Baby Chick Easter Coloring Page

Adekunle Olanrewaju Jason
Sep 16, 2022 By Adekunle Olanrewaju Jason
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2021

The baby chick easter coloring pages feature a baby chick coming out of an easter egg. These animals live all over the world but are not found in the Antarctic and the Arctic.

When they are well taken care of, they can survive up to eight years.

These birds are omnivorous and therefore, their diet comprises of eating insects as well as grains rich in protein. Chickens were first domesticated 8000 years ago, and since then have mostly been living among humans in chicken coops with only a few of them living on land in rural areas.

But, in the wild, chickens roam around freely on grassy lands, eating a few shrubs or herbs that grow around, or even grains, insects.

They are born with yellow feathers and grow within a few months with large wings, claws, and beaks, but can only fly for short distances. Coloring with this free printable can increase kids' interest in baby chicks and their livelihood.

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