Top Free Fun At The Barbican This Summer

Henrietta Richman
Dec 12, 2023 By Henrietta Richman
Originally Published on May 14, 2019
The Barbican Centre exterior.

Escape the crowds and have a fun-filled free day out at the Barbican Centre this summer.

Barbican Conservatory

A hidden tropical oasis in a concrete jungle, The Barbican Conservatory rises up as a huge greenhouse and is one of London’s best kept secrets. Over 2,000 species of tropical plants tower, twist, twine and spill over the Barbican’s brutalist architecture.

Spot tropical fish swimming through the waters, catch colourful butterflies flitting through the air, or enjoy an afternoon tea amid the hidden delights of this glorious garden.

Squish Space

Produced by artists India Harvey and Lisa Marie Bengtsson, in collaboration with Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning, this multi-sensory adventure is a dream for the under 5s. Squish Space provides a safe environment for babies and young children to discover and play with different textures and materials, with sessions focusing on themes such as ‘Experiments in sound and light’.

Barbican Children’s Library

The library on Level 2 is open for anyone to walk in - go all the way through to the back and you’ll see the Children’s Library on the left, full of fantastic books and cosy cushions and bean bags to sit on.

There are four ‘buggy stations’ in the main library and a programme of events including film, puzzle, art and craft clubs (usually on Fridays or Saturdays).

Plus if you have older children, they are more than welcome to sit in the adult library and use the resources for free.

The Big Barbican Adventure

This is just the perfect way to spend a couple of hours exploring the Barbican Centre with kids. Simply collect a trail from the information desk on Level M, the mezzanine level, and you're off!

Work together as a family to solve the clues - these will take you around the Barbican, inside lifts, along the walkways and there's a secret prize at the end for anyone who cracks all the clues!

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