Reindeer Mask Coloring Page

Oluniyi Akande
Sep 16, 2022 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021

This free printable reindeer mask coloring pages resource can be a great way to color and make real masks for kids in a fun and creative way. Reindeer are hoofed mammals and are quite hairy from top to bottom.

People also domesticate them for their milk, hides and meat. Their habitat can be either in snow, forest or woodland.

The male reindeer have one of the biggest antlers among the deer family, which they mostly use to fight and gain female reindeer attention. Reindeer are herbivores and feed on fruits, grass, forbes, shrubs, trees, and fruit peels.

Reindeer can mature within a year and if they are fed properly.

Tundra reindeer males come together with thousands of female reindeer around autumn to mate. Most of their offspring are born in the month of May or June.

The calves feed on their mother’s milk which is full of vitamins and minerals necessary for their growth. Reindeer have been mostly associated with Christmas since they are found during winter, and it is believed that Santa Claus or Father Christmas use reindeer as his ride to distribute gifts during the Christmas season.

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