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Wimpole Hall building.

  • Wimpole Hall is a fantastic day out for the family, offering a historic site, stunning gardens, a farm and activities throughout the year. 
  • At Wimpole Home Farm, living in this 18th-century farmyard are shire horses and rare breed cattle, sheep and pigs to name a few.
  • Don't miss out on Wimpole Hall at Christmas where there are festive events, carol singers and more to transport you to Edwardian England at Christmas. 

Wimpole Hall is a country house situated within the Parish of Wimpole, in Cambridgeshire. The house was built in 1640, and the National Trust owns its 3,000 acres of parkland and farmland.

Wimpole Hall Estate has a history that is diverse and rich, so coming to this site, you can immerse yourself in its past as you wander the grounds.

Home to a farm too, there's a chance to find out more about farming and the livestock at Wimpole Home Farm. If you’re looking to plan further family-friendly days out, consider visiting Anker Wood and Mazeworld or Audley End House and Gardens.

The Wimpole Hall Intimate rooms are pretty and cosy, contrasting with beautiful and unexpected Georgian interiors and the farm that's on site. This includes Soane's breath-taking Yellow Drawing Room and eye-catching plunge bath.

They even have cushions for you to lie on, and this will provide the best view for the spectacular dome light in the drawing-room! After experiencing the interiors, take a stroll around the colourful parterre garden and stroll through the Pleasure Grounds to the Walled Garden, brimming with fruit, vegetables and pretty herbaceous borders.

Wimpole Hall Farm offers plenty of fun, offering daily farm activities, and the chance to join in on caring for the animals and learn more about farming.

You can walk out across the stunning landscape park, among the rare-breed cattle, and stride through grand avenues, before entering the shaded woodland area and entering into an arable landscape, perfect for pictures of the little ones running free in the area, letting their imaginations run wild.

If you're a nature lover, you'll be delighted to know that Wimpole Hall Estate has rivers, ponds, lakes, pastures and meadows that all form a diverse and wide range of habitats for wildlife. Why not play with the little ones?

See what you can find! Wimpole Hall has activity sheets to help you and the little ones in finding what you're looking for and playing games as you go on your nature trails and walks.

After some wonderful Wimpole Hall walks, recharge by grabbing a bite to eat at one of the eateries that Wimpole Hall has to offer, from family-friendly meals at the Old Rectory Restaurant, to hot snacks and drinks at one of the cafes, like the Stables Café or Farm Café . 

Don't miss out on the array of Wimpole Hall events, particularly festive ones like at Christmas. Experience Christmas like the decadent festivities of Georgian England as you immerse yourself in historic showrooms of Wimpole Hall, listen to carols in the stable block and wander down the woodland reindeer path during a wintry, festive day out at Wimpole Hall. 

What to know before you go

  • There are toilets at Hardwicke Gate (car park) hall and farm.
  • Baby-changing facilities can be found at Hardwicke Gate, which is situated by the car park and hall toilets.
  • There is an adapted toilet at Hardwicke Gate at the car park, for those with accessibility needs. 
  • There is food on site at the Old Rectory restaurant serving family-friendly meals, snacks and drinks, plus there are several other food outlets and cafes on site serving great snacks, drinks and more. There are also plenty of picnic tables for those wanting to bring food, perfect for a lovely summer's day.
  • Dogs are permitted on leads in the parkland, under the rules of the Countryside Code.
  • Scooters, bikes and balls are allowed to be used in the park.
  • Wheelchairs are available to hire by contacting the Welcome Team at Wimpole Hall on their website. 
  • The estate is navigable by pushchairs and wheelchairs as the paths are wide and the car park is only a short distance away from the estate.  

Getting there

  • If travelling via train, Shepreth station is the closest train station nearby at around 5 miles away. Royston is another station nearby, at 8 miles away and you can get a taxi from Royston to Wimpole Hall.
  • If travelling via car, Wimpole Hall is located 8 miles south-west of Cambridge via the A603, and 6 miles north of Royston via A1198. To get to Wimpole entrance, ensure to travel the A603. Ensure to follow the brown tourist signs to enter the estate, as the sat nav may take you to an unused gateway.
  • There is a car park on site. There is free parking with designated spaces for Blue Badge holders, located around 94 yards from the Visitor Welcome Building.
  • If travelling via bus, The 75 route from Cambridge drops off passengers at Arrington, which is just 1 mile from Wimpole, or will drop you off from Orwell, which is 2 miles from Wimpole. Take a stroll to Wimpole and explore Cambridgeshire.
  • You can travel via Wimpole Way from Cambridge, so be sure to bring some sturdy shoes and check the weather before you go!

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Wimpole Hall building.

Wimpole Hall


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Wimpole Hall building.

Wimpole Hall