Time-Travel With Tickets To Housesteads Roman Fort In Northumberland

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Originally Published on Feb 15, 2022
Time-Travel With Tickets To Housesteads Roman Fort In Northumberland

This is your chance to explore the ruins of Hadrian's Wall, as well as an ancient Roman fort that was built during the Roman Empire. This guided tour is only available during school holidays, and it is one of the best ways to explore this ancient Roman Empire fortress.

This ticket gives you entry to Housesteads Roman Fort, Hadrian's Wall, the visitor centre and the Roman Army Museum. Book tickets for the Housesteads Roman Fort Northumberland and explore the ruins of Hadrian's Wall now.

About Housesteads Roman Fort In Northumberland

What is Housesteads Roman Fort?

The ruins of Housesteads Roman Fort at Housesteads of Northumberland, England, located along Hadrian's Wall, are some of the best in the area. The fort is found in the southern part of Broomlee Lough.

The fort was constructed around 124 AD and was built just after Hadrian's Wall was finally completed in 122 AD. The fort has been known by many names such as Borcovicus, Vercovicium, Velurtion, and Borcovicium.

The site of Housesteads Roman Fort is in the care of English Heritage and is now owned by the National Trust. English Heritage has done a good job caring for the fort because one of Britain's oldest toilets is located here.

People can see this World Heritage Site from this ancient fortress. Housesteads was first excavated in the 1820s-1830s. It can take around six to eight days to walk the whole of Hadrian's Wall.

What can I learn at Housesteads Roman Fort?

As you wander around the ruins, look out for the barrack blocks, the hospital, the communal Roman toilets, and more. Hadrian's Wall is right next to the fort. You will learn a lot about the history of Housesteads Roman Fort and Hadrian's Wall on this guided tour.

The fort is set high on a dramatic escarpment along the infamous Hadrian's Wall. You will also see a 'cist' burial near the north curtain wall in a water tank.

Check out artefacts in the museum and enjoy some beautiful countryside scenery while walking parts of Hadrian's Wall. You can walk the whole wall, but it will take you a few days!

Also, make sure to check out where the garrison was located in the earliest period of the fort.

You will find other Roman artefacts in Chesters' interactive museum and in Newcastle upon Tyne's the Great North Museum: Hancock.

What age is Housesteads Roman Fort suitable for?

It is suitable for all ages. Visitors of 16+ need to scan the NHS Track & Trace QR code after arrival.

How long does it take to visit Housesteads Roman Fort?

The duration of the tour is two hours and 30 minutes. The last admission to the fort is one hour before closing.

What's the best time to visit?

You can visit any time of the year.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours of these locations are 10 am to 4 pm.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is Housesteads Roman Fort?

The address is Housesteads Roman Fort, Haydon Bridge, NE47 6NN, Hexham.

How do I get to Housesteads Roman Fort?

If you are travelling from London, take the M1 and A1(M) to reach the destination. The journey is around six hours.

You can also fly to Newcastle upon Tyne.

One of the nearest train stations is Hexham.

The nearest bus stop is New Beggarbog which is just one minute away.

Where can I park near Housesteads Roman Fort?

Northumberland National Park operates the parking at Housesteads Roman Fort. Accessible parking with limited spots is also available.

Where are the toilet facilities at Housesteads Roman Fort?

Male, female, and accessible toilets are found in the museum. There are also portable toilets available.

Is Housesteads Roman Fort accessible?

This site is accessible, however, there is limited access to some sites. Handrails are available.

Where can I eat nearby?

Here are a few recommendations: Bardon Mill Village Store and Tea Room, Hjem, Carts Bog Inn, Zyka Boutique Restaurant, and Danielle's Bistro.


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