Get Tickets For Raymonda In London And Watch The Story Come To Life

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Get Tickets For Raymonda In London And Watch The Story Come To Life

This musical production keeps the best aspects of the original 19th-century play, like the beautiful and sensuous score by Alexander Glazunov and the glorious, classical choreography by Marius Petipa, while exploring a new story. This new story has drama and puts the heroine in command of her own story and future.

This dramatic new story marks the directorial debut of Tamara Rojo from the English National Ballet. Tamara Rojo of the English National Ballet is inspired by her own acclaimed career as a dancer and artistic director.

The artistic director takes inspiration from Florence Nightingale and her spirit during the Crimea War effort. Rojo makes a new version of Raymonda while still producing a classic story ballet.

No dance company in the UK performs Raymonda in its entirety, and the play is rarely performed at all.

This new version is a gift from Tamara Rojo to the world in the form of classical ballet. As Raymonda flees from her pleasant life to the Crimean War to work as a nurse, her love life turns out to be different than she thought it would be.

While engaged to a soldier, she falls in love with the leader of the Ottoman army. Be a part of her journey at the London Coliseum this January, as Raymonda London tickets are on sale now.

About Raymonda

What is Raymonda is about?

Raymonda is a story of love and courage during the Crimean War. It is set in England in 1854. Raymonda decides to leave her comfortable and secure life at home for the war, where she becomes a nurse. Soon, she falls in love and gets engaged to John, a soldier.

However, Raymonda later falls for John's friend Abdur. Abdur is the leader of the Ottoman army. In this new version of the dramatic story, Raymonda feels turmoil growing inside of her as she does not know who to choose.

Inspired by the life of Florence Nightingale and the other women of the war effort, first-time director and choreographer Tamara Rojo creates this dramatic new story from the classic ballet for the London Coliseum.

With a full orchestra and a huge cast of dancers, the best of the original ballet of the 19th century is kept intact, with Marius Petipa's classical choreography and a beautiful and sensuous score by Alexander Glazunov.

What emerges is a new story that viewers will love and relate to.

Raymonda introduces a character in control of her own future and destiny and also celebrates the bravery of nurses and other women who took charge of their own lives.

The earlier version of Raymonda is not often performed in the UK, and no dance company actually performs the whole of Raymonda. However, this new version is different and will take the story to another level.

Raymonda is sure to inspire, thrill, and move a lot of people, with strong characters and glorious music. The dance is also truly inspirational. The old Raymonda premiered in 1898 in the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Book Raymonda tickets at the London Coliseum now and experience something truly inspirational.

What age is Raymonda suitable for?

The age restriction of the show is not given. However, it should be viewable for everyone who loves ballet. Check with the box office for further details.

How long is Raymonda?

The runtime of the show has not been announced yet.

Who is in the Raymonda cast?

The cast of Raymonda has not been disclosed yet. It is said to consist of a huge cast of dancers and an orchestra.

Director Tamara Rojo takes inspiration from the never-ending spirit of Florence Nightingale and all the women who helped her in the war. An artistic director of the English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo, creates a new version of the classic story ballet after a brilliant career as a dancer and artistic director.

Get your Raymonda tickets at the London Coliseum now.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is the London Coliseum?

The address of the venue is the London Coliseum, St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4ES, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the London Coliseum?

It is easy to reach the theatre as it is in the centre of the city of London. If you are travelling by car, take the A400 to reach the theatre in the quickest possible time.

To travel via the Tube, the nearest stations are Charing Cross Tube station and Leicester Square Tube station. The Tube lines that are near to the theatre are the Northern and Piccadilly lines.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross station.

You can choose to travel via bus, with bus numbers 24, 29, 176 / 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 87, 91, 139 and a stop at St Martin's Lane.

Check your Raymonda tickets for timings before you leave home.

Where can I park at the London Coliseum?

The nearest parking to the theatre is Chinatown Q-Park, which is five minutes from the theatre. You can also park at St Martin's Lane Hotel, which is one minute from the theatre.

Where are the toilets at the London Coliseum?

Toilets for males and females are available in all seating levels. There are accessible toilets in the Stalls, Basement, Dress Circle, and Balcony.

Is the London Coliseum accessible?

The theatre is accessible. Wheelchair spaces are present in the Dress Circle, Stall Boxes, and rear of the Stalls.

Where can I eat nearby?

Fumo, Chandos, ProvenDough Deli+Bar, Caffe Nero, Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar, and Burrito Cafe are some good options to try out for lunch or dinner.

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