90 Best Tree Names For Girls To Be Inspired By Nature

Young girl running through a path of trees.

Ready to branch out with one of these cute tree names for girls?

If it's time to grow your family tree, why not look to the natural world for inspiration. From feminine tree names or girls names that are flowers, through to nature-inspired choices, we've got you covered.

Who'd have thought that there was more than one name meaning oak? Or that naming your child after the ash tree doesn't have to mean calling them Ashley? Of course, there are plenty of tree names that do exactly what they say on the tin: Willow, Olive, Linden and Hazel are all named after tree varieties. But what if you want something a little more subtle? Something that hints at lush forests without being so overt. You could opt for a baby girl name whose meaning hints at strong, graceful trees in a more indirect way.

Trees have long been a symbol of both physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and freedom. Individual trees also have their own symbolic meaning: for example, we extend an olive branch for forgiveness. Did you know that wisteria's meaning is romance, the elm tree's meaning is inner love and the meaning of the pine trees is humility? Why not name your baby daughter Linden, in honour of the linden tree and its meaning of peace and justice, or Aspen, which has the symbolic meaning of protection?

For some more nature inspired baby names for girls, take a look at our top 100 nature names meaning Earth and the best 82 soaring names that mean wind, sky and air, for your baby.

Little girl sat on the grass in an orchard eating a fruit.

Flower Girl Names

Looking for girls names with a delicate meaning? Flowers make for great inspiration and add a touch of femininity to your girl's name. Flower inspired first names are predominantly taken from the name of the flower or plant you'd find in the garden and have their roots in old English. But despite this, some of the meanings of the baby name choices here are not as obvious.

1) Blossom (English). Means “to bloom”.

2) Brier (French). Means "heather".

3) Calla (Greek). Means "most beautiful".

4) Clover (English). Means “meadow flower”.

5) Daisy (English). Means “day’s eye”.

6) Fleur (French). Means "flower".

7) Flora (Latin). Means "flower".

8) Heather (English). Means "heather plant".

9) Iris (English). Means "iris".

10) Ivy (English). Means “faithfulness”.

11) Jasmine (English). Means "jasmine".

12) Lavender (English). Means "lavender".

13) Lily (English). Means “lily” or “pure”. Variations include Lilly, Lillie, Lillian, Lilith.

14) Marigold (English). Means "golden flower".

15) Peony (Greek). Means “praise giving”.

16) Petunia (English). Means “flower”.

17) Petal (Greek). Means “leaf”.

18) Poppy (English). Means "poppy".

19) Rosalie (Latin). Means “rose”.

20) Rose (Latin). Means “a flower”. Variations include Rosa.

21) Violet (English). Means "violet".

Pretty Tree Names

Little girl sat in a tree holding a soft rag doll.

The names below are all variations of tree species names. This collection, which harks back to names of trees, all bring to mind the idea of strong roots, growth and family connections. If the name meaning is important to you then look at some of the names which don't originate from old English, for example, the pretty Latin name Acer has a better ring to it than maple.

22) Acer (Latin). Means "maple tree”.

23) Alyvia (Latin). Means “olive tree”.

24) Apple (English). Means “apple”.

25) Ash (Hebrew). Means "ash".

26) Aspen (English). Means “shaking poplar tree”.

27) Aveline (French). Means “hazelnut tree”.

28) Ayla (Turkish). Means “oak tree”.

29) Bjork (Icelandic). Means "birch tree".

30) Cedar (English). Means “cedar tree”.

31) Cherry (American). Means “darling”.

32) Daphne (Greek). Means "bay tree".

33) Defne (Turkish). Means “laurel tree”.

34) Eila (Hebrew). Means “oak tree”.

35) Elowen (Cornish). Means “elm”.

36) Embla (Norse). Means "elm”.

37) Geneva (French). Means “juniper tree”.

38) Hazel (English). Means “hazel”.

39) Holly (English). Means “holly"

40) Idra (Aramaic). Means “fig tree”.

41) Ilana (Hebrew). Means “oak tree”.

42) Iva (Slavic). Means "willow".

43) Kaede (Japanese). Means "maple tree”.

44) Karri (Scandinavian). Means “pure” and is the name of an Australian native tree.

45) Kezia (Hebrew). Means “cassia tree”. Variations include Kazia.

46) Lakisha (Hebrew). Means “cassia tree”.

47) Laurel (English). Means “laurel tree”.

48) Laurie (English). Means "laurel tree". Variations include Lori.

49) Lilac (Latin). Means “lilac”.

50) Lina (Arabic). Means "palm tree".

51) Linden (English). Means “linden tree”.

52) Lorena (Latin). Means “laurel tree”.

53) Melia (Greek). Means "ash tree".

54) Maple (Latin). Means “piece of cloth”.

55) Olive (English). Means “olive tree”. Variations include Olivia.

56) Plum (English). Means “plum”.

57) Sadira (Persian). Means “lotus tree”.

58) Willow (English). Means “willow tree”.

59) Yvette (French). Means “yew tree”.

Baby Names Inspired By Trees

Young girl in a spotty dress walking away through the trees.e

If you're ruled out more obvious tree names like Aspen, Cedar or Ash you can still find inspiration for your baby girl name. Baby names like Acacia and Rowan are as beautiful to the ear as they are reminiscent of the forest. Pick one of the pretty names below and find out its meaning.

60) Acacia (Greek). Means “thorny tree”.

61) Alameda (Spanish). Means “from the poplar tree”.

62) Aranya (Thai). Means "bountiful forest".

63) Bryony (Latin). Means “to sprout”.

64) Cassia (Greek). Means “cinnamon”.

65) Elswyth (Anglo Saxon). Means "elf from the willow tree”.

66) Izara (African). Means “section of tree”.

67) Jelena (Slavic). Means "fir tree".

68) Kaila (Yiddish). Means "laurel" or "crown".

69) Kiri (Maori). Means “tree bark”.

70) Laragh (Irish). Means "bay laurel". Variations include the old English name Laura.

71) Lindsay (English). Means “from the island of the lime tree”.

72) Marley (English). Means "pleasant wood".

73) Perrie (English). Means "lives by the pear tree". Variations include Peri, Perry and Perri.

74) Randa (Arabic). Means "scented tree".

75) Rowan (English). Means "of the trees”. In Celtic mythology the rowan tree stands for the tree of life.

76) Savannah (Spanish). Means “treeless plain”.

77) Stockard (English). Means “tree stump”.

78) Sylvia (Latin). Means “from the forest”. Variations include Sylvie.

79) Vesa (Finnish). Means “sapling”.

80) Waverly (English). Means “meadow of quivering aspens”.

Nature Inspired Baby Names

If you want to open up your search a little then look to nature to provide some inspiration. The baby names here all take their lead from the environment around us, each name means something associated with the natural world. Read on to find out their meaning.

81) Autumn (Latin). Means "season of autumn".

82) Gaia (Greek). Means "mother earth".

83) Leif (Scandinavian). Means “heir”. Variations include Leaf.

84) Lesley (Gaelic). Means "small meadow".

85) Malai (Thai). Means "flower garland".

86) Malee (Thai). Means "jasmine flower".

87) Rosemary (Latin). Means "due of the sea".

88) Summer (English). Means "season of summer".

89) Terra (Latin). Means "planet earth".

90) Zahara (Arabic). Means “flower”.

If you enjoyed reading our list of the best tree names for girls to be inspired by, why not look to the sky for inspiration, too? We have compiled the 89 best moon related names and the 84 best names meaning sun, for a baby that shines and stands out.



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