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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
Exterior of the ExCeL London Centre.
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  • ExCeL London is one of the leading event spaces in the country and hosts an array of international conventions and exhibitions in London.
  • Based in the Custom House of London’s docklands, the ExCeL London is at the heart of the capital’s trade and business avenues.
  • It hosts a wide range of events from around the world including the Dr Who 50th Celebration and the hugely popular Comic Con London.

The ExCeL Centre London prides itself on being the home of leading events in the capital city and is committed to hosting world-class events in its 100-acre, riverside site. Situated in Newham’s Custom House area in the East London Royal Docks, the ExCeL Centre is steeped in rich trade history dating back to the 14th century.

Now, it’s one of the most modern and innovative venues in the city.

The Excel Exhibition Centre and convention space hosts businesses from all avenues such as design and architecture, beauty and fashion, science and technology, education, food and even animals and wildlife.

It is perhaps most famous for hosting Comic Con London, a highly sought-after fan fiction and entertainment convention celebrating all things comic book and pop culture, which is now a global phenomenon both at ExCeL and its San Diego location.

Upcoming ExCeL London events include Grand Designs Live, World Travel Market (WTM) London and The Cake & Bake Show, the UK’s biggest baking event.

The ExCeL London site on the River Thames.

The ExCeL London aims to make its event space one of the most comfortable and accessible venues in the city.

With over 2,000 hotel rooms in walking distance, free WiFi within the venue and digital charging points dotted throughout, ExCeL really has thought of everything.

A visit to ExCeL London doesn’t just mean popping in for an event; with 27 on-site eateries and 13 hotels surrounding the venue, you’re fully equipped to spend a leisurely weekend soaking up this diverse space on London’s River Thames.

In order to facilitate so many international ExCeL events, the centre accommodates three on-site DLR stations, over 3,000 on-site parking spaces and is just a hop across the river from London City Airport.

Just around the river bend you can discover even more of South East London’s vibrant culture such as the renowned O2 Arena, featuring the Emirates Airline for easy accessibility from ExCeL London, as well as the Cutty Sark ship, National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory further into Greenwich.

Bordered also by the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf and Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the ExCeL Centre really is at the heart of London’s most forward-thinking, urban venues.

What to know before you go

  • With 27 on-site food and drink retailers, there are plenty of places to eat in and near the ExCeL centre. From speedy family favourites like Subway, Upper Crust, Costa Coffee, Chop’d and the Bagel Factory, to more upmarket outlets such as Chozen Noodle Sushi, Pummaro’s Italian and the stylish Bridge Bar and Restaurant, you’re sure to find something to suit every occasion.
  • The ExCeL strives to be a highly accessible venue with 155 disabled parking spots, step-free access, wheelchair-level facilities and disabled toilets and changing facilities throughout. Guidance and assistance dogs are allowed inside the venue.
  • There are ATMs on site as well as currency exchange, charging points, cycle racks, water refill stations, lost property, a prayer room and luggage storage facilities.
  • There are multiple baby changing facilities on site plus a family room including changing mats, breastfeeding chairs, sinks and a microwave to heat up baby food.
  • If you want or need to stay overnight when attending an event, then there are 13 hotels in walking distance of the venue.

Getting there

  • ExCeL London is located in Custom House at the Royal Victoria Dock.
  • There are three car parks on site, with one of the 3,070 spaces costing £20 for up to 24 hours. Follow signs for ExCel London, the Royal Docks and City Airport if arriving by car.
  • There are two DLR stations on the Zone 3 ExCeL campus - the Custom House Station and Prince Regent Station with less than a two-minute walk to the centre’s entrance.
  • The quickest London Underground route is via the Jubilee line; either change to the DLR at Canning Town or get off at nearby North Greenwich Tube station.
  • The London Overground connects nearby via Stratford, Canada Water and Shadwell.
  • You can also arrive in style via the Thames Clipper boat, alighting at the Royal Wharf Pier - a 20-minute walk to the ExCeL Centre, or the Emirates Airline Cable Car, which connects ExCeL London to North Greenwich Underground station and The O2. As an ExCeL events visitor you can ride the delightful 90m high cable car at a discounted rate.

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