food near Durham Cathedral. Some popular recommendations are The Undercroft, Shaheens Indian, Cafedral Durham, and Lebaneat.

County Durham

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