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Sep 16, 2022 By Gift Ujuaku
Originally Published on Nov 02, 2020

This animal coloring pages set will have the kids bubbling with fun and creativity while coloring these five varied animals that are engaged in playful activities. This free printable set includes animals such as a duckling, rabbit, monkey, a puppy, and a panda in five different scenarios, each highlighting their habitat.

The duckling here is seen to be peacefully serene, having its eyes closed with grass underneath it, wearing a small pendant on its neck. Some fictional duck characters featured in cartoons include the hot-headed but loveable Donald duck from the Disney cartoons, and the comical Daffy Duck from Warner Bros.

The second image shows a young puppy playfully settled around bones, which they love to chew on. The dog’s eyes are wide, revealing that it is full of energy.

Similarly, the third image reveals a bunny, sitting around baby carrots, seemingly excited while looking up in anticipation.

The fourth image has a monkey hanging upside down. Monkeys are known for their flexibility to climb trees.

The final set displays a baby panda, surrounded by bamboo. Pandas are known to inhabit bamboo forests, consuming bamboo sticks for food.

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