Get Your London Comedy Allstars Tickets For A Side-Splitting Day Out

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Apr 27, 2022 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Apr 27, 2022
Get Your London Comedy Allstars Tickets For A Side-Splitting Day Out

Some of the biggest names known in stand-up comedy have earlier given the audiences the biggest laughs they can hope for. This is a one-stop shop to enjoy great line-ups of comedy talent on display and make your summer night outs ones to remember.

Live comedy, brilliant location, and the best and biggest laughs, 'London Comedy Allstars' gives you a package of all three. Come to Underbelly Festival Cavendish Square and enjoy some of the best comedy talent making you laugh your hearts out.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don't miss it for the world.

Book 'London Comedy Allstars' tickets today. Performers previously seen were Ed Gamble, Ahir Shah, Sindhu Vee, Kae Kurd, Jamali Maddix, Sophie Duker, Rachel Fairburn, Fern Brady, Nina Conti, Dane Baptiste, Phil Wang, Kiri Pritchard- McClean, and Stuart Goldsmith.

About London Comedy Allstars

What is London Comedy Allstars about?

'London Comedy Allstars' offers you a great location in the heart of London, some of the biggest laughs you'll ever have and live comedy from some of the country's top comedians. After great performances in Empress Place, Earls Court in London, 'London Comedy Allstars' is here on Friday nights to entertain and offer you plenty of non stop laughs.

A big lineup of the finest comedy talent will be on show on Friday nights and this show is definitely an all-in-one shop for the best barrel of laughs you can ever imagine.

After brilliant performances in 2021 at Earls Court in London, 'London Comedy Allstars' are here at Underbelly Festival Cavendish Square in London. Grab your 'London Comedy Allstars' tickets today.

Previously, the one-stop-shop for laughter had seen performers like Ed Gamble, Rachel Fairburn, Ahir Shah, Jamali Maddix, Sophie Duker, Sindhu Vee, Phil Wang, Kae Kurd, Dane Baptiste, Fern Brady, Kiri Pritchard- McClean, Nina Conti, and Stuart Goldsmith.

What age is the show suitable for?

The use of strong language and swearing can be seen, hence, parental discretion is recommended. Do check the age restrictions while booking your tickets.

How long is London Comedy Allstars?

The running time of the show is 90 minutes.

Who is in the London Comedy Allstars cast?

The cast has not been announced yet.

Who is the team behind London Comedy Allstars?

The team behind the performance in London has not been announced yet.

The show is presented by Underbelly Productions.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is London Comedy Allstars being performed?

The address of the location is Underbelly Festival Cavendish Square, Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PU, United Kingdom.

How do I get to Underbelly Festival at Cavendish Square?

Take A4201 road to reach the destination in London in the shortest possible time by car.

Oxford Circus Underground Station is the nearest tube station. It's two minutes away from the destination. Bond Street Tube Station is also nearby.

Marylebone train station is the nearest station.

You can also avail the services of buses to move within the city of London.

Where can I park near Underbelly Festival?

There is a car park right near the venue.

Where are the toilet facilities at Underbelly Festival?

Toilets are available on the site. An accessible toilet can also be found.

Is Underbelly Festival accessible?

The location is said to be quite accessible. Ramped access is available throughout the area.

Service dogs are allowed. If you need any assistance, ask a member of staff.

Where can I eat nearby?

Amazing food and outdoor bars are available in the location. You can also try out other eateries and restaurants near the area. Here are some popular recommendations in the area that you and your group might like: Bubbleology, Angus Steakhouse, and Canton.

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