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India Garrett
Dec 12, 2023 By India Garrett
Originally Published on Apr 06, 2020
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Lockdown is the perfect time to finally watch all the films you've been meaning to see! If you've exhausted your DVD collection then Netflix is definitely the way to go.

However, all those options mean it can be hard to actually choose something for all the family to enjoy! Don't worry though, we've gone through and selected the best films no matter how old your kids are.

The Adventures Of Tintin

Perfect for: Anyone who's up for an adventure, kids and adults alike!

Join Tintin, Captain Haddock and of course, Snowy as they take on the secret of the unicorn. This film is full of action, comedy and clever animation that will appeal to the whole family.

The plot is perfect for kids and the dialogue will engage the grown ups. From abandoned mansions to the high seas and the Sahara desert, Tintin and his friends take you on a real journey.

Watch out for pirates and pick-pockets to add to the excitement! This movie is a particularly good option if you read the Tintin comics as a child, it'll give you a chance to tell your kids all about them and you feeling slightly nostalgic.


Perfect for: Kids over 7 who have an incredible imagination

This 2016 adaptation of Roald Dahl's much loved kid's book is the perfect distraction from lockdown. Join the Big Friendly Giant and little Sophie as they work out how to navigate the world of whizz pops and terrifying giants.

The adventure starts when The BFG takes Sophie from her bed in London. She thinks she's going to be eaten but quickly realises that there is something special about this giant and they become good friends.

The Queen Of England even makes an appearance in this magical movie! The film perfectly combines old cities with a world beyond our wildest dreams in a way that seems entirely real and who knows, maybe it is.


Perfect for: Anyone over 8 who loves a good musical

Your kids might have seen the 2014 remake of Annie, but nothing beats the original film, especially when it feels a bit like it's a hard knock life.

Join Annie as she navigates being an orphan in New York and the the wonderful world of Mr Warbucks.

Luxury mansions, indoor swimming pools and helicopters all appear in this film, it's very glamorous. You'll be singing the classic tunes like 'I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here' and 'The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow' for weeks to come, you might even be inspired to put on a musical of your own!

If this is a real hit with your family then you'll be pleased to know the more recent adaptation is also on Netflix.


Perfect for: A family of fairytale fans

Shrek is one of those family friendly films that gets better everytime you watch it. All four of the films are brilliant but the first one is something special.

It's a chance to meet the much-loved characters for the first time and get to know Shrek and his friends all over again.

The comedy is full of adventure and an incredible soundtrack as Shrek and Donkey attempt to rescue Fiona from the tower protected by a fire breathing dragon! This is the kind of family film that the kids will love but has a few jokes hidden in there for the adults to enjoy.

Gangsta Granny

Perfect for: Kids over 5 who can be a bit mischevious

You might have read David Walliams' brilliant book, Gangsta Granny, with your kids but the BBC adaptation is almost as good. Ben has his world turned around when he realises his simple old granny is actually a highly accomplished international thief!

She enlists him to help in one of her heists and with her experience and his gangsta knowledge, they make quite a good team. Will they get away with it though? And what happens if anyone finds out?

Daddy Day Care

Perfect for: Families looking for something both wholesome and hilarious

Daddy Day Care stars one of comedy's finest, Eddie Murphy, and is all about the madness of parenting. Charlie and Kim can't find a nursery they like for their son, Ben.

When Charlie is made redundant he's left in charge of looking after Ben and Daddy Day Care is born.

Of course, it's not without it's challenges,  scepticle parents, crazy kids and difficult rivals, really keep you on your toes throughout the film.

This movie is really heart-warming and might even give you some ideas of other ways to entertain your children during lockdown, if not, it should at least provide you with some reassurance that most families have their mad moments.

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Peter Rabbit

Perfect for: Anyone who loves a classic story and has a cheeky side

Cheeky little Peter Rabbit is really popular with his animal friends but far less so with Mr McGregor. Their ongoing feud reaches a head in this film as they compete for the affections of Mr McGregor's animal loving neighbour, Bea.

Join Peter and his friends as they try and come out on top and of course, have plenty of adventures along the way.

From partying in houses to jumping on trains, there's nothing these animals don't get up to. With James Corden starring as Peter, you know you and the family are in for some real laughter with this one.

A Cinderella Story

Perfect for: Over 12s who love a bit of romance

A Cinderella Story is a modern retelling of the classic fairytale. Sam lives with her wicked stepmother and two ugly step sisters, she feels ignored at school and is constantly working at her stepmother's diner.

That all changes on the night of the school dance when she meets the boy of her dreams, the only problem is she has to be back at the diner by midnight.

You might think you know how this story ends, but there''s more to it with this fairytale. Of course, what american high school rom-com would be complete without a kiss in the rain!

Sherlock Gnomes

Perfect for: Kids of all ages that are cartoon crazy

Sherlock Gnomes is a hilarious animated remake of the iconic tale of Sherlock Holmes. As the name suggests, the adventure takes place in the wonderful world of garden gnomes, it's actually a sequel to Gnomeo and Juliet which is definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet.

Sherlock Gnomes has the challenge of solving the case of the missing garden gnomes with the help of his trusted partner, Watson. Keep your eyes peeled for some classic London sights as well as couple of  familiar villains.


Perfect for: Children over 8 who sometimes feel like they don't fit in

It's another Roald Dahl classic but we couldn't leave Matilda off this list. We're sure you know the story but if not, Matilda is a very clever little girl with parents who aren't very nice and a horrible headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.

She manages to find happiness through her books, her lovely teacher, Miss Honey, and some new friends.

As the film goes on, Matilda realises there is something special about her and she has a few secret powers up her sleeve that will hopefully help her change things for the better. This is a light-hearted and wholesome film with a brilliant soundtrack.

Hotel For Dogs

Perfect for: Animal lovers of all ages

This film brings some people's dream (or nightmare) to life as siblings Andi and Bruce create a Hotel For Dogs.

After their foster parents tell them their terrier, Friday, can't stay in the house, it's up to them to find somewhere else for him to go. Once they find an old abandoned hotel and some friends to help, they realise there are lots more dogs without anywhere to go and decide to make it their mission to help them.

The film is full of clever inventions, plenty of furry friends and is bound to leave feeling grateful for your family, whoever they are.


Perfect for: Children under 8 and anyone else who loves a bit of madness

The mad minions from the brilliant Despicable Me films star in this adventure movie all of their own. Join Bob, Stuart and Kevin on their journey to find the minions a master and restore them with a sense of purpose.

Fortunately, they find themselves at Villain Con, the perfect place to find an evil leader.

However, that doesn't mean it'll be easy for Kevin and the boys. The film takes place before Gru so acts as a prequel to Despicable Me but you can expect just as much mischief and laughter.

Free Willy

Perfect for: Kids over 5 who have a sensitive side

Free Willy is the incredible heart-warming story of Jesse, the little boy who needed a sense of purpose and a killer whale who needed some help. It also shows the amazing bond that can happen between a human and an animal when they both need a friend.

It's an emotional film but one that's a brilliant watch, will Jesse and his friends be able to help Willy? Or will the money grabbing acquarium owners win again?


Perfect for: Over 5s who like to dream big

Ballerina is a brilliant animated film all about chasing your dreams and finding out who you are. Two friends, Felicie and Victor run away from their orphanage to pursue their heart's desires in the city of lights, Paris.

However, they quickly learn you often need more than passion to get what you want and there are people who will try and stand in your way. Follow them on their journey as they learn what's really important in life and what it feels like to find a family.


Perfect for: Kids who don't want to grow up and adults who wish they never did!

What if Peter Pan did grow up? And what if Hook came back seeking his revenge?

Robin Williams and Julia Roberts star in Hook, the sequel to the classic story of Peter Pan. It's got all the best bits of the original story of course, including pirates, Tinkerbell, and Neverland.

It's up to Peter to remember his past and save his children but now he's older, defeating Captain Hook is going to be harder and more dangerous. As always, he'll need the help of the lost boys and a few others along the way.


Perfect for: Families who are a bit wild

Madagascar is another great animated option. Join Alex the lion and his friends from Central Park Zoo as they make their way all the way from New York to the remote island of Madagascar!

The gang have been at the zoo their whole life so adjusting to their new way of life is not without it's challenges and some of them adapt better than others.

Of course, they're not the only ones on the island so we hope you like to move it move it because the hundreds of resident lemurs definitely do! The cast, the comedy and the soundtrack all help to make this film a great option.

Pitch Perfect 2

Perfect for: Over 12s who are working on perfecting their pitch

Last but not least is Pitch Perfect 2, the first film is good but the second one is great. It has a real focus on team building, coming together and of course, great music.

After a performance for the President goes wrong, the Bellas lose their way and must strip things back to help them find their direction again Things are international in this film though, and it's up to the girls to get themselves together in time for the biggest performance and competition of their lives.

There are seventeen of our favourite films on Netflix U.K for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy. There's something for everyone there whether you prefer action and adventure or romance and comedy. Make sure you let us know what your favourites are and share any other recommendations you have!


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