Got An Annual Ticket To London Transport Museum? It’s Being Extended

Matt Brown
Dec 12, 2023 By Matt Brown
Originally Published on Aug 25, 2020
London Transport Museum
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London Transport Museum in Covent Garden will reopen on 7 September… and it has some good news for those of us who already have annual passes.

If, like me, you renewed your annual pass to the London Transport Museum just before lockdown, you might have muttered a grumble or two at the misfortune.

Standard entry tickets get an adult and children into the museum an unlimited number of times for a year. They’re not cheap at £18.50 a pop, when other London museums are free. But kids (and adults) adore the place and you soon feel that you’ve got your money’s-worth. 

At least, you do if the museum is actually open. Forced lockdown has left many parents thinking they wouldn’t see the full benefit of their ticket price. I’d mentally written it off as a donation to a much cherished museum that’s going to struggle financially in the months ahead.

But good news: the museum is not only reopening on 7 September, but it has also announced an extension for current ticket holders. Annual passes will be honoured for a further five months from the current expiry date.

According to the museum’s website, “You do not need to do anything further as this update will be done automatically by our bookings team.”

As with almost all museums, you’ll need to prebook a slot. If you already have an annual pass, just choose the “book timed tickets” option. If not, use “buy admission tickets”. Entry gets you unlimited time in the museum.

The vast majority of the museum, as well as the superb cafe and shop, will be open as usual. However, the All Aboard play area must remain closed, and you’ll not be allowed to clamber onto the buses.

Sadly, the popular stamp trail will also be out of action. You’ll also need to wear face masks, unless exempt or under the age of 11.

Even so, this is an excellent time to explore the museum as it will be much less crowded than usual.

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