Book Tickets For The Mirror And The Light In London

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Book Tickets For The Mirror And The Light In London

Watch the story of Thomas Cromwell's journey from the streets of Putney to the courts of power. The conclusion of the Wolf Hall trilogy is the basis of this thrilling story of dangerous enemies and ruthless ambition.

With the Royal Shakespeare Company and director Jeremy Herrin bringing this novel to the West End, it is a fantastic follow-up to Wolf Hall, and its sequel, Bring Up the Bodies, receiving great critical acclaim.

Thomas Cromwell is brought to life again by Ben Miles, while Nathaniel Parker plays King Henry VIII. Experience this show live at the Gielgud Theatre, and don't forget to get your The Mirror and the Light London tickets soon.

About The Mirror And The Light

What is The Mirror and the Light about?

The Tony and Olivier Award-winning Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies were both deemed to be theatrical events that everyone should see. The Mirror and The Light is the first chapter of the story by Hilary Mantel, brought to stages by Playful Productions and the RSC.

The final chapter of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall trilogy has made it to the London stage. Get your tickets to The Mirror and The Light for a night of drama at the Gielgud Theatre London.

The story goes back to England in 1536, when the fate of Anne Boleyn was sealed by an executioner. It was Jane Seymour's duty to give King Henry VIII a healthy heir.

Amidst all these events, Thomas Cromwell ascended from the gutters of Putney to the courts of the king, gaining the highest rank near to his master. King Henry's nobles were disgusted by the power that Cromwell had attained. Soon, the threat of invasion loomed, and the king's legacy was at risk.

Thomas Cromwell was defenceless. His enemies knew that and were waiting to strike.

Playwrights Ben Miles and Hilary Mantel have joined their skills to make this fast-paced and exhilarating conclusion to the surprisingly beautiful story.

What age is The Mirror and the Light suitable for?

Everyone above the age of three is allowed to enter the theatre with a valid The Mirror and The Light ticket. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by someone of 18 years or above.

How long is The Mirror and the Light?

The runtime of The Mirror and The Light is two hours and 30 minutes and also includes an interval.

Who is performing in The Mirror and the Light?

After the success of the Olivier and Tony Award-winning adaptations of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, Hilary Mantel herself brings audiences a third instalment called The Mirror and The Light. Ben Miles reprises his role as Thomas Cromwell, along with taking on the role of co-writer alongside Mantel.

Nathaniel Parker can be seen in the role of Henry VIII. The show is directed by Jeremy Herrin, and the stage is designed by Christopher Oram.

Experience the stunning creative design and award-winning performances of The Mirror and The Light by booking your tickets to the Gielgud Theatre now.

What can I expect from The Mirror and the Light?

In The Mirror and The Light, you can see the vulnerability of Thomas Cromwell and the looming danger of all his enemies who are trying to pounce as the king slowly loses power. The story depicts the fact that the higher you climb, the harder you will fall.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is The Mirror and the Light being performed in London?

The address of the venue of the show is the Gielgud Theatre, 35-37 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6AR, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Gielgud Theatre?

To travel by car, take the A400 and Shaftesbury Avenue to reach your destination.

To travel via bus, take any buses with numbers 12, 14, 19, or 38 and get out at Shaftesbury Avenue bus stop. There are also night services with bus numbers 14, N19, and N38.

The nearest Tube stations are Bakerloo and Piccadilly.

The nearest train station is Charing Cross station.

Check your tickets before travelling to ensure that you arrive at the correct time.

Where can I park at the Gielgud Theatre?

The nearest car park is on Brewer Street, which is a three-minute walk to the theatre.

Where are the toilets at the Gielgud Theatre?

Toilets are available on all seating levels. A disabled toilet is available in the foyer near the bar.

Is the Gielgud Theatre accessible?

The theatre is accessible to disabled visitors through a side door available on Rupert Street. A customer lift is unavailable; however, seats A3-6 and A30-33 can provide space for up to four wheelchairs.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are many options to eat near the theatre for families. Some of the options you may enjoy are Tsujiri, Macellaio RC Soho, Wasabi, and MW Buffet.

Get your show tickets now!

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