The 20 Best February Preschool Themes With Activities

February is a brilliant month for fun preschool lesson plans.

We've come up with some of the best February weekly themes for preschool age kids.

We've packed in a ton of fun activities that will make the preschool activities in February a month to remember. These February preschool themes and activities are perfect for homeschoolers and preschoolers.

February is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about kindness, love and friendship, as well as loads more cool topics through fun and exciting February activities for preschoolers. These February preschool lesson plans and activities cover all sorts of holidays that happen in February. If you find it helpful to learn all about February themes for preschool, why not take a look at these [January preschool themes] or get learning about these [November preschool themes] too?

1. Chinese New Year

Depending on the year, Chinese New Year often falls in February, and kids will love learning about it with some fun activities and lesson plans. We can make amazing puppets out of cardboard egg cartons and  teach kids a lesson about luck by making lucky red envelopes. This is one of the February preschool themes that can last all week, with decorations, food, stories and lots of other fun ideas.

2. Love

February is a great month for kids to learn about love.

With Valentine's Day creating an exciting buzz for your preschoolers, this preschool theme is a great way to familiarize your kids with the meaning of love. Showing and sharing love is a special theme that is important all through our lives, so activities that teach them about it at this age are great for making healthy relationships later on. Create collages of the things children love, sing songs about love and encourage children to tell their friends and family members why they love them.

3. Pets

This lesson theme is the perfect way to help them learn more about their favorite furry friends. February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, so it's a great time to teach preschoolers about what animals we keep as pets, and which pets their friends have. Use cardboard and paint to create a sculpture of your pet, and practice learning if animals are pets or if they are wild with stuffed animals or flashcards.

4. Dental Health

Check those pearly whites out this February with preschool aged kids. You can use fun songs to help children get excited about tooth-brushing. There are some great educational tunes on YouTube that will help children to know why good dental hygiene is so important. Play a game of dentists by making Play Dough mouths, and celebrate Dental Health Month with a lot of fun.

5. Birds

February is National Bird Feeding Month, and it's one of the most important times for us to remember to give our feathered friends some snacks. Use empty toilet roll tubes to create easy bird feeders by tying string through them and covering them in peanut butter and seeds. Encourage kids to keep a diary of the birds they see visiting their feeder, and learn some interesting facts about them.

6. Groundhog Day

Groundhogs come out of hibernation in February, and we can teach kids all about why.

Groundhog Day is a fun time for us to theme our activities around animals who hibernate, and to learn about the changing seasons. Try making some shadow puppets out of paper to find out the different shadows that we make at different times of day.

7. Black History

Our favorite of all February themes is Black History Month. Even though it's important to teach this as part of history all year, February is a great month to highlight some amazing historical figures. Try out some activities about traffic lights, and their creator Garrett Morgan.

8. Baking

Plan your preschool activities around some of our nation's favorite foods: cookies and cakes! February is Bake For Family Fun Month, and a great time to introduce preschoolers to baking. Some of the easiest activity ideas are decorating cupcakes or making cornflake cakes, and bonus: they taste great!

9. The Postal Service

February is the perfect time to find out how letters get to their destination. We can teach preschool kids the journey of the letter and who helps it on its way to the people we love by sending Valentine's cards and creating a play post office to practice sorting and sending letters to our neighbors.

10. Mardi Gras

Lots of different communities celebrate Mardi Gras, and that's why we think it is one of the best February preschool themes out there. There are loads of February preschool activities to choose from, like making fun masks and necklaces. Practice learning some French words and most importantly don't forget to eat some yummy Mardi Gras cake.

11. The Human Heart

With Valentine's Day being one of the most famous February holidays, we can educate kids about their own hearts and why we use them as a symbol of romance. Why not try creating an activity with a bucket of water and a tennis ball with a hole in to show them how the heart pumps our blood and keeps us alive?

12. Woodland Creatures

Along with the groundhogs of Groundhog Day, many other woodland animals come out in February, so that's why it's one of the best preschool February themes. Make hand prints into rabbits and foxes for a fun activity.

13. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is probably the most talked about of all the themes for preschool in February. Create a fun Valentine's Day heart activity with your children with shaving foam and food coloring to make a marble effect. Fold the hearts in two and they make perfect Valentine's Day cards.

14. Dr Seuss

The amazing Dr Seuss created Seuss Reading Day on February 28 to encourage children to have more fun reading books. Celebrate this February theme with books and fun themed activities, and create fun poems in the style of the wacky writer.

15. Presidents

On the third Monday of the month, we can celebrate Presidents Day by learning about the Founding Fathers. Bring this theme to life with lesson plans that involve learning about who the president is, who has been president, and whose face we see on coins and notes.

16. Friends

Making friends and looking after them is one of the most important theme ideas for preschool children. Some of the holidays in February we can base this theme around are National Make A Friend Day on February 11 and National Send A Card To A Friend Day on February 7. Why not use this theme to do some activities that involve writing cards for friends to encourage preschoolers to show their appreciation?

17. Music

Some of the best ideas for February preschool activities are the ones that involve making music. Create instruments out of recycled cardboard and plastic bottles, and let kids come up with some great ideas for songs to play that celebrate the musical month.

18. Acts Of Kindness

In the US, 17 February is Random Acts Of Kindness Day, and we love creating activities around acts of kindness for our preschoolers. Ask kids to talk about kind things they've done, and practice giving compliments and saying thank you. Kindness is an important way to boost preschoolers' confidence and get them thinking about other people's feelings, so that's why we think this is one of the best themes to add into your week.

19. Family

It's National Take Your Family To School Week in February, and a great time to get kids learning about the many different kinds of families out there. Some of our favorite ideas for activities are to use paper plates as faces to draw each member of their family, create a family tree and ask your kids to share the best things about their family. It is important for us to help preschoolers appreciate families that are different from their own, so that's why this is one of the best preschool themes for February.

20. Books

It's Library Lovers' Month in February, and this is one of our best lesson themes for preschool aged kids. Bring your favorite books to life by acting them out and performing them.

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