60+ Bonkers Bacon Facts And Statistics From Around The World

Bacon is made from the back of a pig

These days in the United States, bacon is one of our most loved meats.

You can get bacon flavored ice cream, bacon coffee and even bacon chewing gum these days. But what makes the cured pork so special, special enough that we even celebrate National Bacon Day every year?

We have all the interesting facts about bacon you could dream of. If you want to know the real history of bacon, or some funny bacon facts, this is the article for you.

We can't promise you won't be hungry by the end of this list, but maybe you fancy it with a side of mushroom facts, or Tudor food facts?

What Is Bacon?

So what exactly is bacon? If you want to know where bacon comes from and what it is, these facts will help.

1. The word bacon describes meat that comes from the back of an animal.

2. In the US, bacon comes from pork belly instead of the back meat.

3. Bacon is streaky because pigs have a lot of fat in their belly area.

Bacon Health Facts

Even though it is usually pork you can get bacon made from any animal.

There is lots of information out there on whether slices of bacon are a good or bad food. We're here to bust the myths and give you the truth. Some of these facts might seem like eating bacon is a bad idea, but don't worry it can definitely still be enjoyed as a treat as part of a healthy balanced diet!

4. Eating bacon has been linked to an increased risk of ill health, so it should be eaten in moderation.

5. Bacon contains a lot of fat.

6. 50% of the fat found in bacon is monounsaturated, which is considered to be the worst fat for your heart health.

7. Bacon also contains 37 grams of animal protein.

8. Pork products do also have vitamins and nutrients in them that are good for the human body.

9. Bacon is very high in salt, eating a lot of salt can cause raise your blood pressure so it must be eaten in moderation.

10. Bacon has nitrates in it. These are additives that become bad for your health when cooked.

11. Sometimes antioxidants are added to bacon when it is cured so that it is slightly healthier.

12. Bacon must always be cooked properly, this is in order to kill any parasites and bacteria before it is eaten.

13. Eating too many processed meats has been linked to the development of many diseases. This is why moderation is so important.

14. There some studies that suggest bacon can cause heart disease and diabetes.

15. Some people have chosen to swap pork bacon for turkey bacon due to the facts about processed meat that have come to our attention.

16. If you are looking for turkey bacon nutrition facts, you will be pleased to know that it includes around 25% fewer calories and 35% less saturated fats than the bacon made from pork.

17. Even though it is slightly better for you than pork bacon, turkey bacon is still a processed meat and as such must also be eaten in moderation.

18. Turkey bacon has a lot of sodium in it which can be bad for your body if you have too much.

Bacon History Facts

Get to know the origins of bacon and learn the history of this food that has been loved by humans for years.

19. Bacon actually dates back all the way to 1500 B.C.

20. Whilst there is no one person who invented bacon, we do know that bacon was first made in China over 3000 years ago.

21. Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in the world.

22. There is a famous phrase that goes: "bringing home the bacon". This comes from England in the 12th century.

23. If you "brought home the bacon", you were highly respected for being a good husband.

24. A Church in England once offered free bacon to any man who could say that he had not fought with his wife for a whole year and a day.

25. The ancient Romans called their bacon dish Petaso.

26. Petaso was made by boiling figs and salted pig shoulder with a pepper sauce.

27. When bacon became very popular in England in the 18th century, a man called John Harris opened up a processing plant to create lots of bacon quickly.

28. John Harris developed a special brine for the bacon called the Wiltshire Cure, which tasted different to normal bacon.

29. Before John Harris' brine, bacon was dry cured with salt and then smoked.

30. The Wiltshire Cure, is still used for bacon today. It is sweeter tasting than normal bacon.

31. In the '80s bacon became less popular because people found out that cholesterol and saturated fats were bad for them.

32. In America in the '90s, Hardee's made the Frisco burger, which was one of the first burgers to have bacon in it. It was very popular.

Bacon Around The World

You can even get bacon flavored mayonaise and bacon flavored chewing gum.

If you ever wanted to know all about bacon and what we do with it all over the world, we have one or two facts you might like.

33. Coconut bacon has been invented as a vegan alternative, it involves slices of coconut that are flavored to taste like bacon.

34. In Korea, bacon is called samgyeopsal, which translates to the not very appealing sounding, "three layer flesh".

35. Samgyeopsal is very thick and has a lot of fat on it, it is not seasoned or marinated like bacon usually is.

36. Pancetta is a popular version of bacon from Italy, which has a bit more fat in it than the US version and is usually flavored with pepper.

37. Pancetta is famously used in Italy's delicious carbonara pasta.

28. Bacon from Europe and Canada is made from the back of a pig instead of the pork belly, which means it is a bit healthier than American bacon.

39. Duck bacon is enjoyed in New Jersey and is made from duck breast slices.

40. Canadian bacon looks different to what we have in the US, as it is round in shape and thickly sliced without any streaks.

41. Chicken fried bacon was supposedly created in Snook, Texas. It is deep fried bacon that is usually served with dipping gravy.

42. In Korea, 3 March is Samgyeopsal Day. A whole day just to celebrate their version of bacon!

43. Irish bacon is the same as the bacon we have in the US.

44. We sometimes refer to Irish bacon as whole bacon or unsliced bacon.

Statistics About Bacon

If you want the cold hard food facts to go with your hot crispy slices of bacon, we have them right here.

45. 70% of bacon in North America is eaten at breakfast.

46. On average, Americans eat 18 pounds of bacon every year. The US is the country which eats the most bacon in the world!

47. Two billion pounds of bacon is made each year in the United States.

48. Over three quarters of restaurants in the United States have bacon on their menu.

Fun Facts About Bacon

This bacon trivia is going to give you all you need to know to wow your friends with your bacon knowledge.

49. National Bacon Day is held on 3 September every year, remember to celebrate it next year with a bacon breakfast!

50. There is a Church of bacon, where the commandment is "Praise bacon". You can even get married there.

51. The first ever meal eaten on the moon was actually bacon.

52. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate bacon, peaches, coffee and sugar cookies on the moon.

53. An alarm clock has been invented that wakes you up with freshly cooked bacon, but it hasn't got past the prototype phase yet sadly.

54. In World War II bacon was actually used to make explosive devices. People were asked to donate leftover bacon grease to be used in bomb production.

55. Scientists have been growing bacon in scientific experiments from pig cells.

56. There is a bacon summer camp in Michigan where you can take part in bacon related activities and learn more about the salty meat.

57. There is a sculpture of famous actor Kevin Bacon made of bacon bits.

58. Because people love bacon so much, you can buy some crazy bacon products these days.

59. One of our favorites is bacon soap, but you can also get bacon cologne, bacon chocolate and even bacon flavored dental floss!

60.  Every year Americans spend over four billion dollars on bacon.

61. Kevin Bacon's favorite sandwich is one that he says he invented. It consists of bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and smoked salmon. Sounds delicious!

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