Your Muddy Guide to A Peppa Pig Day Out in London With Toddlers

Simone Cowie
Dec 12, 2023 By Simone Cowie
Originally Published on Sep 20, 2019
Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever

Oink! With Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever coming to the Duke of York’s Theatre this Christmas, we’ve put together a little guide inspired by everyone’s favourite piggy - Peppa!

With the theatre located right in the heart of London’s West End, there’s so much to see and do and it can sometimes be difficult when trying to plan the perfect day out, especially when you’ve got toddlers!

Which is why we’ve come up with a muddy guide to a Peppa Pig Day Out in London. You and your mini piglets can hit up all of Peppa’s hotspots and be back home in time for tea - it’s bound to be the Best Day Ever!

Stop 1: Hang out with Peppa's pals at ZSL London Zoo

Before you get comfy at the Duke of York’s Theatre, hang out with some of Peppa’s pals at ZSL London Zoo!

Opening at 10am daily, with the closest tube station being Camden Town, it’s the perfect place to spend a few hours before a 1:30pm matinee start!

And despite the fact that you might not find any piggies or dinosaurs *grrr*, you’re bound to find Gerald Giraffe, Zoe Zebra and more roaming around the intimate but impressive zoo. Why not go on a Candy Cat inspired adventure with the new Land of the Lions exhibition?

Step inside the crumbling ruins of an amphitheatre-style Lion Temple in Sasan Gir India with only fine wires and a few metres separating you from the beautiful big cats!

Stop 2: Get comfy to watch Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever

After you’ve roamed around ZSL London Zoo for a while, your little piglets’ trotters are bound to be tired so hop on the tube (Northern line) and get off at Leicester Square just stone's throw away from the Duke of York’s Theatre.

Then get ready to join Peppa on a road trip full to the brim with adventures - with tickets from £14.35 you'd be crazy not to!

From castles to caves and dragons to dinosaurs, ice-cream galore to lots of muddy puddles – kids will be in their element. With familiar faces like Miss Rabbit, Mr Bull, Suzy Sheep, Gerald Giraffe and more, children are guaranteed to think this is their best day ever!

Little piggies can look forward to heaps of audience interaction, singing along, dancing from their seats and even to learn a few life lessons from Peppa herself.

It’s the perfect uplifting introduction to theatre for toddlers and there’s no doubt you won’t be singing ‘Bong Bing Boo’ all the way home!

Stop 3: Delve into a Rebecca Rabbit inspired sweet treat

Everyone knows that the best days out always end with ice-cream and luckily for you, Milk Train is just a five-minute walk from the theatre!

Sprinkle the end of your day with sweetness and hop aboard the Milk Train - it’s not quite Rebecca Rabbits’ ice-cream van but it’s still filled with deliciousness! Kids will delight in topping their ice cream with a crunchy choice of oreos, popcorn, cookies, chocolate buttons, wafers or rice puffs.

And best of all, you can even wrap your cone in heavenly candy floss - just incase it wasn’t sweet enough!

Or if you would prefer something a little less, well, sticky, head to Amorino - also less than a 10-minutes walk away from the theatre. Here you'll find authentic Italian gelato, frappes, granitas, sorbet drinks and more!

Boasting of organic and natural products, the whole family will be filled with happiness, as well as health - it's a perfect end to the Best Day Ever!

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