Set Off On A Fun Chester City Cycle Tour! Book Tickets Now

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Oct 26, 2022 By Adekunle Olanrewaju Jason
Originally Published on Feb 01, 2022
Set Off On A Fun Chester City Cycle Tour! Book Tickets Now

There are many fascinating sites in Chester that you can explore on the Chester Cycle Tour. The beautiful landscapes and landmarks in the city are best experienced when cycling through the streets instead of a bus or a walking tour.

This experience is what the Chester Cycle Tour offers. A guide will take you on a two-hour cycle tour, exploring all of Chester's famous and historical destinations. This tour will make you fall in love with this historic city.

What else do you need apart from a comfortable bike, a helmet, and all the safety equipment? Book Chester Bike Tour tickets today.

About Chester City Cycle Tour

What are the locations and sights on this tour?

It is time to learn about Chester's most fascinating historical figures and places with every pedal. Bike-friendly Chester is super fun and super safe, so there is nothing to worry about as you ride along the cycle-friendly paths of the city with your friendly National Standards cycling instructor.

On this tour, you will cycle your way inside and outside the city walls and under the stunning Eastgate Clock, staying there for a couple of minutes to experience it in all its magnificence. You will continue pedalling towards Chester Cathedral, the oldest racecourse in the UK, Britain's largest Roman amphitheatre, and more.

If you are in Chester for the first time or if you have lived there your whole life, there's always something new to see and experience.

Book Chester Cycle Tour tickets now to check out the city's beauty at your own leisurely pace.

How does the Chester City Cycle Tour work?

The guide will catch up with you at the meeting point, give you your safety gear, and take you on an epic tour of this ancient city.

What can I expect from this tour?

Pedalling your way into the past, you will check out the city walls of Chester, Roman monuments, the UK's oldest racecourse, and Eastgate Clock. The meeting point is at Little Roodee Car Park, which is located along the banks of the River Dee.

What age is this tour suitable for?

Most travellers can participate, however, children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

How long does the cycle tour take?

The Chester Cycle Tour takes two hours to complete. You will spend around 10 minutes at every location. The maximum group size is eight people.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Chester City Cycle Tour start?

The meeting point is the Bike Lockers at the Little Roodee Car Park. The address is Castle Drive, CH1 1SL, Chester. Little Roodee Car Park is along the River Dee.

How do I get to the tour's departure point?

If you are travelling to Chester in a car from London, take the M1, and you will reach the destination in roughly four hours. It is 189 mi (304 km) away.

Chester train station is five minutes away and around 1.1 mi (1.7 km) from the meeting point. The Avanti West Coast takes you from London to Chester.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

It is advised to arrive at the destination at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. The start time is 10:30 am. There are multiple tours a day and the last admission for a tour is two hours before closing. Do check your ticket for the time slot you've chosen before travelling.

Where can I park?

Little Roodee Car Park, Linenhall Car Park, and Watergate Street Car Park are the closest to the meeting point.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the tour?

There are public restrooms near all the attractions and many restaurants and cafes on the route.

Where can I eat on the tour?

Some popular restaurants to try in the area are La Fattoria, The Brewery Tap, Fiesta Havana, and The Architect.

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