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Joan Agie
Sep 16, 2022 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Nov 11, 2020

This animals coloring pages set features a young deer, horse, bear, elephant, and pig. A deer is a wild animal that looks lean and is reddish-brown and cream in color, with adults having antlers.

Deers are around 6 ft in length and are adventurous, cautious but also powerful. Horses live for 25 years.

They have a flowing mane and a tail, and have been used by humans for riding, racing, and even during battles. Bears are carnivorous mammals with large hairy bodies and claws to hunt, known as one of the most intelligent animals.

The elephant in the image set is the world's largest land animal and can live for 60-70 years. It has a long trunk, huge head, flat ears, is grayish-brown in color, and has trunks made of ivory. Pigs are short-bodied, stout, and omnivorous.

They like rolling in the mud to protect from the sun. A famous young fawn is featured in the Disney movie known as Bambi.

Ponies are featured in the most popular kid's cartoon 'My Little Pony', a bear is featured in 'We Bare Bears', and the pig in a popular cartoon called 'Peppa Pig’. Kids can also imagine fun stories such as this with animals.

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