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Do you want your kitten name to be named after your favorite superhero?

Maybe, you are really proud of the tag 'nerd'. Well, it is time to show off this pride and share it with your feline friend.

What better way to wield your nerdiness than to bestow upon your new kitten the nerdiest of the names out there? The best part of being nerdy is that it gives you a plethora of the coolest and most unique names for your cats.

From comic books to your favorite sci-fi TV characters, there are endless options. We bring to you some of the best nerdy cat names inspired by various areas of interest to help you find the perfect names for your cats.

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Comics-Inspired Nerdy Male Cat Names

Comics have some brilliant inspiration for awesome cat names. Here is a list of some cool cats names:

1.Arrow This name comes from Green Arrow, a superhero from the DC universe.

2.Deadpool is a really cool name after a DC character of the same name.

3.Flash (American Origin), meaning "Bright Light."

4.Galactus This name comes from a character from the Marvel comics who was the sole survivor of Multiverse's sixth incarnation.

5.Hawkeye is one of the Avengers from Marvel Comics.

6.Krypton (Greek Origin) meaning "Hidden."

7.Loki (Scandinavian Origin) meaning "Mischievous, Trickster God."

8.Magneto (American Origin). This name is associated with a superhero fro American Marvel comics.

9.Robin (German origin) meaning "Shining, Bright."

10.Rorschach is the name of antagonist in the Watchmen comics by DC.

11.Sabertooth is an extinct mammal of the cat family. This name is linked with a villain from Marvel's X-Men comics.

12.Thor (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "God of Thunder."

13.Wolverine is one of the most famous characters from the X-Men comics. Hugh Jackman plays him in the movie adaptations.

Comics-Inspired Nerdy Female Cat Names

Curious blue tabby white coon cat

Give your female kitten a feisty nerdy cat name from a comic book.

14.Black Canary is a superhero from the DC Arrowverse. A beautiful comic book name for your black kitten.

15.Black Widow. This is the alias of Natasha Romanova, one of the Avengers from Marvel Comics.

16.Blackfire is a supervillainess from the DC universe.

17. Diana meaning "Roman Goddess of the Hunt, Forests, and Childbirth." Diana Prince is the name of the DC superhero, Wonder Woman.

18.Elektra (Greek Origin) meaning "Amber, Incandescent." She's a superhero in Marvel Comics.

19.Gamora is a green-skinned superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy comics by Marvel.

20.Harley (Quinn) (English Origin), meaning "Hare's Meadow." Harley Quinn is an antagonist in the Batman series.

21.Ivy (English Origin) meaning "Ivy Plant." This name comes from the DC character, Poison Ivy.

22.Jade (English origin) referring to a "Gemstone." Jade is a superhero from the DC franchise.

23.Jessica (Hebrew Origin), meaning "To Behold." This name can be linked with the superhero Jessica Jones.

24.Mystique (French Origin) meaning "Air of Mystery." Mystique is an important character in the X-Men series.

25.Nyssa (Arabic origin) meaning "Woman." Nyssa al Ghul is an enemy of Batman in the Batman series.

26.Oracle (Greek Origin) meaning "Prophecy." In DC Comics, Barbara Gordon or Oracle (alias) is a fictional superhero. She is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and often teams up with Batman.

27.Vixen (English Origin), meaning "Female Fox." Vixen is a superhero from the DC franchise.

28.Zatanna (American Origin) This beautiful name comes from the DC universe, which would make for such a pretty and unique name for your kitten.

Space-Related Nerdy Cat Names

If you love astronomy, then you'll love these scientific names for cats. Take a look at our list to find the perfect name for your nerdy cat:

29.Andromeda (Greek Origin) meaning "Ruler of Men." It is the name of a galaxy.

30.Asteroid (Greek origin) meaning "Star-Like."

31.Aurora (Latin Origin) meaning "Dawn." The northern lights are called Aurora Borealis.

32.Atlas (Greek Origin) meaning "Support." Atlas refers to a specific family of US rockets.

33.Comet (Greek Origin), meaning "Long-haired Star."

34.Cosmos (Greek Origin) meaning "Universe."

35.Crescent (French Origin) meaning "Growing, Increasing the size of the moon"

36.Draco (Latin origin) meaning "Serpent, Dragon." It is the eighth largest constellation.

37.Eclipse (Greek Origin), meaning "Gift of The Moon."

38.Galaxy (American Origin), meaning "Large System of Stars."

39.Mercury (Latin Origin) meaning "Roman God of Trade."

40.Nebula (Latin Origin) meaning "Mist."

41.Neptune (Latin Origin), meaning "Roman God of The Sea."

42.Nova (Latin origin) meaning "New." It is also a reference to a star explosion.

43.Orion (Greek Origin), meaning "The Hunter." It is the name of a constellation.

44.Pheonix (Greek Origin), meaning "Dark Red." Pheonix is also a minor constellation.

45.Sirius (Greek Origin) meaning "Glowing." It is the brightest star in the sky.

46.Solstice (English Origin), meaning "Position of The Sun."

47.Umbra (Latin Origin) meaning "Shadow." Eclipses occur due to the umbra covering the sun or the moon.

48.Venus (Latin Origin) meaning "Goddess of Love & Beauty."

Nerdy Movie Cat Names

Curious cat on the work table

Your favorite movies can inspire the perfect name for your nerdy cat. Here's a fantastic list of some of the coolest names from movies.

49.Chewbacca (Russian Origin) meaning "Dog." A major character in Star Wars.

50.Darth Vader, the name of a prominent character from the Star Wars universe.

51.Elsa (English Origin) meaning "God is My Oath." Elsa is from the movie, Frozen.

52.Frodo (German Origin), meaning Wisdom." Frodo is from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

53.Gandalf (Norse Origin) meaning "Wand Elf." The name of a character in JRR Tolkien's Lord of The Ring series.

54.Gizmo (American Origin) meaning "Gadget." Gizmo is in the movie, Gremlins.

55.Han (German, Hebrew Origin) meaning "God is Gracious." Han Solo is a main character from the movie series, Star Wars.

56.Hermoine (Greek Origin) means "Well Born". Name of the Harry Potter character, Hermoine Granger.

57.Jack Sparrow can be a cat name from Pirates of The Caribbean movies.

58.Katniss refers to an aquatic plant. Katniss Everdeen is the main character in the  Hunger Games trilogy.

59.(Princess) Leila (Arabic Origin) meaning "Night." This nerdy name comes from the iconic character, Princess Leia, in the Star Wars movies.

60.Mulan (Chinese Origin) meaning "Wood Orchid."

61.Nala (African Origin) meaning 'Successful." Nala is a character in the Avatar series.

62.Nyota (African Origin) meaning "Star." Nyota Uhura is a fictional character from the Star-Trek franchise.

63.Ravenclaw is the name of one of the Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter series.

64.Rey (Latin Origin) meaning "King."Rey is a protagonist of the latest Star Wars trilogy.

65.Spock is from the Star Trek universe.

66.Yoda (Hebrew Origin) meaning "One Who Knows" He is a master Jedi from Star Wars movies.

TV Series-Inspired Nerdy Cat Names

From Game of Thrones to Doctor Who, here are some awesome name ideas for your cat.

67.Archie (German Origin) meaning "Archer" or "Truly Bold." It is the character in Riverdale.

68.Arya (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "Honorable." Arya Stark is from Game of Thrones.

69.Astrid (Norse Origin) meaning "Divinely, Beautiful." Astrid Farnsworth is a character in the sci-fi show,  Fringe.

70.Buffy (American Origin). It is short for Elizabeth, which means "Pledged to God." The name has been taken from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

71.Castiel (Hebrew Origin) meaning "Shield of God." The name of a character in the TV series, Supernatural.

72.Daenerys. Name of the iconic Daenerys Targaryen, from the book series and TV show, Game of Thrones.

73.Gallifrey is the name of a planet in Doctor Who.

74.Homer (Greek Origin) meaning "Pledge." Name of Homer Simpson, from the all-time favorite sit-com, The Simpsons.

75.Jon Snow a prominent character in Game of Thrones.

76.Jughead. This name originates from the Archie comic book and TV show, Riverdale.

77.Klaus (German Origin) meaning "Victory of People." Klaus Baudelaire is the main protagonist in the series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

78.Leonard (German Origin) meaning "Lion-hearted." The nerdy name comes from The Big Bang Theory.

79.Lord Tubbington is the name of Brittany's pet cat, the American TV show, Glee. A wonderful choice when looking for funny names for cats.

80.Meowth is a famous cat pokemon and could be one of the few cool pokemon names for cats.

81.Miss Kitty Fantastico. This name belongs to a fictional cat from the show, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

82.Moriarty (Irish Origin) meaning "Navigator." Moriarty is the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

83.Morningstar comes from the character Lucifer Morningstar who plays the Devil in the show, Lucifer.

84.Nymeria is the name of Arya Stark's wolf in Game of Thrones.

85.Sansa (Sanskrit Origin) meaning "Charm." Sansa Stark is from the Game of Thrones series.

86.Sherlock (English Origin) meaning "Bright Haired."

87.The Doctor is the title character of the TV show, Doctor Who.

88.Vashta Nerada meaning "Shadows that melt in the dark," from the Doctor Who series.

Video Games Related Nerdy Cat Names

Give your cat a cool and nerdy name based on your favorite video game.

89.Atari (Japanese Origin) meaning "Hit the Target." Atari was the pioneer maker of arcade and homemade consoles.

90.Ankha (Chinese Origin) meaning "Gorgeous Empress." Ankha is a cat villager from the video game Animal Crossing.

91.Banjo (English Origin) meaning "Banjo Instrument." A male bear in the video game series, Banjo-Kazooie.

92.Blanca (Spanish Origin) meaning "White" From Blanka, a character from the Street Fighter games.

93.Genesis (Greek Origin) meaning "Beginning, Birth." Sega Genesis was a video game console.

94.Kong (Chinese Origin), meaning "Bright." From the video game Donkey Kong.

95.Kratos (Greek Origin) meaning "Strength." From the game series, God of War, and is a nerd name for a nerdy cat.

96.Lara (Croft) (Latin Origin) meaning "Shining." Lara Croft is the protagonist of the series, Tomb Raider.

97.Link (German, Jewish Origin), meaning "Left-Handed." Linked to the Legend of Zelda.

98.Mario (Latin origin) meaning "Mars." From the game series, Super Mario.

99.(Princess) Peach (English Origin) meaning "Fruit." From the game, Super Mario.

100.Sonic The main character of the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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