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Dog owners spend hours looking for names suitable for their dogs.

While most of the dog names are multi-cultural, there are specific names interlaced with the British culture. Dog owners from Britain might want to give their beloved pet names that are closer to home.

Yet, looking for their perfect British name that encapsulates your dog's personality can be tiring and fruitless. To solve your problems in your quest to name your dog, we have compiled a comprehensive list of names for both male and female dogs.

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Top British Boy Dog Names

English Mastiff dog in a ground

Scroll down to take a look at this list full of male British dog names:

1. Aidan (Celtic origin) meaning "fiery". This is a great male dog name.

2. Alan (Irish origin) meaning "handsome". An excellent British name for a dog.

3. Alfie (English origin) meaning "a counselor". This is the most common male British dog name.

4. Alfred (Old English) origin meaning "wise"; very common for British dog names.

5. Angus (Scottish Gaelic origin) meaning "one choice"; could be the choice for your male dogs' name.

6. Arthur (English origin) meaning "noble". Associated with legendary King Arthur.

7. Bard (English origin) meaning "poet".

8. Barkley (English origin) meaning "a meadow of birch trees". An excellent name for a male British dog.

9. Barry (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair-haired". For male dog names, an excellent choice.

10. Bran (Old English origin) meaning "crow". One of the better English dog names for a male dog.

11. Blaine (Scottish origin) meaning "yellow". For the cocker spaniel dog breeds(English dogs), names such as this is a perfect fit.

12. Cadbury (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "swelled fortress". A cute identity for your British dog.

13. Calvert (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "herdsman". British Dog names like these are fantastic and meaningful.

14. Cameron (Gaelic origin) meaning "crooked river".

15. Carlisle (Scottish origin) refers to an ancient city in Northern England. One can always use the names of places for dogs.

16. Coner (Irish origin) meaning "lover of hounds". Male British names such as this can always be used as male dog names.

17. Dalton (English origin) meaning "belonging to a valley town". An excellent name for male dogs.

18. Darcy (English origin) meaning "dark-haired". The use of British names like this for dogs is widespread in England.

19. Devlin (Irish origin) meaning "a brave warrior". A fantastic male British dog names for your brave dog.

20. Duke (English origin) meaning "high ranking leader"; one of the most royal male British dog names.

21. Earl (English origin) meaning "nobleman warrior". A noble male British dog name for your noble dog.

22. Ellard (English origin) meaning "brave and fearless". British dogs like the male English bulldog should have this name.

23. Fairfax (Scottish origin) meaning "fair hair". An excellent name for a British male dog.

24. Farley (English origin) meaning "a fern clearing". This is a cool name for a male dog.

25. Fergie (English origin) meaning "strength of man". One of the funnier yet meaningful names for a male dog.

26. Floyd (Welsh origin) meaning "grey-haired". This name for a male dog is apt for dog breeds like the Northern Inuit.

27. Gale (English origin) meaning "jovial"; a male name for your hail and hearty dog.

28. Gavin (English origin) meaning "white hawk"; an outstanding male name.

29. Grover (English origin) meaning "from the grove". Male British dog names such as these are quite prevalent.

30. Hayle (Old English) meaning "hero". The use of such dog names for males is increasing over time.

31. Irving (Irish origin) meaning "handsome". A male name for your excellent and handsome dog.

32. Knight (English origin) meaning "one who serves the King"; an old school male name.

33. Neil (Gaelic origin) meaning "a passionate champion"; one of the more elegant British dog names for males.

34. Orrin (Irish origin)meaning "green"; apt for male dogs with green eyes.

35. Riley (Irish origin) meaning "brave"; an excellent choice for male names of a dog.

Top British Girl Dog Names

Three english bulldog puppies sitting on the grass

Here is a list of names for female dogs:

36. Allison (English origin) meaning meaning "kind and noble".

37. Audrey (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "noble strength". A perfect British name for a girl dog.

38. Baroness (English origin) meaning "a noblewoman"; an excellent choice for names of a female British dog.

39. Blythe (English origin) meaning "cheerful and pleasant"; one of the more unique female British dog names.

40. Bonnie (Scottish origin) meaning "attractive and beautiful".

41. Bowden (Old English origin) meaning "one who dwells at the top of a hill"; can easily be one of the better female dog names.

42. Bree (Gaelic origin) meaning the "exalted one'.

43. Brenda (Old English origin) meaning "sword".

44. Briann (Celtic origin) meaning "strong". This should be the right name for your female English bulldog.

45. Bridget (Gaelic origin) meaning "virtue and strength". An apt name for your female dog.

46. Clementine (English origin) meaning "kind and merciful". For British dog names, this is a classy choice.

47. Deirdre (Irish origin) meaning "one who talks". For girl dog names, a unique selection.

48. Deja (English/American origin) meaning "already".

49. Demelza (English origin) refers to the Hill Fort of Maeldaf.

50. Duchess (English/Latin origin) referring to a female member of the Royal family.

51. Earlene (Irish origin) meaning "the pledge". An excellent option for dog names.

52. Edwina (Old English origin) meaning "rich friend". Well, a dog is supposed to be your best friend.

53. Ethne (Irish origin) meaning "kernel". Many terms like this are used for female dog names.

54. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning "white". A beautiful name for a female dog.

55. Gilda (English origin) meaning "golden". For female dogs, a glistening name.

56. Godiva (English origin) meaning "the gift of God". Yes, your pet dog is indeed a gift from God!

57. Guinevere (Welsh origin) meaning "a white phantom". For a dog with white furs, no other British dog names could be better.

58. Hazel (English origin) refers to the color of the hazelnut tree. Female dog names like these are trendy.

59. Iona (Scottish origin) refers to an island in Scotland.

60. Keely (Irish origin) meaning "beautiful".

61. Keira (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired".

62. Lady (English origin) meaning "female household head". In 'Game of Thrones', Sansa Stark had a direwolf named Lady.

63. Lainey (English origin) meaning "from the lane". If you are adopting a female dog, this is the most suitable name.

64. Maeve (Irish origin) meaning "intoxicating beauty". Another great option for British dog Names.

65. Meryl (English origin) meaning "shining sea".

66. Myrna (Celtic origin) meaning "beloved". A beautiful female British name for dogs.

67. Molly (English origin) meaning "from the sea", a name for dogs who love to swim.

68. Nell (English origin) meaning "light". If your dog is the light of your life, this should be your choice.

69. Rhiannon (Welsh origin) meaning "great queen". A British royal name for your female royal dog.

70. Willow (English origin) refers to a particular tree found in England.

Unisex British Dog Names

With unisex names trending, we've made a list of such dog names too. Take a look:

71. Avery (Old English origin) meaning "wise king".

72. Blair (Gaelic origin) meaning "field".

73. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark". An excellent English dogs' name for all dog breeds, both male and female.

74. Enid (Welsh origin) meaning "spirit".

75. Fallon (Gaelic origin) meaning "leader". For unisex dog names, this is a suitable option.

76. Glenn (Scottish origin) meaning "a narrow valley".

77. Haley (English origin) meaning "a hay clearing".

78. Harley (English origin) meaning "hare's meadow". A standard call for both male and female dogs.

79. Kerry (Irish origin) meaning "people of Ciar".

80. Lennon (Irish origin) meaning "a loved one".

81. Lennox (Scottish origin) meaning "elm grave".

82. Lesley (Gaelic origin) meaning "holly garden".

83. Nessie (Scottish origin) referring to the Lochness Monster. One of the cuter unisex names for dogs.

84. Ollie (English origin) meaning "army of elves".

85. Rory (Irish origin) meaning "red-haired king". Good dog names like this are a fantastic choice.

Dog Names Inspired By Famous Britons

In addition to the above list of names, you can also use these famous names for your pet dogs:

86. Beckham(M) (English origin) is the name of the iconic soccer player, David Beckham.

87. Bradley(M) (English origin) meaning "broad meadow"; David Bradley played the role of Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movie franchise.

88. Diana(F) meaning "Divine". Princess Diana was the crown princess of Britain.

89. Elton(M) (Old English origin) meaning "settlement". Sir Elton John is a famous proponent of this name.

90. Excalibur(M/F) (Welsh origin) was the name of King Arthur's sword and can serve as an excellent identity for both male and female dogs.

91. Franklin(M) (English origin) meaning "free landowner". Benjamin Franklin is associated with this name.

92. Gladstone(M) (Scottish origin); W. E. Gladstone is the former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

93. Harry(M) (English origin) meaning "ruler of the house". Well, Harry Potter certainly was the ruler of our hearts!

94. McCartney(M) (Gaelic origin) is the surname of Sir Paul McCartney.

95. Merlin(M) (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress". Merlin was a mythological wizard in Medieval England.

96. Oxford(M/F) (English origin), meaning "ford of the oxen", after Oxford University in England.

97. Ozzy(M) (Old English origin) is associated with British musician, Ozzy Osbourne.

98. Pierce(M) (English origin) meaning "rock", inspired by former James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan.

99. Posh(F) (English origin) meaning "elegant". Posh Spice is the stage moniker of Victoria Beckham.

100. Rooney(M/F) (Gaelic origin) meaning "red-haired". Wayne Rooney is the former England National Football Team captain.

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