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Japan is known for its love of cats.

If you watch animes or have read Japanese novels, you must have noticed that cats are an integral part of Japanese culture. Naturally, Japan has some exotic and wonderful names for cats.

Cats have always been considered auspicious to the Japanese culture. Hence, they are respected by most Japanese people or households. A "Neko" (cat in Japanese) symbolizes good luck and positive outcomes. Borrowing a name from the Japanese culture will make your cat's name all the more special. That is why we bring you this beautiful list of Japanese cat names along with their traditional meanings so that you find the best and most meaningful cat name for your adorable little feline companion.

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Most Popular Japanese Male Cat Names

There are many cats names in Japan that remain on the popularity list for ages. Here is a special list of the most popular Japanese cat names for male cats to choose from:

1.Daifuku (Japanese Origin) meaning "Great Luck". Also the name of a Japanese Wagashi (confection), which makes it all the more adorable for a kitten's name

2.Daiki (Japanese Origin) meaning "Big, Shining"

3.Haru (Japanese Origin) meaning "The Haru (Spring) Season"

4.Isamu (Japanese origin) meaning "Courage" Isamu Noguchi was one of the most critically acclaimed artists and sculptors in the twentieth century

5.Kai (Japanse Origin) meaning "Ocean, Shell"

6.Katsuro (Japanese Origin) meaning "Victorious Son"

7.Kohaku (Japanese Origin) meaning "Amber". Kohaku also makes for a brilliant name for a ginger kitten

8.Masaaki (Japanese Origin) meaning "Pleasing Brightness"

9.Minoru (Japanese Origin) meaning "Truth"

10.Mitsuo (Japanese Origin) meaning "Shining Hero". Mitsou Aida, also known as The Poet of Zen was a famous Japanese poet and calligrapher

11.Nobu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Faith"

12.Raiden (Japanese Origin) meaning "Thunder, Lightening". It is the name of a Mortal Kombat character

13.Ren (Japanese Origin) meaning "Love"

14.Ryu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Dragon"

15.Sora (Japanese Origin) meaning "Sky" This name is also associated with Kawai Sora, a poet of the fifteenth century who is famous for his Sora Tabi Nikki (Travel Diary of Sora)

16.Tama (Japanese Origin) meaning "Jewel"

17.Tora (Japanese Origin) meaning "Tiger" Tora is a gender-neutral name and can be used for a female cat as well

18.Yoshio (Japanese origin) meaning "Righteous Man"

Most Popular Japanese Female Cat Names

A Calico striped cat with green eyes

If you are looking for a good cat name for your female kitten, then you can opt for the trending Japanese female cat names:

19.Chibi (Japanese Origin) meaning "Short"

20.Hana (Japanese Origin) meaning "Flower"

21.Hime (Japanese Origin) meaning "Princess"

22.Hina (Japanese Origin) meaning "Sun". Hina-Matsuri is a special day In japan, celebrated as "Doll's Day" or "Girls' Day"

23.Kimiko (Japanese Origin) meaning "Empress Child"

24.Mei (Japanese Origin) meaning "Brightness". Mei is also the main protagonist of the famous anime movie, My Friend Totoro

25.Mitsu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Light"

26.Momo (Japanse Origin) meaning "Peach". It is a brilliant choice for a female Tabby cat

27.Nana (Japanese Origin) meaning "Seven"

28.Nakano (Japanese Origin) meaning "Female Warrior". This name originates from Nakano Takeko, a Japanese warrior from the Aizu Domain who died in the Boshin War

29.Sayuri (Japanese Origin) meaning "Little lily"

30.Sakura (Japanese Origin) meaning " Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Trees". It is the name of the protagonist of the anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. Japan is famous for cherry blossom trees

31.Setsuko (Japanese Origin) meaning "Melody Child" This name can also be linked with Setsuko Hara, one of the best-known actresses of the mid-twentieth century

32.Shunju (Japanese Origin) meaning "Pearl"

33.Suzu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Bell"

34.Takara (Japanese Origin) meaning "Treasure"

35.Ume (Japanese Origin) meaning "Plum Blossom Fruit" It is an adorable name for your little female kitten

36.Yuka (Japanese Origin) meaning "Gentle Flower"

Anime-Inspired Male Japanese Cat Names

Japan is extremely famous for its anime. If you too are an anime fan, why not give your favorite character's name to your cat? Here, we have crafted a list of a few of the best Japanese anime cat names for your male cat:

37.Aang (Japanese Origin) meaning "Peaceful Soaring". The protagonist from Avatar: The Last Airbender

38.Ashitaka (Japanese Origin) meaning "Bright Tomorrow" Ashitaka was a major character is studio Ghibli's, Princess Mononoke

39.Goku (Japanese origin) meaning "Aware of Emptiness" from the Dragon Ball Z Franchise

40.Ichigo (Japanese Origin) meaning "Strawberry". Ichigo Kurosaki is an important character from the anime, Bleach

41.Jiji (Japanese Origin) meaning "Elderly Man" Jiji is one of the most popular cats in anime. He was Kiki's pet cat from Studio Ghibli's 'Kiki's Delivery Service'

42.Kirito (Japanese origin) meaning "Blade". The name is associated with a character in the anime, Sword Art Online

43.Naruto (Japanese Origin) meaning "Maelstrom" This name has been borrowed from the name of the main character of the Naruto series

44.Natsu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Summer". Natsu is a protagonist of the anime, Fairy Tail

45.Ryuk (Japanese origin) meaning "Gift of God" Ryuk is the name of the death god in the series, Death Note

46.Tomoe (Japanese origin) meaning "Beautiful Blessing". The name of a character from Kamisama Kiss

47.Totoro (Japanese Origin) Original word Torou meaning "Troll". In the movie, My Neighbour Totoro, Mei mispronounces Torou as Totoro

48.Vegeta (English Origin) It is a pun name for "Vegetable".  The name is related to the anti-hero of the Dragonball series

49.Yuri (Japanese Origin) meaning "Farmer". Katsuki Yuri is the main character from the sports anime series called Yuri on Ice

Anime-Inspired Female Japanese Cat Names

There are many cool female neko names inspired by popular anime. We present a list with wonderful Japanese cat names for your lovely female cats:

50.Asuka (Japanese Origin) meaning "Tomorrow" or "Frangrance, Perfume". A famous character in Neon Genesis Evangelion

51.Asuna (Japanese origin) meaning "Tomorrow" or "Apple Tree" Asuna is a major protagonist from the action anime series, Sword Art Online

52.Chi (Japanese Origin) meaning "Thousand" or "Wisdom"

53.Chichi (Chinese, Japanese Origin) meaning "Knowledge" The name was taken from Chichi, Goku's wife from Dragon Ball Z franchise

54.Chihiro (Japanese Origin) meaning "A thousand fathoms, Abundance". The name is associated with the famous protagonist of Spirited Away

55.Hinata  (Japanese Origin) meaning "Sunny Place". Hinata Hyuga is an important character in the anime, Naruto

56.Kiki (French Origin) meaning "Double Happiness" Kiki was the main protagonist in Studio Ghibli's 'Kiki's Delivery Service" movie    

57.Misa (Japanese Origin) meaning "Beautiful, Bloom". Misa Amane plays a major role in the anime, Death Note

58.Rukia (Japanese Origin) meaning "Heavenly Flower" Rukia is a major character from the anime series, Bleach

59.Tohru (Japanese Origin) meaning "Optimistic, Sweet" A character in the anime, Fruits Basket

60.Touka (Japanese Origin) meaning "Incense, Perfume". This is an important character in the anime, Tokyo Ghoul

61.Yona (Japanese Origin) meaning "Sunshine, Heaven" Yona is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Akatsuki No Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

Japanese Cat Names For A Black Cat

Black cats look lovely and you can add a fresh personality to them with a fitting name. Here are some of the loveliest cat names in Japanese for your black cat.

62.Akumi (Japanese Origin) meaning "Dark Beauty"

63.Amaya (Japanese Origin) meaning "Night Rain"

64.Kage (Japanese Origin) meaning "Shadow"

65.Kaguya (Japanese Origin) meaning "Shining Night" The name is associated with the Japanese story called "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter"

66.Kokuyogan (Japanese Origin) meaning "Obsidian"

67.Kurogiri (Japanese Origin) meaning "Black Fog" Kurogiri is a major antagonist in the anime series, My Hero Academia.

68.Kosho (Japanese Origin) meaning "Pepper"

69.Makkuro (Japanese Origin) meaning "Pitch Black"

70.Mika (Japanese Origin) meaning "New Moon"

71.Miyako (Japanese Origin) meaning "Beautiful Night Child" Miyako Island is also the name of a beautiful island in Japan.

72.Oribu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Olive"

73.Sumi (Japanese Origin) meaning "Black Ink"

74.Tsukiko (Japanese Origin) meaning "Moon" or "Moon Child"

75.Yamiyo (Japanese origin) meaning "Dark Night"

76.Yasha (Japanese Origin) meaning "Night Devil" This Japanese word has been taken from a popular folklore in Japan

Japanese Cat Names For A White Cat

Do you have a lovely white kitten? Here are some beautiful Japanese cat names with meanings related to the color white which would be the perfect choice for your snowball of a kitten.

77.Akari (Japanese origin) meaning "Light"

78.Byakko (Japanese origin) meaning "Japanese White Tiger"

79.Fuyu (Japanese Origin) meaning "Winter"

80.Fuyuko (Japanese origin) meaning "Winter Child" Fuyuko Matsui is a well known Japanese Nihonga artist

81.Kiri (Japanese Origin) meaning "Fog"

82.Kitsune (Japanese Origin) meaning "White Fox"

83.Kumo (Japanese Origin) meaning "Cloud"

84.Mashiro (Japanese Origin) meaning "Pure White"

85.Miruku (Japanese origin) meaning "Milk"

86.Miyuki (Japanese Origin) meaning "Deep, Beautiful Snow" or "Beautiful Happiness"

87.Shimo (Japanese Origin) meaning "Frost"

88.Shirayuki (Japanese origin) meaning "White Snow" Shirayuki is the main protagonist of the anime series called, Snow White with the Red Hair

89.Sunoboru (Japanese Origin) meaning "Snowball"

90.Sunofureku (Japanese Origin) meaning "Snowflake"

91.Yuki (Japanese Origin) meaning "Snow" or "Snow Flower" Yuki Fukushima is also a famous Japanese badminton player

92.Yukimi (Japanese origin) meaning "Beautiful Snow"

93.Zoge (Japanese Origin) meaning "Ivory"

Japanese Cat Names For A Ginger Cat

A cute ginger cat licking her paw

If you have recently adopted a Tabby cat, this list is for you. Other than Momo (Peach) which is a very popular name for ginger cats, we have collated some other really cute and kawaii Japanese cat names for your adorable ginger feline friends.

94.Aki (Japanese Origin) meaning "Born in Autumn" Aki Maeda is a famous Japanese actress and singer

95.Akahana (Japanese Origin) meaning "Red Flower"

96.Akane (Japanese Origin) meaning "Autumn, clear"

97.Azuki (Japanese Origin)meaning "Red beans"

98.Kabocha (Japanese origin) meaning "Pumpkin". It can be a really adorable and apt name for your precious little ginger cat

99.Kaede (Japanese Origin) meaning "Maple Leaf"

100.Kasai (Japanese Origin) meaning "Fire"

101.Kyo (Japanese Origin) meaning "Apricot" Kyo is one of the main characters of the anime, Fruits Basket, who is cursed with the spirit of the cat of the zodiac. He can turn into a ginger cat

102.Ninjin (Japanese origin) meaning "Carrot"

103.Mikan (Japanese Origin) meaning "Tangerine" Mikan is also the ginger cat from the popular Manga series Mikan Enikki.

104.Moeru (Japanese Origin) meaning "To burn"

105.Orenji (Japanese origin) meaning "Oranges"

106.Shoga (Japanese Origin) meaning "Ginger"

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