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Originally Published on Jul 09, 2020
things to do in Watford with kids
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Just a twenty minute train ride from central London, Watford is a great place to visit with tonnes of fun, family activities and the best days out. From indoor rock-climbing and golfing to discovering parks and museums, there's something for every kid to enjoy.

We've rounded up the top fifteen things that you and your children can do in Watford - check them out!

Splatmaster Paintballing

paintballing for kids watford

Why kids will love it: Kids will feel like they're in a real-life action movie adventure at Splatmaster Paintballing. This unique, low-impact paintballing experience is perfect for kids aged eight years and older to battle it out with their friends and families in groups of six to ten, geared up in the coolest high-tech equipment.

Why parents will love it: This kid-friendly alternative to traditional paintballing is heaps of fun for the whole family, and very much safe to do. The paintballs themselves are much more fragile than normal ones and move at lower speeds, and the whole activity is supervised by a guide to guarantee your children's safety.

Even better? You can get involved too! For a fun, exciting day out that you'll never forget, you don't want to miss out on this one.

Nearest station: Bricket Wood, followed by a short walk.

Cassiobury Park

cassiobury park watford

Why kids will love it: Cassiobury Park has endless things for children to enjoy. From a miniature railway to paddling pools and a huge playground, they'll be lost for choice. Don't forget to look out for the animals and different species of bird in the nature reserve!

Why parents will love it: The park has some pretty picturesque scenery, including colourful canal boats drifting in the water and plenty of open-space greenery. Sit back and relax whilst the children tire themselves out, or take them on a fun walking trail!

When you and your little ones are ready for a break, why not enjoy an ice cream at one of the cafes?

Nearest station: Watford Station.

Cloud 9 Leisure

cloud 9 watford

Why kids will love it: Cloud 9 Leisure is an inflatable heaven for kids. With a Total Wipeout and a Ninja Warrior course amongst those waiting for you to complete, kids can also play in the inflatable basketball court, go down giant slides, take on the battle beam and jump on the bouncy castle.

Suitable for anyone over one metre tall, your little ones will be having so much fun they won't want to leave!

Why parents will love it: Cloud 9 is not just for the kids; you can get jumping around too! The super safe inflatable course is perfect for people of all ages and is a great chance for the whole family to get some exercise whilst having the time of your life.

There's also a small but delicious cafe situated just outside for when you're ready to refuel!

Nearest station: Garston station and then a short bus.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

harry potter tour watford

Why kids will love it: If your little one is a dedicated Potterhead, they'll be in for the treat of a lifetime at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Discover all of the iconic sets, authentic costumes, and magical props from your favourite wizard films whilst you walk through the Great Hall and hop on the Hogwarts Express.

Why parents will love it: Harry Potter fan? You may just end up having even more fun than the kids!

Immerse yourself in the world of magic, and make sure you take a break to try out the food at the Chocolate Frog cafe or grab yourself a famous Butterbeer. For some everlasting memories, you can even get a photo of your mini-wizards all dressed up or flying a broomstick!

Nearest station: Watford Junction.

Rock Up Watford

kids climbing wall watford

Why kids will love it: Rock Up provides an indoor climbing experience like no other. Ranging from beginner level walls to ones a little more advanced, there are a whopping twenty-seven different climbing walls of up to eight metres tall for kids to conquer.

Kids aged four years and over are welcome to climb, and once they're all tired out there's even a huge soft play area to explore and enjoy.

Why parents will love it: The whole family can enjoy a climbing adventure together at Rock Up - so long as you're not afraid of heights! If you don't want to join in on the climbing yourself, you can take a seat at the Rock Up And Eat cafe for a tea, coffee, or delicious snack.

The staff are also so friendly and helpful with any questions or worries you may have, so your children are in totally safe hands.

Nearest station: Watford High Street station.

Cheslyn House And Gardens

family day out watford

Why kids will love it: Cheslyn House and Gardens has so much gorgeous green space for the kids to run around and play in, and plenty of animals to admire such as all the fish and frogs in the pond and the colourful birds in the aviary.

It's the perfect spot for a picnic (weather permitting) and even has a semi-natural woodland area where you may be able to spot badgers, foxes, and squirrels!

Why parents will love it: The gardens are absolutely stunning and full of beautiful flowers to admire - most of which are labelled, too. While your kids enjoy their outdoor adventure, you can sit and relax on the lawn, take in the scenery, and even have a chat with the friendly gardener.

The gardens are also dog-friendly, so long as your furry companions are kept on their lead and cleaned up after.

Nearest station: Watford Junction is just a twenty minute walk away.


golf course watford

Why kids will love it: Perfect for anyone aged four years and older (and those with no prior golfing experience), families can 'make their way' through the unique golf course from the comfort of their very own luxury seating bays. How does it work? Players score points by hitting micro-chipped balls (each with your name attached to them!)

into targets. The closer you get, the higher the points. For an exciting, competitive day out, there's no better activity!

Why parents will love it: TopGolf is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. The staff are super friendly and helpful when it comes to getting started, and the experience is well worth the money.

There's no need to go anywhere else for food afterwards, as you can order delicious meals and drinks straight to your bay. On the off-chance that it all feels just a bit too high-tech for your little ones, there's also a super-fun eighteen-hole adventure golf course there to try out.

Nearest station: Watford Junction.

Bentley Priory Museum

museum for kids watford

Why kids will love it: The Bentley Priory Museum has so much for kids to do. From interactive WWII exhibits to dressing up in period costumes to play, you'll feel like you've taken a step back in history.

There are also a variety of trails to follow, in which children are given activity kits to discover clues as they go along.

Why parents will love it: The museum has tonnes of fascinating exhibits to check out, paintings to look at, and activities to take part in. It's really interesting for all ages and is even housed in the old 1940 RAF Headquarters.

The building and surrounding gardens are beautiful to explore, and there's also an outdoor picnic area for sunnier days. If you want to stop off for a spot of tea whilst inside, there's a gorgeous tea room cafe to try out.

Nearest station: Stanmore Tube Station.

Parents Paradise

kids soft play watford

Why kids will love it: Perfect for kids up to eleven years old, this fantastic indoor play area is full of fun activities and things to do. With plenty of play frames, a ball pit, a go-karting race track, a football shooting area and much more, your little ones will be spoilt for choice!

There's also a separate area for little ones under eighteen months, so nobody has to miss out on the fun.

Why parents will love it: The name speaks for itself - this really is a Parents Paradise. With so much for the kids to see and do, you can relax on the comfortable sofas, enjoy a lovely hot drink, and pass the time with a book or magazine.

The staff are very polite and helpful, and pride themselves on keeping this as the cleanest soft play in Watford!

Nearest station: Watford High Street Station.

Oxhey Park And Woods

watford activities for kids

Why kids will love it: Oxhey Park and Woods is the ultimate outdoor adventure for kids. With fourteen hectares of land to explore, kids will enjoy the walking trails, the large children's playground, mini football pitch, and the range of different habitats, plants, and animals that they can spot along the way.

Why parents will love it: The park and woods make for a lovely morning or afternoon walk; there's plenty of nature to explore and even a river running through. As an added bonus, your dogs are completely welcome too. On a sunnier day, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic!

Nearest station: Bushey Station.

... And we couldn't forget to mention:

Watford Museum

Open 10am-5pm, Thursday-Saturday.

Laser Planet Watford

Open 4pm-8pm, Monday-Friday and 10am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday.

Harwoods Adventurous Playground

Open 24 hours, seven days a week.

Rickmansworth Aquadrome Nature Reserve

Open 8am-9:30pm, seven days a week.

Heath Robinson Museum

Open 11am-4pm, Thursday-Sunday.

For more great family activities to do in and around London, visit kidadl.com!

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