Step Right Up! 5 Easy Circus Skills Your Kids Can Learn At Home

Anusuya Mukherjee
Dec 12, 2023 By Anusuya Mukherjee
Originally Published on Apr 30, 2020
A kid dressed as a Circus Clown is juggling colorful balls in hand.

The circus is coming to your living room! Since even before 'The Greatest Showman' wowed us all, circus skills have been all the rage.

And guess what? You can bring the magic of the big top right into your home. Not only will your kids look like superstars with these tricks, but learning the skills also boosts their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and might help teach them the importance of dedication and perseverance.

Picture this: your little one mastering jaw-dropping juggling, nailing impressive plate spinning or even balancing like a pro on a tightrope (well, maybe a makeshift one in your backyard with a big fat cushion underneath to catch them if they fall). Imagine the looks of awe from friends and family when your child unveils their newfound circus talents.

Try out our list of ideas and pique your kids' interest in the circus arts. They could even try some fun magic tricks.


First things first, you'll need some juggling balls, you can start with one ball. Don't worry if you don't have any fancy ones lying around. You can create your own juggling balls using small satsumas or bean bags.

after all, it is important that your child has fun. But hey, if you're feeling crafty, grab some flour or rice, small plastic bags, and balloons. Fill the bag with flour or rice, shape it into a ball, and tie it up.

This is also a fun way for your child to better their motor skills. Cut the ends off two balloons, wrap one around the bag-ball, and slide the other balloon over it in the opposite direction.

Voila! DIY juggling balls are ready to roll (or rather, not roll away)! Make sure the balls stay at the same height and don't go up too high.

Now, we could try explaining the juggling technique here, but let's face it, watching someone show you is way more fun. You can learn to juggle from YouTube videos. It is important to use two hands when juggling and start with one ball or two balls.

But wait, there's more! If you want to take your juggling skills to the next level, consider trying out Diablo. It's a spinning prop that's super cool and easier to handle than juggling balls. Plus, it's a blast to practice and show off at the beach or on camping trips.

Stilt Walking And Hula Hoops

This one is for those aspiring stilt walkers and kids aspiring for the circus arts. Grab some coffee tins or empty paint tins for a DIY stilt adventure.

this is a fun way for a child to better their motor skills as well. Make holes in the tins, grab some para cord, string, or yarn, and let your creativity flow with paint or stickers for decorating. If you're feeling handy, wooden stilts can be crafted with a trusty screwdriver depending on your motor skills.

Walking on stilts not only encourages concentration and balance but also opens up a world of exciting challenges. Set up a lawn-walking challenge or create an obstacle course to keep those stilt-walking skills sharp!

Now, let's talk hula hoops! Circus hula hoop performers are truly mesmerizing, and while you may not have dozens of hoops at home, your children can still learn impressive tricks. Ever heard of the Z Spin, The Escalator, or the Hand Toss?

These are just the tip of the hula hoop iceberg! Get ready to unlock a world of excitement as your kids learn ten easy tricks from quick online classes at the Hula Hula Institute (yes, it's a real thing! ).

Plate Spinning

Grab a plastic plate, you know, the kind you use for little children or when you're out camping or picnicking. Look for one with a lip around the base, perfect for getting that spinning action going.

Next, find yourself a bamboo or sturdy garden stick that's as straight as possible.

Hang the plate on top of the stick and start twisting your wrist until the plate starts to spin. It might take some practice and finesse, so if your little ones are bursting with excitement, they can try spinning a cushion or even a plate on their finger in the meantime.

But wait, we've got something special for our under-five-year-old kids. Get ready for a super fun plate-spinning craft!

Grab a paper or Styrofoam plate, some markers or crayons for decorating, and a small stick or skewer. Let your little ones unleash their creativity and decorate the plate to their heart's content.

Then, push the stick through the center of the plate, secure it with some glue, and voila! They can spin it around and create beautiful patterns. Oh, and here's a nifty idea we've seen: using a ring with a big plastic stone as a spinner.

Decorate the plate just like before, then push the 'ring' part of the ring through the middle of the plate. Place the 'stone' part on the ground, give it a twist, and watch the magic happen!

Be A Clown In The Circus Arts

First things first, clowns need those fluffy, multicolored wigs. If you don't have one stashed away in a dress-up box, fear not!

Get creative with hair chalks, colored hair spray, or even tie in some extra wool hair into their own hair for that clownish flair. Now, let's move on to makeup.

Grab those big red lips and a red nose (you can dig out one from Red Nose Day or paint a ping pong ball), draw on some wacky eyebrows, and add some vibrant colors around their eyes using skin-friendly face paints. Make sure the paint doesn't get into the kids' eyes.

For the perfect clown outfit, rummage through the closet! Baggy, bright-colored pajama pants are a great start. Don't forget long stripy socks (football socks work wonders), some oversized boots or shoes (borrow mom's or dad's), braces, an old tie, and a big hat to top it all off.

Now, the clown children need to showcase their hilarious clown skills. Let them pretend to trip over those comically oversized shoes, have fun messing up magic tricks, do roly-polys, and even make a newspaper tree! The possibilities are endless.

So, get ready to capture those belly laughs and create memories that will last a lifetime. It's time to clown around, friends!

Dress up, paint those faces, and let your little ones discover their inner jesters. Prepare for giggles, guffaws, and pure joy as they bring the circus magic to life. Remember, being a clown is all about having a blast and spreading smiles.

Magic Tricks

Prepare to be amazed! From mind-boggling illusions to mesmerizing sleight of hand, magic adds an extra layer of wonder and excitement to the circus experience.

Watch in awe as the magician pulls rabbits out of hats, makes objects vanish into thin air, and performs astonishing card tricks. Children can even try their hand at beginner-friendly magic tricks, like the classic disappearing coin or the mysterious rope trick.

So grab your top hat and wand, and get ready for a spellbinding journey into the world of circus magic.

First, grab your top hat. No need to run to the store; we've got a crafty solution! Cut out a rim from a paper plate and tape it to a roll of cardboard or craft paper.

To give it that classic look, seal it with a circle of card paper on top and paint it black. Ta-da! Your very own magician top hat is ready to go.

Put on your top hat and try out your magic skills. The excitement in the air is palpable as the audience holds their breath, eagerly awaiting each mind-boggling revelation.

Magic tricks are not only entertaining but also ignite our imaginations, reminding us that anything is possible if we dare to believe. So sit back, suspend your disbelief, and prepare to be transported into a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

We've uncovered five easy circus skills that your kids can learn at home, we hope to bring laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories from these circus tricks. From juggling and plate spinning to clowning around and lion taming, the possibilities for fun and learning are endless.

While these skills promote hand-eye coordination, creativity, and perseverance, it's essential to ensure safety and choose activities suitable for your child's age and abilities.

So gather your juggling balls, craft those clown costumes, and get the magic of the big top in your own home. Let the circus adventure begin, and watch as your kids shine as the stars of their own show.

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