The 20 Best February Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas And Activities

Georgia Stone
Feb 14, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Feb 17, 2021
From alphabets to quotes, teach the kids with the help of interactive games and activities.

We've come up with some of the best February weekly bulletin board ideas for preschool-age kids.

We've packed in many fun activities that will make the classroom bulletin board in February a month to remember. These February preschool ideas and activities are perfect for homeschoolers and preschoolers.

February is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about kindness, love, and friendship and loads more cool topics through fun and exciting February activities for preschoolers. These February preschool bulletin board ideas and activities cover all sorts of holidays that happen in February.

1. Heartwarming gestures

Children are ecstatic as the new year gets started, and this is one of the ideal times to encourage kids' creativity while they study. They can become involved in things like writing a kind deed they did for someone or writing compliments for their best friend in school.

Putting such handwritten notes 0n jars and heart-outlined decorations on bulletin boards will give kids immense joy and will initiate the feeling of courtesy.

2. Twitter birds

Kids are fascinated by birds, therefore if a bird is delivering any information, it can catch their attention. This is a fantastic method to show those meaningful thoughts in the tweet of the month for each month.

You can also let kids name the birds so they can feel connected yet resonate with the idea. These creative yet thoughtful ideas are ideal for your bulletin boards.

3. Chinese New Year

Depending on the year, Chinese New Year often falls in February, and kids will love learning about it with some fun activities and lesson plans. You can make amazing puppets out of cardboard egg cartons and teach kids a lesson about luck by making lucky red envelopes.

Your bulletin board can have a space for what students learned about the Chinese new year, colorful dragons, and fun facts about the animal assigned to that Year.

4. Love

Valentine's Day creates an exciting buzz for everyone, including your preschoolers. Showing and sharing love is exceptional and is important throughout our lives.

To familiarize the kids with the meaning of love, they can make collages of the things they adore and write messages for their friends and family written on small heart-shaped notes on the board. Another good idea could be to set up a corner of the bulletin board for '100 things we love about our school.'

5. Pets

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day, so it's a great time to teach preschoolers what animals we keep as pets and which pets their friends have.

Kids can use cardboard and paint to create a sculpture of their pets for the board. They can also use bird seeds to create cute cutouts on paper with glue.

Another idea would be to have a graph made with cute miniature animal drawings to learn numbers and make letter puzzles with pictures of pets to identify letters and pin them randomly on the board for students to find and stick the missing pair.

6. Dental Health Month

Check those pearly whites out this February with preschool-aged kids. You can use fun activities to help children get excited about toothbrushing.

Create a corner on your bulletin board with small notes by kids on 'why good dental hygiene is important.' Pin two large-sized teeth cutouts and label them as 'Good for your teeth' and 'Bad for your teeth' and have kids write out habits and foods inside them accordingly.

You could also connect paper tooth cutouts with dental floss for a more distinctive aesthetic.

7. Birds

The month of February is National Bird Feeding Month, and it's one of the most important times for us to remember to feed our feathered companions. You can make simple bird feeders by threading a rope through empty toilet paper tubes and coating them in peanut butter and seeds.

Make an interactive chart with colorful birds and encourage children to maintain a journal of the birds they observe visiting their feeders and write some interesting information about them on your bulletin board.

Children may also learn to fold basic origami bird figurines and place them on the board. Make a tree with many branches and have your children paste colorful bird designs on the branches.

8. Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a fun time for us to theme our activities around animals who hibernate and to learn about the changing seasons. Try making some shadow puppets out of paper to find out the different shadows we make at different times of the day.

Create a bulletin board themed - What If I Were A Groundhog? Ask kids to draw images of what they might do if they were groundhogs and saw their shadows.

As you jot down their stories on their sheets, ask children to describe their visuals. Making Groundhog puppets and a game of shadow tag on a sunny day to learn about shadows will enhance their learning and fun.

9. Black History

February is the Black History Month. Even though it's essential to teach this as part of history all year, February is a great month to highlight some notable historical figures. Try out some activities about traffic lights and familiarize kids with its creator Garrett Morgan.

Your class can celebrate this month by having a Bulletin board dedicated to all the great personalities making Black History remarkable. You can have themes divided like 'Honoring the past,' 'Celebrating the present,' and 'Inspiring future' with facts, quotes by freedom fighters of the past, and highlighting the fantastic African culture on your board.

10. Baking

February is Bake For Family Fun Month and a great time to introduce preschoolers to baking. Some of the most effortless activity ideas are decorating cupcakes or making cornflake cakes, and a bonus: they taste great!

Your class bulletin board can feature simple baking recipes by each student. They can also decorate the board with colorful cutouts of cupcakes, cookies, and baked goods they love.

One section can be dedicated to 'My favorite baked goods,' and kids can pin their favorite cookies, muffins, and cakes. A gingerbread man cutout can be used as a center decoration for your board.

11. The Postal Service

February is the perfect time to find out how letters get to their destination.

Create a large letterbox cutout and have kids write and stick letters and postcards on it for their friends and family. You can also illustrate the whole process of how a letter reaches its destination via post. As an activity, the kids can also write and send postcards/letters to friends with the help of their caregivers.

12. Mardi Gras

Lots of different communities celebrate Mardi Gras, and that's why we think it is one of the best February preschool bulletin board ideas out there.

Kids can make decorative Mardi Gras masks with scrap paper, colors, glitters, and sequins for the bulletin board. To provide dimension and visual appeal, let them create and paint any pattern on their mask.

Have them write their aspirations for the upcoming spring. Make use of the symbolic colors purple, gold, and green. These vivid colors represent justice, power, and faith, respectively.

13. The Leap Year

For your bulletin board, make a big frog cutout on one side of the board and let students write their leap year plans. This is exciting for young kids. Another idea is to reserve the other half of the board for 'Leapfrog.'

This entertaining game combines math and jumping like a frog! First, students anticipate how far they believe they can leap forward. Then set a measuring tape on the floor and see how far each kid could leap forward.

Have students record their predictions and actual jumps, and then they must determine the difference between the two. How often do we learn math by jumping? Isn't that interesting?

14. Woodland Creatures

Along with the groundhogs of Groundhog Day, many other woodland animals come out in February.

Decorate your bulletin board with a forest theme, and cut out trees and grasses from scrap paper. Make animal cutouts like rabbits, foxes, owls, deer, etc., and pin them on the jungle.

Encourage your students to be creative with the colors and patterns of the forest. They can also make small camp pictures. You can also incorporate some learning and art by getting the kids to make food chain diagrams using these animal cutouts.

15. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is probably the most talked-about of all the ideas for preschool in February. Create a fun Valentine's Day heart activity with your children with shaving foam and food coloring to make a marble effect. Fold the hearts in two, and they make perfect Valentine's Day cards.

For a fabulous bulletin board, you can take all your student's footprints on pieces of paper and place them in heart shapes, forming a cute collage. They can write short messages for their friends and teachers. Another idea is to make colorful balloon cutouts with letters from your student-themed 'Love is in the air.'

16. Dr. Seuss

The amazing Dr. Seuss created Seuss Reading Day on February 28 to encourage children to have more fun reading books. Celebrate this February with books and fun-themed activities, and create fun poems in the style of the wacky writer.

Oh! For places you'll go - create a vibrant bulletin board for your little explorers with this theme for all the places you'll go. Make small hot air balloons and stick photos of your students on them.

Let them write what they want to become or their aspirations on the balloons. Alternatively, they can also write where they would like to travel. You can also make a gratitude board for your students where they write three things they are grateful for.

17. Presidents Day

On the third Monday of the month, we can celebrate Presidents Day by learning about the Founding Fathers. Bring this day to life with ideas that involve learning about who the President is, who has been President, and whose face we see on coins and notes.

You may use a 'Kid President Says' bulletin board for kids to write and share motivating statements with the class! You might also have them research their favorite US presidents and give some of their most famous quotations.

Print or compose your student's quotes and place them in front of a beautiful background. You can also create an activity - What if I were the President and have the kids write down their ideas and aspirations.

18. Friends

Making friends and looking after them is one of the most essential things for preschool children. In February, some of the holidays we can base this theme around are National Make A Friend Day on February 11 and National Send A Card To A Friend Day on February 7.

Why not use this theme to do activities involving writing cards for friends to encourage preschoolers to show their appreciation?

On one side of your bulletin board, let your students write pointers on 'How to be a good friend.' With this engaging writing activity, on the other side, the kids can paste their favorite photos with their friends and write three things they love about them. Decorate the board with little hearts, cartoon characters representing friendship, and quotes.

19. Music

Some of the best ideas for February preschool activities are the ones that involve making music. Create instruments out of recycled cardboard and plastic bottles, and let kids come up with some great ideas for songs to play that celebrates the musical month.

It's almost time for spring! You can make a spring-themed board with cute flower cutouts and have your students write their favorite songs or lyrics! The students can also draw their favorite instruments and display them on the board.

20. Acts Of Kindness

In the US, 17 February is Random Acts Of Kindness Day. Ask kids to talk about kind things they've done and practice giving compliments and saying thank you.

For the bulletin board, you can encourage your students to write words of kindness on sticky notes and make a 'Wall of kindness.' This would be a beautiful collection of messages, notes, or advice on empathy from your students.

Another idea would be to promote compassion among students. Have them write words of compassion for themselves on colorful notes and stick them on the board whenever they are having a bad day.

21. Family

It's National Take Your Family To School Week in February, and a great time to get kids learning about the many different kinds of families out there.

Some of our favorite ideas for activities are to use paper plates as faces to draw each member of their family, create a family tree and ask your kids to share the best things about their family.

We need to help preschoolers appreciate families that are different from their own, so this is one of the best preschool ideas for February.

22. Books

It's Library Lovers' Month in February, and this is one of our best lesson themes for preschool-aged kids. Bring your favorite books to life by acting them out and performing them.

This is a great theme to have for your bulletin board because there are many options to choose from. The class bulletin board can be based on a Children's book.

You can select a book and have kids put up a vivid image of what they think the book is about, making visuals of characters, and places and jotting down their favorite quotes. Another idea is to create a colorful board with different recommendations from kids and teachers on their favorite books.

There are many more ideas that you can incorporate into the February bulletin board at school. Let us take a look at them -

- Travel

- Places around the world

- Spring

- World Cancer Day

- Women and Girls in Science

- Darwin and His Work

- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Celebrations

- Science Week

- Nature

- Astronomy

- Gardening

- Global Cuisines

- Top Authors

- Climate Change

- Acts of kindness

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